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Fans suspect Buzova anorexia

The representative of the TV presenter told why Olga is so thin

At the may holidays Olga Buzova went to Greece to bask in the warm sun. And after it went the paparazzi. They captured a TV presenter in a private Villa sunbathing Topless. Pics Nude Buzova has excited her fans. And while Olga was vacationing in Greece, here in Russia, does discuss her figure. Many believe that Buzova — the first signs of anorexia, as in the photo of her even visible protruding ribs.

Фанаты подозревают у Бузовой анорексию

An ethicist condemned Buzova photos топлес

Womanhit asked the PR Director, Olga, who commented on the situation. As explained by Anton Bogoslavskaya, all the talk about the alleged shortcomings of her appearance and of excessive thinness Olga skips on deaf ears, because they are accustomed to them.

Фанаты подозревают у Бузовой анорексию

Fans Buzova believe that it can make анорексию

"Olga, there is nothing to be ashamed of. She is in fine form, visits the gym. And the fact that she puts these pictures constantly, doesn't mean she's abandoned sports. As for the food, then the food Olga never gave up. On the contrary, it is very properly powered. She brought special food, developed under the pace of her life. She eats seven times a day in small portions. Can eat for Breakfast cereal, pancakes or something else. Quite familiar tasty food. Full power balanced by professionals-nutritionists. Plus, she drinks a lot more water, which also has a positive effect on appearance. Olga is absolutely healthy and enjoying life," explained representative Olga.

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