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Anisina showed subscribers a "normal" Chair

But the couple's lawyer said that is really going on in their family

Recently, in honor of prazdnovanie may 9, in his microblog Marina Anisina posted a video where Jim Carrey reads a poem about the mass grave on the background of the screen where the pass parade: "the chair is able not only to growl. Persuaded Nikita to show how he is at home now".

Celebrate Victory day.The chair is able not only to growl.Persuaded Nikita to show how he is at home now.On Victory day all of us! With the great Victory day!!!

Publication of Marina Anisina (@marinanisina) May 9 2017 1:19 PDT

And the journalists of "MK" recently contacted the star couple lawyer Andrey Knyazev who has told, what is really going on in their family. According to human rights, the divorce was real, not "fake". Also, the lawyer explained that the Marina itself has repeatedly said that he wanted the divorce, in and she got it. Now, the assurances Knyazeva, her opinion has not changed.

To say, together now, artists or not, the lawyer did not. According to him, between a warm relationship, because they have two children, and they need to take a unified position on the inheritance Ludmila Bratash. About pregnancy Anisina those Knyazev is not known. Moreover, the lawyer said that if she is pregnant, it is clearly not from Dzhigurda, although he had not heard that she had a recent relationship with someone else. In the case Bratash Knyazev said that now they wait to be invited to the court expert, no court yet was not.

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