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Why Olga Sutulova took up arms visited the festival "Movement", which this year was unexpectedly visited by Nikita Mikhalkov

The main awards of the festival were as follows. The Grand Prix went to the film "Found a cut diamond," directed by Ani krays. The prize in the nomination "Best actress" got Nelly Popova, played in the film Vlad Furman "Lupescu". In the men's category was won by Alexei Ustinov. He starred in the film "Fire in the wind", which Dmitry Davydov was awarded "Best Director".

Зачем Ольга Сутулова взялась за оружие

Olga Sutulova and Anna Avramenko Kogenate

Traditional trip to the shooting range this year was a small but very active membership. Defying hunters favorite slogan of previous years "cast pilaf and eat," the actress Olga Sutulova and Anna Saliva of the operator Maxim Trapo so enthusiastic about it is the shooting that the staff did not have time to bring ammunition. The number of shots won in the end Olga Sutulova, the hardness of the command, shouting "give!" with a large margin took the lead Anna Saliva, well, a Maxim Trapo, realizing that with women he can not cope, again fell to the pilaf.

Зачем Ольга Сутулова взялась за оружие

Anatoly Bely and Aleksei Avramenko Smirnoviene

During participation in the intellectual game "dum-Dum" actor Anatoly Bely and Director Alexei Smirnov was on the same team, long and hard played, but this, however, did not lead their team to success. The winning team of journalists.

Зачем Ольга Сутулова взялась за оружие

Nikita Mikhalkov with semilegendary Avramenko

Totally unexpected was the visit of the President of the Union of cinematographers Nikita Mikhalkov. Nikita arrived in the company of his wife of Tatiana E. and granddaughter Natasha, daughter of the President of the festival Artem Mikhalkov. Natasha, at least on the red carpet and not a novice, just in case hard pressed to grandpa.

Зачем Ольга Сутулова взялась за оружие

Artem Mikhalkov, Polina Zueva and Stas Terrigennogo Avramenko

The leaders of the festival Artem Mikhalkov, Polina Zueva and Stas Tyrkin once again enough to stick five days of the forum, even in the process of preparing the costumes for the closing together brought everything to perfection.

Nikita Mikhalkov, Anatoly Bely, Artem Mikhalkov, Olga Sutulova, the festival "movement"

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