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Volochkova changed her image and her daughter's name

Ballerina showed followers a new hairstyle, and Ariadne was presented otherwise

Anastasia — lover to change different outfits and accessories, but in terms pricescom abides by a strict bun. However, a recent Instagram ballerina appeared it unusual for members.

Ya #Volochkova #ballerina #beauty #best #Russia #joy #noyabra #style

Publication from Anastasia (@volochkova_art) May 10 2017 1:18 PDT

The artist decided to prove that it can look feminine and modern. In pictures Anastasia appeared with long, shiny waves of hair flowing all the same, familiar to fans of bright color.

Волочкова сменила имидж, а ее дочь — имя

Daughter Anastasia Волочковой

Also recently, the media wrote that the daughter Ariadne ballerina with the attainment of 12 years suddenly announced that she doesn't like that name. The girl prefers to be called Asya. Recall that the actress named the baby in honor of the Holy Martyr Ariadne, whose icon she had seen in one of the Greek temples.

Anastasia Volochkova, a change of image, Ariadne Volochkova

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