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Why daughter Anastasia Volochkova wants to change the name

Ballerina exclusive told about the relationship with Ariadne

Anastasia, as you know, the mother of a talented daughter Ariadne. She was 12 years old. And this is just the beginning of adolescence, when children begin most actively to Express themselves. The result of the entry into the difficult period was the desire of the child to change the name. However, while only in social networks. According to rumors, Ariadne is proposed henceforth to call her Asya. With such a nickname, the girl is presented in Instagram and on other pages. managed to find out what is really going on in the family Volochkova and why her daughter suddenly wanted a different name.

As explained by the ballerina, the thing is that her child really is not stellar, but very modest.

"When Arish was born, we initially thought to call her Asya. But then still stopped at the name Ariadne. So she heard about it, and maybe it it is deposited. Despite the fact that her famous mother, the Ariadne doesn't want popularity at the expense of me, so tries to hide his name, she doesn't want to be the only daughter of a famous ballerina. So she chose the name Asya. It is derived from the name Anastasia. Besides, social networks all take some nicknames. Why would she not take it? It's nothing special", — said Volochkova.

Also Nastya did not hide the fact that her child has grown up and has entered a transitional period.

"Yes, she is becoming a teenager. She has her own opinion, his views on life, their tastes. She is already starting to Express themselves. But this does not prevent us to understand each other and stay in a good relationship, which should be a loving mother and daughter. We're friends", — said Volochkova.

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