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Lena Lenina — about what is really going on with Vasily Stepanov

Editor revealed details of that previously promised not to name

Today, the Network appeared information about the fact that the actor Vasily Stepanov finally got out of the hospital. According to recent rumors, Stepanov in the hospital was diagnosed with not only fractures, but was allegedly diagnosed with schizophrenia. However, a close friend of the actor Lena Lena other information.

"I was very surprised today, when journalists started calling me about Vasily Stepanov stating that he was released today and I must comment. Vasya, in fact, released nearly two weeks ago, but at the request of his family members I despite the enormous public interest in this situation, as promised, was silent, — says Lenin. — Time a leak occurred somewhere, you can admit that the Bob was released today, and nearly two weeks ago. He's fine, and as I argued earlier, it is normal and no not the schizophrenic, as the press tried to imagine: if this were so, it would not be released. He is now with his family, everything about him is good. He does not like the increased interest in myself, so do not want to communicate with journalists, as well as his family members, who "ate" all this media hype. I am asking the media to calm down and accept as a fact the happy news that the Bob has issued that he is alive and well. He is no longer in confinement in a mental hospital."

Lenin also explained that it intends to continue to help Stepanov and beyond.
"I wish Bob continued success. Any way I can, to assist him and his family as before. I am convinced that he quickly was discharged because of our active disturbance and certain program on the master channel. Thank you to all those who helped us restore justice".

Lena Lenina, a statement from the hospital Vasily Stepanov

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