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Daughter Dana Borisova asks her to save the grandmother and journalists

The girl wrote an "open letter", which told the horrific details

Continues the scandal surrounding the family of Dana Borisova Who suffer most are the daughter of TV presenter Polina. She was not even allowed to say goodbye to her.

The girl is afraid of journalists, inappropriate grandmother, who managed to create a scandal even in school. While Pauline does not believe any dirty stories about my parents, about what she wrote in Instagram This.

"Hi mom! It Is Pauline. I'm sorry to write in your instagram, just for a few weeks I can't talk to you( dad even asked his grandmother Kate and Let them Say that I was given to talk to you, I for you very pereriva where are you??" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., — worried girl. — "Where grandma Kate with their press you to Delhi? They're just all lying I don't trust them".

While the TV presenter is undergoing rehabilitation in Thailand, her mother Ekaterina Ivanovna continues a flurry of activity in Moscow. The new target for criticism was the father of a daughter This Maxim Aksenov. In agreement with the presenter he took her to himself, thus preventing the plans of Catherine Ivanovna. She told me about him "the whole truth" during the next show of Andrei Malakhov.

"Imagine all this time grandmother Kate lives in our apartment, can't get my stuff and books I don't want to go there because there are reporters and cameras( thanks to my dad he bought me all new. My grandmother Katya has completely gone crazy she hide you+a disgrace to our family, with their journalists from let them talk," complains Pauline. "She gave them all our numbers and now they are spying on us, because of them I can not stand to walk. And yesterday she brought these journalists to the school and made it a scandal."

Now the girl is afraid to go to school. At the end of the letter Pauline asks her mom to call.

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