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Lena Lenina: "My imagination is inexhaustible"

Editor again going to the Cannes film festival. Bookies are betting than she'll surprise this time

May 17, opens the 70th anniversary of the Cannes film festival is the biggest event of the secular life of Europe. It is not only the opportunity to watch the best before other world premieres, but also to see the masterpieces of fashion designers and designers.

Cannes film festival attracts more than 4000 accredited photographers and journalists — it is the largest European press accreditation. Say, even the Olympics coming journalists less than in Cannes.

Лена Ленина: «Моя фантазия неисчерпаема»

Lena Lenina has already surprised the audience inconceivable pricescompare: materials of press-services

The most expensive five star hotels for two weeks contain a record concentration of the most glamorous Hollywood stars. Festival participants give daily a record number of interviews replaced for the day an incredible number of toilets.

Each year, the leadership of the Cannes film festival invites to the ceremony and our compatriot, now — editor-in-chief Lena Lenin, which for many years lived in Paris and became known in France thanks to the first television show of the First French channel TF1, then the six books in French, and today — unthinkable pricescom that "Russian Lady Gaga" shocking the audience.

Лена Ленина: «Моя фантазия неисчерпаема»

Lenin called "Russian Lady Gaga"Photo: materials of press-services

At the Cannes film festival Lena is different from other stars walking up the famous stairs in the world, original approach to his own image: it is surprising that high hairstyles, unusual costumes and never goes unnoticed. It is always waiting. British The Telegraph last year wrote that "Cannes without Elena Lena — not Cannes." Some bookmakers this year even bet the day will go to the Russian extravagant celebrity and what it will surprise photographers at this time. This year it will be hard to outdo itself, because in past years we've seen on her head and "tornado", "mammoth eggs", and an inflated condom, integrated under the hair to hair a La Marge Simpson and a giant necklace coming down below the knees.

Лена Ленина: «Моя фантазия неисчерпаема»

Lena Lenina at the Cannes film festival in 2012, godovoe: materials of press-services

But the editor WomanHit fantasy is inexhaustible, so we look forward to what she will delight us this year. Most importantly, Lena is always Patriotic: she wears dresses only Russian designers and always helps budding talented designers from Russia to make this the most extensive showcase of Europe their brilliant creations.

Cannes film festival, Lena Lenina

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