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Bridget Makron VS Melania trump: France's first lady was accused of fashion plagiarism find out the details of the suit for the inauguration and shocking facts of the biography of Bridget macron, which is a quarter of a century older than her husband

At that time, as the theme of the inauguration of the new President of France Emmanuel Makron now day is one of the most discussed in the Network, attention focused on equally colourful character — the wife of the newly elected President Bridget Makron (Tronie). The wife of the head of state, who over his quarter of a century, did not discuss only the lazy.

So, for this pair the inauguration was the first joint output after announced that Emmanuel macron has won race for an armchair of the head of the country. Of course, for this reason Bridget decided on a special outfit. She appeared in a simple and at the same time romantic outfit and sky-blue — sheath and the double-breasted jacket buttoned. The outfit highlighted the dignity of all shapes 64-year-old Bridget macron. The author of this masterpiece was the Fashion house Louis Vuitton, which has made things a lot of celebrities on the most important event. Tronie generally is a big fan of two of the biggest French Fashion houses Dior and Louis Vuitton.

True, very insightful, immediately saw similarities between the style of Bridget and Melania trump at the inauguration of the President of the United States. Since it came in a suit almost the same color, however, more closed and covering the knees. Also Bridget chose sudovye pumps. So the audience is now discussing who the first lady was wearing. But while the people choose the winner, found some interesting facts about the newly minted first lady of France.

Born in a family of chocolatiers

Bridget was born on 13 April 1953 in the small town of Amiens in Northern France. In her family there were six (!) children. Bridget is the youngest of them. Her family is thriving confectionery business. Factory, founded in the 19th century, today famous for its biscuits. According to rumors, now the business generates income to several million euros per year. So the choice of the President from a rather wealthy family.

On education, the first lady teacher

Despite the fact that her parents were making desserts, Bridget enrolled in the UNIVERSITY, where he received a teaching diploma and then taught in Paris, Strasbourg and other cities. The future Mrs macron taught French and Latin.

Met her future husband when he was 15

Surprising was the history of acquaintance with Emmanuel. Bridget was a teacher at the school, where he studied under future President. He was a student theater group, which she led. He was only 15 years old, and she is already 39. However, this age difference did not stop to blossom a serious sense. Bridget looked younger than his years. And who of the teenagers not fall in love with your school teacher? However, not all carried that feeling through my entire life. But the character of Emmanuel was already evident, so he was able to win the heart of a teacher.

Bridget has three children from a previous marriage and 7 grandchildren

Since affair with a student was not quite understood by his parents, Emmanuel at the age of 17 was sent to study in an elite school in Paris. However, he lived only two hours away from his beloved, so they communicated through letters and sometimes saw each other. Meanwhile, Bridget herself was married to a banker Andre Louis Osler and bore him three children: son Sebastian and daughters of Lawrence and Tiffany. However, despite moving to Paris, feelings of Macron did not disappear, however, and love Bridget to him. In 30 years, he is still married Tronie, which the year before had filed for divorce from her husband. Now she also has 7 grandchildren. Emmanuel says that he likes to play with my grandchildren of his wife, which for him, almost like children. By the way, the youngest daughter, Bridget works as a lawyer at the headquarters of Macron.

Love or calculation?

However, the gossips say that the relations of this couple, all is not so simple. Some believe that this relationship is more like a calculation. Supposedly the Macron comfortable with Bridget, which helps around my husband. She not only moral support, but also writes speeches for speeches. And it is called the chief strategist, whose efforts helped Emmanuel to become what he became. However, the macron believes that such statements are incorrect, and explains that if he would be older than his wife, then no one would not have such thoughts.

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