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Lena Lenina: "And then I felt in the armpit treacherously torn fabric"

Tomorrow, may 17, opens the 70th anniversary of the Cannes film festival. Editor whose appearance on the red carpet always cause a stir, tells how she selects her extravagant outfits

Cannes film festival is a huge showcase of the best fashion houses and jewellery brands in the world. For each model, or actress, rising on the famous Cannes stairs world, the selection of dresses for this event is a very important and responsible task because a few thousand photographers, literally bombarding flashes on the red carpet, unable to identify any fault as dresses and body, and therefore it is very important that the dress sat perfectly and looked flawless in any pose and from any point barrage.

Writer and editor WomanHit Lena Lenin, preparing for the 70 th anniversary of the Cannes film festival, told us about how she chooses his dresses: "I'm a big patriot of Russian designers. Yes, they have no such amount of money and marketing opportunities such as major Western brands. After all, every star has to persuade not only the beauty of the dress, but also the number of zeros in the check. Therefore, the Russian designers are simply uncompetitive on the Cannes carpet. I'm talking all year round with the most talented Russian designers, know that among them there are those who are worthy to show the world through the prism of a giant number of cameras and their creations in Cannes. And it will allow them not only to become famous but also to new opportunities for growth. As soon as the next Cannes film festival, I immediately start to get acquainted with the most talented young designers in the course of the year to consistently meet even the most novice of them in search of brilliant ideas for the next festival.

Лена Ленина: «И тут я почувствовала, что в области подмышки предательски порвалась ткань»

Sometimes the outfit is decorated with one, but very noticeable detaliczny archive

Dress does not have to be jeweled and be fabulously expensive, it can just be some funny element is cut or the original accessory as my giant necklace of silver balls, descending below the knees, which I a couple of years ago got all the media from India to China. Meeting with the Russian designers, I immediately see who is talented and who only succumbed to the fashion and the money husband tries bored something to do. I also see those who are ambitious and who have the ability to win this crazy race called "business". After all, there are those who widely open the door, and they can't, and there are those that through the keyhole will be able to crawl through and drag a your brand on the path to fame and success. So important to me in the first place the talent, creativity and effervescent generation of new idea, on the other hand, the nature, diplomacy and a desire to achieve international recognition.

Лена Ленина: «И тут я почувствовала, что в области подмышки предательски порвалась ткань»

Choice of hairstyle is also very serious processional archive

With hairdressers and makeup artists. And when I find a fashion designer or stylist, we begin to experiment: sometimes we have to make 10-20 of dresses to find one thing strong, a masterpiece, a good that will be worthy of the famous red carpet. After all her many moods: the track has a red tint, and is framed pinguinoerrante photographers in white shirts and black tuxedos. Therefore, black and white dress would have gotten lost in the upper part of the background of the photographers, and the heat of a red dress would be lost in the lower part, visually cutting the body. Not every color is suitable for lifting at the Cannes film festival. Besides, the organizers have their superstitions: for instance, green is the color that brings failure on display the film, so if you see the actress in a green dress climbing on watching the movie of their competitors, you know, she did it deliberately. I like pink, lemon, silver and gold color dresses for the Cannes stairs. But it is not always possible to combine all the wishes in one suit. Each dress is sewn with two or three, sometimes even ten fittings, especially if the designer is inexperienced and looking for myself, which sometimes becomes very tiring for me.

Лена Ленина: «И тут я почувствовала, что в области подмышки предательски порвалась ткань»

Red carpet Lena chooses dresses Russian modelirovanii archive

And then I ask myself the question: so if I alruistic and mecenata as they would like? That's why I love designers that know how to sew a dress with only one fitting. Or dresses, for wearing which pay such amounts, I will come, even in sackcloth. But there are require marentette and dangerous novice designers. I once had such a case on the Cannes carpet: the dress that I specifically ordered for Cannes at a very young designersi in the first 5 minutes of climbing the stairs is beginning to behave capriciously, with one hand stretched out the hem, and the "I. do it ruthlessly pricked and irritated skin and red spots. I'm still terrified imagine what would happen if I wanted to raise my hand and greet so photographers. Would be a terrible shame and a great infopovod. But the designer be disgraced forever.

Like, of course, to the Cannes dress not only looked good the first 10 minutes, but it could be put on and subsequently. Although the images after Cannes becomes vivid and memorable, and fall into such a huge amount of media world that it is hard to imagine possible to wear this dress a second time. Someday I will set up your own Museum of Lenin at the Cannes film festival, where the mannequins will put all their most colorful costumes. Moreover, I have over thirty lifts, because each Cannes festival, I climb several times.

Лена Ленина: «И тут я почувствовала, что в области подмышки предательски порвалась ткань»

"As soon as one festival ends, I immediately begin to prepare for the next"personal archive

Sometimes Western filmmakers have contacted me with a request to rise on the day of their premiere, because they realize that the creativity of my team in regard to hairstyles and costumes will provide them with a greater number of publications in the media.

Despite some flaws in the background, I remain ready to work with our designers, because I sincerely want to help the Russian fashion industry to take its rightful place in the world. I do not despair of failure and each year, again experimenting.

Of course, I won't tell you what I'll appear the day after tomorrow, or I "burn" a world exclusive, and the effect of surprise will not work, but I am convinced that I will manage for many years to not happen again and to please the fans of the original images".

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