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Lyubov Tolkalina has shown chosen

The actress told followers the details of his personal life

Lyubov Tolkalina recently intrigued followers, prodemonstriroval in one short instagram video of the ring on the ring finger. Fans have long been trying to find free the heart of their beloved actress, and is credited with Tolkalina non-existent novels.

"On the set of discarded personal belongings. What you can see in the picture, called the props", — said the representatives of the star. She Tolkalina decided to stop all the rumors by writing a long post in microblogging, also providing it with a photo with the actor Alexey Makarov, where it turned to laughing it to the experts-the gossip.

Wanted to amuse you, in the end, you entertain me!)))))))))) Folklore fascinates and captivates)))) especially my mom))))After a video about cupcakes in the life of hobbits, as I thought)) "no, ZIM Duc penetcostal" - out of the blue))))experts gossip really agreed on the fact that I secretly got married! Misleading, Yes! I got married about half a year now for this wonderful and infamous guy. And we are waiting for many adventures)))) I also have a historic mansion in the heart of the capital, the daughter studying in London .. two-storey dressing room, and a lot of what I can't tell under contract with the CTC.... every morning the lady of the props Ian wears me the ring on your finger with the words "by the Power vested in me by Keane,STS TV Channel, General, linear, Executive producer , dub thee Xenia until tonight" it happens every morning, but that's a break from me for three days because I was off on tour with another of my beloved partner does Baranovym and hope to please everyone who is waiting for us with a performance of "the Unreal Show" on the play by Bernard Werber, Our friends, People. Meet us at Novgorod the Great! Pskov!!!! And Pushkin!!!!))) 16-17-18

Publication of Tolkalinaliuba (@tolkalinaliuba) May 15 2017 11:14 PDT

"Misleading -Yes! I got married about half a year now for this wonderful and notorious guy" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., — said Love, adding that her daughter is studying in London and two story dressing room, and about the other details, the actress has no right to tell due to the network contract.

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