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Why stars wear braces with decorations

The smiles of celebrities Shine now gold and diamonds

Celebrities are investing in a dazzling smile a lot of money, but Shine their own teeth, they are clearly not enough. Lately in Vogue are important decorative braces of gold and precious stones. appreciated jewelry a blaze of stars, and find out how it could be harmful for the mouth.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber started wearing jewelry braces, or grills, as they are called, even before it became fashionable. First gold in his mouth, the singer shined in 2011. Two years later, his teeth already grills adorned with diamonds. A couple of weeks ago pop singer tried a new dental accessory. Braces for Bieber, made of gold and adorned with pink sapphires, was created to order in just five days and cost the artist $ 15 thousand.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus boasts a collection of decorative brackets. And basically all of her jewelry is made in a minimalist style, for example, in the form of thin strips on the top line of the lower teeth or openwork gold onlays on the teeth. However, recently the singer decided to return to the image of decent girl and grills, most likely, she will have to forget.

Зачем звезды носят брекеты с украшениями



Favorite grills Rihanna made without using gems, just gold. But in the form of a Kalashnikov. These brackets were made specifically for the singer jeweler Dolly Cohen, who claims that they are unique: no one else Dolly similar dental jewelry will never do, so all the others can be considered fake.

Ryan Lochte

American swimmer, six-time Olympic champion Ryan lochte showed his braces, made in the form of the American flag at the Olympic games in London in 2012. Fortunately for the athlete, he guessed not to wear grills when entering the runway. Official representatives of the Games gave him a note, saying that would deprive Ryan of a gold medal, if he had been in this form for the award.

Зачем звезды носят брекеты с украшениями



The ageless pop star keeps up with the times and a couple of years ago also bought decorative braces, just as gold and diamonds. But if the singer is in awe of its dental jewelry and often wears them for various events, fans of the actress criticized her grillz, claiming that these dental accessories disfigure her.

Katy Perry

One of the most famous singles Katy Perry called "Roar", meaning "Growl". And, of course, during this song, the singer wants to show his fangs. And to further beautify your teeth, the artist was asked to make it a decorative braces on the upper jaw with the letters R, O, A, and R, is inlaid with precious stones.

Зачем звезды носят брекеты с украшениями

Bayonetta: the frame of the clip


Beyonce put on teeth diamonds for the first time in 2013 in the video for the song "Bow Down". Gems in grills was very impressive, almost the size of the tooth, and gave the star a rhythm-and-Blues slightly vampiric appearance. In ordinary life, the singer often wears a decorative braces, but from time to time puts them at social events.

Зачем звезды носят брекеты с украшениями

Dentist Artavazd Manyante: materials of press-services

Artavazd Manukyan, dentist, member of the Russian dental society:

— Grillz is the analog of jewelry braces, and, consequently, they can be bought in untested areas and ready. All the decorations on the teeth should be made only from the highest quality materials and according to individual orders. And for this you first have to do a cast of the jaw. Often that sell ready-made grillz, and their shape is adapted to the shape of the jaw. This may damage teeth or long wearing damage the shape of the entire dentition. Sometimes you can find dental plates, which are fastened to the farthest teeth durable clips which often damage the tooth enamel. Grillz often offer to impose or glue on a special melted wax, with the claim that it is the most secure method of attachment. In fact, this method is very dangerous because of temperature changes, a hot meal wax can just melt and he falls to swallow grills. So if you do decide to decorate your teeth, do it with professionals. And don't forget that grillz should be hypoallergenic.

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