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From the electrician to the stars: five interesting facts from the life of Oleg vidov

The actor died today in California, on 74-m to year of life. figured out how was his career and personal life

Worked as an electrician

Before becoming a famous Soviet actor, Oleg vidov was an electrician. After receiving the high school diploma he really wanted to get a job, and the position of the electrician was free. Some time the future artist even worked on the construction of the Ostankino tower. Interestingly, after he moved to the United States, the actor once again thought he could become an electrician if you can't find work. But, fortunately, a bit bothering at the construction site, he continued a film career in Hollywood.

First played in movies before joining the film Institute

A small role in the film determined the fate of the actor. Oleg vidov starred in the film "my Friend, Kolka!". And only two years later enrolled at the VGIK (all-Russian Institute of cinematography) in the acting Department. Career developed rapidly. The following year he starred in Director Vladimir Basov in the film "the Snowstorm" by Pushkin's story. He took on the role of Vladimir. Then came roles in the iconic movies "Ordinary miracle", "the Tale of Tsar Saltan", etc. in a few years, Oleg has also received a diploma of the faculty of directing.

Из электрика — в звезды: пять любопытных фактов из жизни Олега Видова

For the first time Oleg vidov starred in the film "my Friend, Kolka!"scene from the movie

After the release of the film "the Red mantle" about a Soviet actor kinds of f found all over the world

Big surprise for the residents of Denmark was the choice of the famous Danish Director Gabriel Axel, who planned to make a film based on the ancient Scandinavian sagas of Romeo and Juliet. He searched for the blonde protagonist to the role of Hagbard (Romeo). However, neither in the whole of Denmark, nor for its immediate limits, he never found the right artist. And only by happy coincidence, a friend advised me to try Russian actor vidov. The first samples convinced the Director that this is exactly what he was looking for. However, in Denmark reacted to this very skeptical, since the Soviet legend played the role of a Danish national hero. Fortunately, after the film's release critics were silent, and Oleg Species received international fame.

Married the daughter of a KGB General

Oleg vidov was married twice. The first time he tied the knot at the end of 60-ies with the daughter of a KGB General Natalia Fedotova, which, incidentally, was a close friend of Galina Brezhneva, the daughter of the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee. The couple had a son Vyacheslav. However, this marriage ended in 1976. The reasons for this was the name of several. Kinds was constantly on the set, but Natalie was attributed novels with Fidel Castro and even the Shah of Iran! However, this information remained unconfirmed. After the divorce, relations between spouses soured, and the former wife told Oleg to see his son, but also influenced the film species, which for this reason have decided to leave the country.

Escaped abroad, where he remained

Realizing that it is urgent to change the country of residence, Oleg vidov managed to get a ticket to Yugoslavia on the next picture. However, he soon received the order within 72 hours to return to the USSR. Then the Types of Packed and first under cover of night crossed the border with Austria (to his luck the guards at this point were watching football), and then to Italy, where it has not been able to get the Soviet government. There he met his future wife, producer Joan Borsten. Together they went to the USA, where the species and began a Hollywood career. The first film was "Red heat," in conjunction with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also excelled at directing, taking off a successful short film, and engaged in the film business: bought the rights and showed the Soviet cartoons in America.

From species has two sons: Vyacheslav from his first marriage, lives in Moscow. The younger son Sergey, born out of wedlock in Odessa, lives in USA and is interested in computer technology. Details of the appearance of the boy is still not particularly well known. For the wife of actor Joan it was practically a native.

Soviet cinema Oleg vidov

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