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Anokhin decided by three plastic surgery

The ex-wife Gufa went under the surgeon's knife after the birth of her second child

ISA Anokhina actively shares with followers the various events of his life. In Instagram she sometimes tells in detail about their cosmetic procedures and operations.

Many have idols, someone they are artists or musicians, and I have doctors! With childhood dreams of becoming a surgeon, I love the blood, love watching operation and is itself unable to remove the Appendix))) so here! Meet my idol in the world of plastic surgery, my guru and the person whose page is causing me a lot of emotions, this is known to all my friends)) Dr. Seymur Aliyev @drseymuraliev I would trust with my body! Because dreams must come true! And let my whole world advises, I have problems and I want to say goodbye to them!) and those who do not believe, be sure to see my before and after photos! Without photoshop and clothing

Publication of A I Z A A N O H I N A (@aizalovesam) May 13 2017 at 5:52 PDT

The ex-wife Gufa decided to have surgery a few months after the birth of her second child. She admitted to followers that had liposuction of arms, abdomen, and buttocks increased. All went well.

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