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The doctors forbade Lena Lena to fly to Cannes

Editor injured and forced to miss the legendary film festival

The most scandalous Russian writer and editor Lena Lenina this year against the habit will not be on the red carpet of the most famous stairs in the world — the Cannes film festival. On the eve of departure to Cannes from Paris, she "turned her ankle that was swollen," and is now about to stand on high heels, can not be considered. The doctors categorically forbade her such experiments.

Lena "I almost burst into tears," looking at ready to fly to Cannes costumes. And added that she is very sorry not to give the Cannes photographers prepared a performance in which the hairstyle she was planning to go... very even with no hair, completely bald!

Врачи запретили Лене Лениной лететь в Канны

Lena Lenina has already experimented with "bald", priceslift: materials of press-services

She's already experimented with this "hair" a few years ago on the occasion of the release of his 24th book about the secrets of business success and decided to repeat a dramatic entrance in Cannes under the gun thousands of photographers from around the world. It would be a stunning image! We are sure that all the press would be talking about it the way Russians and our compatriots would again be a kind of champion of the "Olympics" of style and fashion, which is the Cannes film festival. We wish Lena a speedy recovery and look forward to her in Cannes next year!

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