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Nikita Dzhigurda: "Our Marina son we'll call Jonathan"

Odious singer confirmed that Nikita was pregnant and they are together again and are preparing for the wedding

Another sensational news has pleased journalists today Nikita Dzhigurda. At a press conference that just ended, he said that he and Marina are back together and expecting a child. The artist also said that was the reason for the divorce.

"The whole story began with the fact that was thrown into the Internet sex video with Bratash. I called Poroshenko "Potroshenko", and then the Network appeared the video in the Network. Also I was accused of rape Bratash. However, at me not opened a single case.
In addition, Marina has put a condition that I quit Smoking illegal substances. But I do not accept being told what to do. And when I'm in 2015, said to his friend on the phone that resumed relations with Bratash, Marina heard this, I was talking on the speakerphone, and it was the last point. But I begged Anisina forgiveness. I am happy and I thank this woman for her to forgive me for connection with the Bratash, — said the artist. — Fortunately, Marina is still my wedded wife."

Marina Anisina have also supported my husband and told about the situation around their family.
"For several years there is active persecution. I hear that they say that divorce is not real. But we really divorced. However, our relationship became better. Our children are happy. Human relations don't depend on any of the securities," — said the skater.

According to former spouses, the flames in the breakup poured a former Director Antonina Savrasov, which, according to Marina, suffers from a mental disorder.

Никита Джигурда: «Нашего с Мариной сына мы назовем Джонатаном»

Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina press conferencesales Ivanov

"I made every effort that the Director was not with him. She is an avid Dzhigurda. She wrote me some crazy text messages. She strongly wanted our divorce and said some things that were not. I'm pretty sure Nikita didn't cheat on me. She called and said that he's been drugged and is now with another woman. And he was there," — said Marina.

And of course, the couple has avoided the main issue: whether the Marina is expecting a baby. "You gonna go or not? She will not respond. She has a contract with the French. They shoot about it a film," explained the actor, referring to his ex-wife. But he admitted that waiting for her son. The chair added that the term is small — a few weeks.

"I know it's a boy. I knew then, when our son was born. By the way, when did our son January 7, at 7 PM, the snow started falling. Five years in this village France snow was not."

For the future son, the artist even chose the name. "We promised Luce Bratash to build a spiritual center in honor of her father Jonathan. In Greece it is already built. It should be finished. Our future child will be named Jonathan, — said Nikita. — I think our children. I came up with that name. Children already know that there will be a brother or sister. Reacted well to the news. I forced the Marina to do a pregnancy test".

Никита Джигурда: «Нашего с Мариной сына мы назовем Джонатаном»

Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina at the press conference did not hide tender feelings for each drugulin Kalashnikov

And Nikita said again married to Anisina those: "the Wedding will be. But I think the symbolic. In September. I am even willing to do the circumcision. Now I'm going to America probate".

Interestingly, at a meeting with journalists of the chair traditionally was late more than an hour. The reason was the loss of Luggage Marina Anisina those, she flew in from Paris specially to attend the conference. As a result, she lost the dress she intended to wear. Unfortunately, the baggage in "Vnukovo" has not arrived, and Marina and has not appeared in a dress by couturier. But jacket with studs on it looked no less stylish. And Nikita looked romantic, with a huge soft red heart-pillow, which was awarded to the former wife.

In addition to dresses in the suitcase was a computer with a film about the inheritance. It contained videos from cameras. According to Dzhigurda, it can be seen that the last three days Lucy was under the supervision of her driver Dmitry Kuranov and his wife. Therefore, the army suspects it is them that Bratash died.

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