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Why Lyudmila Bratash still wrote a will

Nikita Dzhigurda has told shocking details about the murder of a businesswoman

During today's meeting with journalists, Nikita Dzhigurda has revealed new details on inheritance Ludmila Bratash. It turns out that the woman was killed, although, according to the common version, she's thrown a clot, which led to death.

"Lyudmila Bratash squeezed her airline raider seizure. After that, she wrote a will. She was being threatened. And one day she took in Bank of 300 thousand dollars, but never drove them to another Bank. We asked her why she does not write a statement to the police about all this, but Lucy said that, because in 2012 Bratash was having an affair with the current Admiral of the us army. She was afraid of publicity. As a result, since 2003 the driver landed on hard drugs, blackmailing, that manifests the relationship with the General. And then they found her with the broken head house. Although everywhere told the official version is that she died from that blood clot. In fact, it's murder: Lucy had major brain trauma", — said Nikita.

Зачем Людмила Браташ все-таки написала завещание

Nikita Dzhigurda is not afraid of prossiga Ivanov

Also Dzhigurda said that he was confident that in the case of her friend's death was not without the intervention of the driver and his wife were seen at her house in the period when she could have died. The Nikita Marina Anisina has not allowed, as Bratash lived in a closed government town, who just do not get.

In June needs to be a trial, and then will become clear whether or not the chair of the inheritance. At the press meeting the actor assured that he has evidence that in 2010 in America actually made out a will Bratash. Three years later, the notary she personally saw Lyudmila, which once again confirmed, who left all their money. Dzhigurda showed the presence of a certified copy of the will, which should become the basic document in court.

Also at the conference, the actor explained why he's not afraid to tell the public the shocking facts and to name names.

"I have one friend, the General said, "You, above all, noisy. And then won't kill you.“ Here we Kill me, will pohlesche Magnitsky case. Me before returning to Russia said, "How are you not afraid to go to Russia. There's also the mafia?" I said, "I love the mafia".

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