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Kalashnikov stood up for her husband Borisova

The singer called the mother leading a "good actress"

The recent transfer of "Let them talk" were devoted to the relations Dana Borisova with her family, namely her daughter, husband and mother. Mother of TV star Ekaterina Ivanovna said all that, Maxim Aksenov wants to deprive Dana of parental rights. But it turned out that the father of 9-year-old Polina decided to issue guardianship over his daughter, who was in such a difficult position. Despite this step, the mother Borisova continued accusations Aksenov. In particular, in that it throws children to the mercy of fate. About it Andrey Malakhov told a resident of Spain, located on the 2nd month of pregnancy and requiring Aksenov $ 500 on a stroller and a crib.

All this angered the ex-fiancee of Prokhor Chaliapin, actress and singer Anna Kalashnikov, which, according to some media reports, also now expecting a baby. It is known that it some time was closely associated with Borisova. Kalashnikov stressed that we should not blame Aksenov of irresponsibility, when he took the child to her fully meets Pauline, that in our country is rare. Anna also said that he sees the essence of the conflict in the whole situation, and in Isora with a Spanish girl too much innuendo. Moreover, Kalashnikov recalled unemployed Ekaterina Ivanovna that she "missed" her own daughter and, according to some, she is not averse to drinking alcohol.

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