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5 steps to glory Natalia Oreiro

Star "Wild angel" was 40 years old

Step 1. Early career

Natalia Oreiro was born may 19th in Uruguay in the most ordinary family that never had any relation to the TV, nor the advertising, nor the music. The father star was a salesman, mother a hairdresser. But a pretty face and love to pretend to be a singer, Natasha did not differ from other children. But apparently the girl felt the potential. At 8 years old Natalia enrolled in the drama club.

In 12 years, Natalia Oreiro appeared on television. A tall, slender girl began to shoot in a variety of advertising. But the beautiful face and slender figure, no one noticed the creative potential of the future stars.

5 шагов к славе Натальи Орейро

The role of a servant, Milagros became a star for Rarocar from the film "Wild angel"

Dozens of times she tried to get a role in a particular series, waiting for her refusal. However, the thrust of the girl was familiar on TV. At age 14 she was chosen as the assistant of the Brazilian television stars of Shushi. Oreiro began to travel to various countries, where the celebrity has presented his shows. Because of the desire to withdraw and nomadic life, no education, even the middle, Natalia has not.

Step 2. The star of the TV series

At the age of 16 Oreiro finally got a first small role in the television series "High Comedy", but "Soap Opera" was never released. At the age of 17 she starred in the film "the lawless heart", this work can be considered the beginning of the acting career of Natalia.

First leading role Natalia Oreiro received in 18 years in the TV series "90-60-90 Models". She began to learn the audience, and the filmmakers offer interesting projects.

5 шагов к славе Натальи Орейро

Fatal brunette is popular all over Mercado from the movie "You are my life"

Name of serial film "Rich and famous" became prophetic in the life of Natalia. With this picture came to her fame and money. The second work with Director Gustavo Yankelevich was the film "Argentinian in new York".

Thanks to these TV shows in 21 years Oreiro got the role of orphan Milagros in the melodrama "Wild angel". Work on the series began in late 1998. The girl worked hard on creating the image of the heroine, took part in the improvement scenario. Her efforts were not in vain. The series brought the actress an army of fans around the world.

The actress rarely changes his favorite "Soap operas". In her filmography many roles in the film of this genre. In 2005, akris has even appeared in Russia in the series "In the rhythm of tango".

In 2016, Natalia Oreiro has pleased fans with two new movies: "paprika" and "don't regret this love".

Step 3. Popular singer

That Natalia Oreiro sings and makes it's not bad, the public learned for the TV show "Argentinian in new York". Thanks to the Director and producer Gustavo Yankelevich in the 21 years the actress has recorded his first solo album "Natalia Oreiro". He sold a huge circulation of about 140 thousand copies, and the singer received a double platinum award.

After starring in "Wild angel" Natalia moved to Los Angeles, where he recorded a new album "Tu Veneno" ("Poison"). The drive again was a resounding success. Oreiro sings about love, hope and that all will be well, if to be persistent and not give up, it resonates in the hearts of her admirers. The most popular was the song "Rio de la Plata", "Tu Veneno" and "Como te Olvido".

5 шагов к славе Натальи Орейро

Many thought that the characters love each other in realisticdr from the film "Wild angel"

At 26, she recorded the album "Turmalina", consisting of 11 songs. Some of the songs are dedicated to not only love, but also the environment of man, its impact on nature.

Step 4. Model looks

The face and figure of Natalia Oreiro has always been its main capital. With the growth of 174 centimeters, actress all my life weighs 54 kilograms. This weight is achieved through hard training, dieting and thorough body care. And of all modes of transport, the celebrity prefers a Bicycle.

Natalia has a personal trainer under whose guidance she is engaged in fitness. Star daily jogs in the morning and goes dancing.

5 шагов к славе Натальи Орейро

Natalia in Russia took very teplokor from the film "rhythm of tango"

In 28 years, the actress became a vegetarian. Favorite food is vegetarian sushi. She does not drink alcohol and coffee, but drinking plenty of pure water. And, of course, not smoke.

Step 5. Strong rear

It's hard to achieve anything if you're miserable or on the contrary survive a whirlwind romance. Life Natalia Oreiro surprisingly stable, allowing her all the attention given to creativity.

In 1994 during the filming of the movie "lawless heart" aspiring actress met with the star of the TV series Pablo Achari. He hadn't noticed the girl, but persistence is a distinguishing feature of Natalia, she always achieves the desired. In the end, Pablo had been her first husband but after some time the marriage broke up.

5 шагов к славе Натальи Орейро

The first serious work of Natalia in "big" film frames from the movie "Wakonda"

The second time the actress got married to a rock musician from the Argentinian band "Dividos" Ricardo Mollo. The fact that this Union is forever, say the ring of partners who flaunt them on the fingers in the form of tattoos. 34 year, Natalia gave birth to her son Merlin Atahualpa Mollo Oreiro.

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