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Dmitry Nagiyev told about a woman he dreams secretly

Host of the show "the Voice" got kisses in the presence of several hundred spectators

Moscow hosted the award ceremony of the annual children's awards a high-five. And traditionally, the ceremony was not without the participation of Dmitry Nagiyev, who was her along with the star of the group "Leningrad" Julia Topol'nitskiy.
Despite the fact that the award was childish, Nagiyev was joking in his usual grown-up manner. So now the public is well informed about what women secretly dreamed of leading.
So, during the awarding of the prize in the category "Favorite movie is" the film "Breakfast dad" Nagiyev met at the scene with Catherine Spica that played in the movie.
"Kate, when you and I ate on the set of one trough, and now you're here," started from afar Dmitry.
As if realizing what he's implying, Spitz immediately responded. "I wanted to kiss you," suddenly said Catherine.
"You finally grew up..." — said dreamily. and received his kiss.

Дмитрий Нагиев рассказал, о каких женщинах он мечтает втайне от всех

Catherine Spitz gave Nagiyev поцелуй
However, the romantic anguish of the lead is not over. When talking about Vera Brezhneva, Dmitry perked up noticeably. Faith went on stage a few times. First performed the song, and then received the award in the form of chocolates in the nomination "Favorite actress". Throughout the ceremony Nagiyev repeatedly mentioned her name, alluding to the fact that strong feelings towards the star. And at one point, and all were given an unexpected phrase: "I would first want to touch Vera Brezhnev". After that, the singer jumped up from his seat in the first row and "gave five" to Dmitry, I mean she slammed her hand on the palm of his hand. The presenter was happy.

Дмитрий Нагиев рассказал, о каких женщинах он мечтает втайне от всех

Vera Brezhnev at the awards "high five" won Dmitry Нагиева

By the way, in the process of running a show. all the time stressed the brutality. And even showed photos in shorts at the gym. However, when the ceremony colleagues he was asked to do push-UPS on the move a hundred times and said the price dispute — 15 thousand rubles, he politely declined.

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