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Laysan utiasheva wants more children

Gymnast shared with family secrets

Last child award "the high five" gymnast Laysan utiasheva came alone, although most of her colleagues came with their entire families. Of course, we could not ask where her husband and children. The answer was simple: the star's mom and dad take turns bringing up children.

"They are now with dad. We shift method. If I'm here, the children their father. It would be strange if in the presence of two children we would be here together," admitted Laysan.

She also revealed that despite his busy schedule, immersed in the problem of educating the younger generation: "You constantly live. When you have two kids, and the difference between them two, you see that Robert is not cut bought new curtains, and Sofia doesn't start marker to draw all around. And, most importantly, that they have each other don't hurt it.

Son once said when he was four years old: "Mom, I'm a grown man, I'll take care of Sophia." Mom immediately tears... Sofia had already hoisted Robert to the movie 'Thumbelina.“ He likes "Well, pogodi". But in General, I'm for the classics, for our cartoons" — said the gymnast.

Ляйсан Утяшева хочет еще детей

Loving parents never to leave their children. Pavel Volya with his daughter Софией

Also utiasheva said that the eldest son prefers to see the Pope, not on TV, but at home: "Robert being conscious boy says, "Mom, what is shown on TV, I'm not very interesting. When Pasha's mother clicks on the TV and says, "Oh, your dad!", he soon turns away and switches to another. It is interesting to watch my father alive. We're home, by the way, make great thumbnails with your friends puppet theatre, where dad plays wolf, where we dress up in what came to hand".

And of course, Lyasan not avoiding the question, if she plans on adding to the family, because she loves children. This gymnast replied: "As God wills. Of course, I want more children. Because children is a miracle. Here also as my health will allow. But the more the better."

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