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Andrei Arshavin appeared double

Yulia Baranovskaya said unexpected details of the life of his family

TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya brought out his large family. At the next social event she appeared in the company of three children. talked with the former wife of footballer Andrei Arshavin, whose children are rumored to make good success.

- Have heard that your children are very talented. Praise their achievements...

- Indeed, for every mother, without exception, her children, the most favorite and talented. And I'm no exception. Yana and Artem in school. Ian also deals in "Todes" Alla Duhova, Tom sings in "Restless", and Arseniy followed in the footsteps of the Pope, he plays football. It's funny to watch him on the football field. Because if you tablewrite (to smear, to make unrecognizable — approx. ed.) his face, it looks like he's copied from his dad — one-to-one. It is possible to know his father, so he looks on the field: how he dribbles, how goes, both rivals interacts with teammates...

- The child already, probably, won not one competition?...

Well, he's still young, he is not engaged in professional football: neither in CSKA, nor in the "Dynamo" and "Spartacus." It's just football for beginners. Actually, as I recall, he always said that before seven years to play football seriously is not necessary. So he goes to "Futebol", which also assign grades and where they are with each other playing, but it's still in such a light, unobtrusive way.

У Андрея Аршавина появился двойник

Small Arseniy - copy папы

- Recently, in your apartment was renovated. You launched according to the tradition of pet in the upgraded house?

- You know, when my kids ask to have a pet, I have never told them a categorical "No". It's their desire. But I say, "You want a pet?- Then forget the journey. But I about them do not forget. Then you'll sit at home, and I'll go. And they say, 'No, mom, we've changed our minds". So we travel, and everyone is happy.

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