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Sati Casanova told how preserves the youthfulness of the face

The singer allows the authors of the new rejuvenation techniques eksperimentalnyi to carry out treatments on your skin36-year-old ex-soloist of "Factory" Sati Casanova told that all the women in her family were beautiful by nature, and some special "grandma's recipes" is not inherited to her. When the singer manages to look perfect always, and the skin on her face remains unblemished."The simple and clear recipe of my ancestors — wash in the morning with ice water

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Contestant on "the Voice" accidentally killed a taxi driver

Julia Rayner fled the scene of the accidentYesterday evening, February 16 on the Leningrad highway was to death brought down the person. The BMW x 6, which raced at high speed was ruled by a woman. She disappeared from the scene, but soon it managed to hold. As found by law enforcement, the driver was 35-year-old singer Julia Reiner (real name — Yulia Gavrilova — approx., contestant on "the Voice

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Volochkova compared with Pugacheva

Волочкову сравнили с Пугачевой

Ballerina is preparing for her wedding and publishes unusual messages from fansAnastasia recently disables comments in his microblog, thus closing the mouths of his enemies. But her friends still find the opportunity to Express idol worship. One unknown admirer dedicated to Anastasia's poems, which the ballerina has published on its web page, illustrating another photo in the font, where nakedness covers with a piece of translucent ice

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Car daughter Navka took a tow truck

Sasha Zhulin, becoming the youngest driver immediately encountered problems on the roadDaughter Tatiana Navka and Alexander Zhulin has recently celebrated his 18th birthday and passed the exam on the right. But my first driving experience was for the girls difficult. In the tunnel on Leningrad prospect machine Oleksandra Galinou boil — flowed out from the radiator fluid. Had a Saturday night the girl to freeze on the emergency gang waiting for the tow truck

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Like looks in the morning Julia Kovalchuk

Как выглядит с утра Юлия Ковальчук

The singer showed herself without makeupBecoming a mom, Julia Kovalchuk quickly set to work. She put in order the figure and face, and now, without hesitation puts on his page in social networks photos in its natural form. This time she decided to show the fans how it looks after waking up. The star took a selfie without make-up and hairstyles, without using the publication of any filters and programs."Morning girls are like that

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Children ex-wife Masha Rasputina fighting for the father

Half-brother does not want to share housing with the daughter of the famous singerFormer husband of Masha Rasputina, Vladimir Ermakov died a year and a half ago, but his heirs still are unable to divide property. The son of man from his first marriage, Alex is convinced that a four-room apartment in the North of the capital, at a cost of 13 million roubles, shall completely belong to him

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Marriage Zhenya Belousov and Natalia the Saltykov existed 9 days

Friends of artists remembered why split the pairThe next issue of "hi, Andrew!" was dedicated to the singer's Wife Belousov. He had thousands of groupies, turbulent romances, creative perspectives — bright, but short life. In the Studio gathered friends who remembered much about the artist, including his marriage with Natalia Vetlitskaya.Producer Mar Mogilev was a civil wife of Eugene for several years, however, she strongly promoted his protégé to the musical Olympus

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Psychic about Anokhina and Vodonaevoy: "We stand at the beginning of the conflict"

Экстрасенс об Анохиной и Водонаевой: «Мы стоим у начала конфликта»

Marianne Abravitova promises that the girls will reveal a lot of personal secretsThe quarrel between the former friends Alena Vodonaevoy and Ksenia Borodina, which began with a light hand the ex-wife Gufa, ISA Anokhina, threatens to escalate into irreconcilable enmity. The official reason for strife: Vodonaeva sold in the media information about the second pregnancy of the leading "House-2". Alena argues that ISA slandered her, she was just discussing with friends of adultery Borodina

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Yulia Baranovskaya dramatically changed her hairstyle

Юлия Барановская резко сменила прическу

The presenter is suspected in the old-new relationshipYulia Baranovskaya often praised stylists and fans for an elegant appearance. Fans listen to her advice on fashion and grooming. Today she tweeted a picture after visiting a friend of the Barber, presented to the subscribers a new image."At nightfall I drove to the beloved Wife and here. Its color, blue eyes, bangs!" — wrote Baranovskaya.The presenter did челкуINSTAGRAM.COMThe look is very romantic

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Busta apologized for his support of pension reform

The rapper has recorded a video message in which he regretsThe Rostov rapper Basta recently pleasantly surprised fans with his actions. Recently, he found the strength to Express my sympathy to the families of the deceased decl, with whom he has been judicial conflict. And now admitted that he was wrong when he supported pension reform. He recorded a video in which he called made "a big mistake"

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