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Bezrukov and Matheson went for a walk with the little Stepan

Безруков и Матисон вышли на прогулку с маленьким Степаном

In the microblog actor appeared the frame with a newborn son24 Nov fans congratulated Sergei Bezrukov and Anna matison with the birth of her second child. And today, the actor shared on his page on "Instagram" photo, which wrapped the baby sleeps in the stroller.Boy weighing 3360 grams and growth of 53 centimetres Sergei and Anna was named after his great-grandfather of the actor Stepan

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Natalia Friske lost weight and became more like a sister

Наталья Фриске похудела и стала еще больше похожа на сестру

The girl revealed some secrets of his transformationNatalia Friske, a younger sister who died tragically Zhanna Friske, which fans had previously criticized for completeness, I posted a new photo, and everyone was convinced that the girl has lost more than 10 pounds. In the text to the picture Natalia Friske promised to reveal the secrets of his transformation."One day I just lost it, took myself in hand and went to the gym, found a trainer

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Natalya Varley shared unexpected memories

Actress after her debut in the movie "the Caucasian prisoner" were all referred to as "athlete, Komsomol, beauty", half a century kept the secret about how it looked after Leonid GaidaiIn a recently published autobiographical book "Kanatohodka" Natalya Varley first told that the Director gave her an unequivocal offer. During the filming of the whole group gathered to celebrate the restaurant's birthday of Alexander Demyanenko, who performed the role in the movie a shy student Shurik

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"Daughter," Marat Safin is not in need of alimony

«Дочь» Марата Сафина не нуждается в алиментах

Tennis player denied the rumors about an illegitimate heir, and openly told what is happening in his personal lifeTalking about pictures taken from the blog 11-year-old girl named Eva, whom everyone called the illegitimate daughter of Marat Safin. The girl had posted pictures of his beautiful life: clothes from the new collections of famous brands, private jet, super car and other benefits available only to the heirs of the oligarchs

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What happened to the stars of the nineties generation. Kai Metov

Как сложилась судьба звезды поколения девяностых Кая Метова

The artist still continues to make hit "Position No. 2". However, not a single song — our hero, as it turned out, there are still a lot of interestExactly a quarter of a century ago, the world saw the debut album of the young singer with the unusual name Kai Metov "Position No. 2", the title song which suddenly became a hit. While the singles from this song scattered like hot cakes, journalists exercised to wit, assessing the work of the newcomer. The years have passed

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Most expensive divorces of our time

Самые дорогие разводы современности

Rupert Murdoch, Roman Abramovich, Paul McCartney, Mel Gibson and other celebrities who had to pay for freedomDivorce is almost always painful and sad. Grievances, claims, unfulfilled hopes — only a few manage to maintain a warm relationship after a break up. Especially if the loss is not only moral but also material: it is necessary to divide the jointly acquired property. Rich and famous also cry and... pay

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Amal Clooney stopped to hide an eight month old twins

Амаль Клуни перестала прятать полуторагодовалых двойняшек

Paparazzi managed to take a photo of the grown children of the star coupleIn the summer of 2017 Hollywood actor George Clooney and his wife Amal are the parents. The couple gave birth to twins Ella and Alexander, which they still conceal from journalists. But the day before, according to Amalia Clooney came out of the hotel in new York with their one-year-old kids and immediately got into the camera

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The son of Elena Yakovleva said that he's not a man anymore

26-year-old Denis Crazy again shocking the audienceToday, storis's Instagram the son of actress Elena Yakovleva, 26-year-old Denis Crazy, said it removed genital organ and from now on "no sex". This news shocked everyone, but behind the scenes a female voice loudly asked the young man not to lie that finally dispelled doubts is another joke

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Bonia said Alan Mamayeva

Боня ответила Алане Мамаевой

Scandal with mistress football is gaining momentumAlan Mamaev announced to his followers that her husband had a connection with the star of "House-2" Victoria Bonneuil. In response to the question of why the latter came to the defense of the arrested players, the wife of Pavel Mamayev said, "He slept with her".Bonia was not slow to respond to this statement in social networks

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Olga Buzova asks for help

Ольга Бузова просит о помощи

Singing TV host took on the role of Santa ClausOlga Buzova, whose name is increasingly associated with the different business projects, the fans were attacked with requests to help financially. Unfortunately, help treat adult males who want to marry a singer, and at the same time and spend her money.But Olga admits that, among others, come across very sincere and warm letters, which take over the soul. Buzova recently wrote a 10 years old girl

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