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Nikita Presnyakov brought a new girl in the light

Никита Пресняков вывел новую девушку в свет

It seems that relations grandson Alla Pugacheva and 17-year-old Alena Krasnova) are developing rapidly. On the eve of a young man with a new lover for the first time together had come to a social event. Nikolay Naumov, Nikita Presnyakov and Alain Krasnov. Photo: Romantic relationship Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova) are becoming more serious

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The wife of Prokhor Chaliapin put him on public display

Жена Прохора Шаляпина выставила его на всеобщее обозрение

Larisa Kopenkina published in his Instagram photo naked wife. The picture has caused mixed feelings in fans pairs. Prokhor Chaliapin. Photo: After the scandalous wedding singer Prokhor Chaliapin and businesswomen Larisa Kopenkina in the crowd began to joke that Larisa will become much more popular than her young husband. And while the way it is

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Oksana Fedorova hides your figure

Оксана Федорова скрывает свою фигуру

Fans of TV presenter warned: during a vacation in Paris their favorite picks these available outfits that fans have already started to talk about the third pregnancy stars. Oksana Fedorova. Photo: Now Oksana Fedorova is located in Paris. According to TV presenter, she has many plans: "I'm in Paris. My adventure begins. The ultimate objective is to get around the exhibition halls with fabrics in one day. The minimum goal is to have time to do a little shopping

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Yulia Volkova was called a traitor

Юлию Волкову назвали предательницей

Press Secretary of the singer commented on her outrageous statements. According to the representative of the stars, the words of Julia incorrectly taken out of context. Yulia Volkova. photo: Lily Karlowska Another scandal broke out following statements stars about Ukraine and relations to Russia. This time on Ukrainian channel made singer Yulia Volkova.Entertainment she asked many questions, including about her sense of life and the world in General

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Aliana of Gobozov: "My family destroyed"

Алиана Гобозова: «Моя семья разрушена»

The young mother left the TV show "Dom-2". "We are alone, but not alone!" signed this photo Aliana of Gobozov. Photo: Serious passions reign on the reality show "Dom-2". One of the most solid couples project, spouses Gobozov, it seems, have finally parted: Alexander, not even being able to formalize the divorce, he switched his attention to another girl, and Aliana, recently bore her husband a son, announced that he is leaving the project

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Children Pugacheva and Galkin year old

Детям Пугачевой и Галкина исполнился год

Today Lisa and Harry celebrating its first birthday. Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin. photo: Lily Karlowska Exactly one year ago, the Russian media had spread the sensational news that the legendary singer Alla Pugacheva and her husband Maxim Galkin become parents. The couple had twins, which carried by a surrogate mother. Kids decided to call Elizabeth and Harry, and today it is exactly one year old

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Konstantin Ernst became the man of the year

Константин Эрнст стал человеком года

General Director of the First channel received an honorary mention at the annual prize of GQ magazine, which awarded media boss for the organization of the Olympic games in Sochi. Konstantin Ernst ceremony "person of the year" by GQ. photo: Lily Karlowska General Director of the First channel Konstantin Ernst became man of the year by GQ magazine

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Benedict Cumberbatch was Mr Darcy

Бенедикт Камбербэтч стал мистером Дарси

The star of "Sherlock" wanted to repeat the image, embodied on the screen Colin Firth for the sake of charity. Benedict Cumberbatch in the image of Mr. Darcy, played by Colin Firth. Photo: Lake, white shirt, languid eyes... Benedict Cumberbatch appeared in the form of Mr. Darcy, the incarnate Colin Firth in the popular television series "Pride and prejudice" (1995)

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Kobzon has sued the government of Latvia

Кобзон подал в суд на правительство Латвии

Artist requires to compensate for the damage from the ban on entry into this country. Joseph Kobzon. photo: Lily Karlowska The famous singer and first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on culture Iosif Kobzon has filed a lawsuit in the European court against the government of Latvia with the requirement to reimburse him for moral and material damage from denial of entry to this country

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Wife of Digana has shared the secret of harmony

Жена Джигана поделилась секретом стройности

Oksana Samoilova in early September gave birth to a second daughter. But a week after birth, she spent 11 kg. Young mother had told about the procedure, which helps it to recover after childbirth. Oksana Samoilov quickly comes in the form after the second birth. Photo: Recently the wife of singer Cigana Oksana Samoilov gave birth to a second daughter. Replenishment in the star collection occurred in early September, but now the young moms took 11 kg

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