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Edita wants to leave the scene

Эдита Пьеха хочет уйти со сцены

Edita Piekha. photo: Lily Sherlovskaja At a recent concert in honor own 77 anniversary Edita said that thinks about termination of his concert activity. During the festive shows in the concert hall "October"in St. Petersburg, the famous singer from time to time needed to rest on the chair. Edite the Stanislavovna increasingly difficult given solo concerts in connection with which the artist has said it is ready to leave the scene to his 80 anniversary

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The son of Mikhail Efremov married

Сын Михаила Ефремова женился

The wedding was celebrated in Georgia. Jan Smooth and Nikita Yefremov. Photo: Actor Nikita Yefremov, a 26-year-old son Michael Efremov, married. Chosen one young man became a 23-year-old actress at the Moscow art theatre them. Jan A.P. Chekhov Smooth. Wedding lovers played in Georgia. Told good news on his page in Instagram sister Nikita, actress Olga Efremova. She has also published pictures that show the happy couple

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Pregnant Christina Aguilera Nude shot

Беременная Кристина Агилера снялась обнаженной

The singer is expecting a second child, confessed that he is proud to show her body in an interesting position. Pregnant Christina Aguilera. Photo: Christina Aguilera second time fixing to be mother daughter of the singer and her husband Matthew Ratler rumored to be born next month. However, such a late term pregnancy has not prevented Christine remove completely Nude for a magazine V Magazine

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Heidi Klum laid out in the social network picture Topless

Хайди Клум выложила в соцсеть снимок топлес

Each supermodels, designer Zac Posen, could not resist the temptation to touch naked Breasts Heidi. Heidi Klum. Photo: Heidi Klum not ashamed of their nakedness. This is not surprising: 42 supermodel looks great. And because sometimes without superfluous modesty publishes in Instagram her revealing photo. On the last picture posted Heidi, she appears only in some panties and Topless

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Crimean records stars

Крымские рекорды звезд

On children's film festival "Scarlet sails", that was held in "Artek", a guest star represented the films, arranged for children master classes and, of course, had a rest on the sea. The fashion traditions of your resort leisure guests filmed on mobile phones. WomanHit learned some pictures. Friends of the actor Michael Dorozhkina. Photo: materials of press-services. On leased launch a small but friendly star the company went on a boat ride

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Avril Lavigne changed engagement ring

Аврил Лавин сменила обручальное кольцо

As a gift on your first wedding anniversary husband Chad Kruger gave the singer a new piece of jewelry with diamonds in 17 carats. Avril Lavigne and Chad Kruger. Photo: First anniversary of their wedding avril Lavigne and Chad Kruger reported on 1 July. However, some details singer decided to share just now posting it to Twitter picture with her husband. On the photo Avril demonstrated a new ring, paint on the ring finger of her left hand

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Pugachev has promised to avenge Kostochkina

Пугачева пообещала отомстить Костюшкину

Revealed new details funny incident that occurred at the closing ceremony of the "New wave" in Jurmala, when the singer happened to fall on a prima Donna. Stas kostushkin fell by Alla Pugacheva. Photo: Find out interesting details Jurmala comical history with the fall of Stas Kostyushkin by Alla Pugacheva. It is worth Recalling that it happened at the closing ceremony of the "New wave". Stas during the song climbed on the table, behind which sat the jury

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Anna Sedokova: "I don't believe"

Анна Седокова: «Я не верю»

The singer said news about the death of her first husband, football player and coach Valentin Belkevich. She confessed that still could not believe what happened. Anna Sedokova. Photo: Today it became known about death of Valentin Belkevich, the famous football player and first wife of singer Anna just thought the songs fit, from whom she had a daughter Alina

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Died first husband of Anna just thought the songs fit

Умер первый муж Анны Седоковой

Legendary Dynamo football player and coach Valentin Belkevich died at the age of 41 years. The cause of death was the detachment of a blood clot from the vessel wall. This picture was posted today Anna Sedokova. Photo: Today on the official website of Dynamo Kiev came the message about the death of Valentin Belkevich - first husband of singer Anna just thought the songs fit

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Garik Kharlamov haven't seen transformed Christina Asmus

Гарик Харламов еще не видел преображенную Кристину Асмус

According to the actress, spouse "in love" from her short haircut, though evaluated the new image of the beloved only photographs. Christina Asmus with a new haircut. Photo: Yesterday the hot discussions has been the appearance of actress Christina Asmus, which radically changed, briefly podstrigach. As it turned out, she did this for a reason, and in preparation for the new role. In his Instagram actress wrote: "I was cut for the movie. Get used to it

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