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Volochkova gave resistance to the enemy

"Do not threat me words of unbridled venom" — voiced ballerina clip, which is dedicated to his hatersAnastasia Volochkova via its page in Instagram spurred a new wave of malevolence in his address. She posted the video, which turns on Pointe, and voiced his voice, reading his own poems."While many discuss, condemn and gossip about me, I live this life happily and freely. Creativity, joy, positive, flowers, applause and love

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Tutta Larsen told about the death of his daughter

The presenter lost my first boy, and after it almost killed herFamous TV presenter tutta Larsen in the program Boris Korchevnikov "the Destiny of man" revealed the details of the life drama. She was 24 when on the rise of air leading youth music channel, Larsen learned that she was pregnant. "The last time I went to the gynecologist in a good clinic, I once again said, "You're facing infertility," and I was already two months pregnant, but the doctor that is not defined

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Marianne Abravitova: "Pregnancy is, and from the very Glushakova"

In the scandalous divorce of footballer, according to the psychic, there is a new twistFamily showdown captain of the football team "Spartak" Denis Glushakov and his wife Daria is not the first week discussing online. The information in the media, contradictory: it appears the version that the footballer cheated on his wife, it is a source which claims that it is, Daria has another man

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The family of Jeanne Friske will forgive the debt

Семье Жанны Фриске простят долг

"Rusfond" agreed three times to reduce the amount that the relatives of the singer must returnZhanna Friske died from brain cancer June 15, 2015 at the age of 40 years. During her illness was declared a national Fund-raising for the treatment of the singer. Everyone who wanted to contribute to the cause, send money to the "Rusfond", which brought together the sum of 21 million roubles which as the target payments were given to relatives of Jeanne Friske to provide her with treatment

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Pavel Mamayev made a Declaration of love to his wife

Павел Мамаев признался в любви жене

The player's wife told in Stories "Instagram" that her husband sent flowers and a cardAlan Mamayev shared with readers of his blog a photo of the card and bouquet of red roses that Pavel Mamayev has managed to transfer her from prison. "I love you. Your husband from Butyrka", — stated in the text of the letter.Pavel Mamaev sent a postcard to his wife from turimetta: Instagram

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Duckweed wants to become the leading "House-2"

The former star of the popular electroni stated that the project is now more like a "psychiatric hospital"The participant of the project "House-2" Oksana Duckweed gave an interview to the publication StarHit, where he criticized everything that is happening on a reality show. "Now the guys have no purpose. If we had come to the project to build love, now in a telestroke going for a PR. In 2018, my stay on the show lasted six months. This time I was enough to know how people can be cruel

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The wife of Pavel Pogrebnyak announced the wedding

Жена Павла Погребняка объявила о свадьбе

Maria Pogrebnyak was intrigued by the message that is preparing for the celebration, and asked to guess where it will beMaria Pogrebnyak, the wife of footballer Pavel Pogrebnyak, said in his Instagram that he was preparing the fourth time to get married with the father of her children. It turns out that couples tradition: Mary and Paul each year, again say to each other the oath of allegiance, and are married

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Bonya told the truth about his personal life

The guest presenter was a well-known blogger Denchik, which laid out the main themes of the conversation with the star in her InstagramVictoria Bonia, about which so much gossip and conversations, appeared in the home and told the Creator @denchiktv about the fact that already four months without sex.Osarsiph this recognition of the interlocutor, she added that she is not the worst case. One of her friend for two years "sitting on dry rations" — and nothing else

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Fourth wife komandyvat Sergei Shnurov

Olga Abramova has reduced the salaries of the musicians of the group "Leningrad"It took three months from the date of the fourth wedding of Sergey Shnurov, and Olga Abramova has turned the leader of group "Leningrad" in henpecked. About the new order in the team told the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" a source who wished to remain anonymous: "Olga quickly captured the confidence of the Cord

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The ex-wife of Ivan Krasko explained why she left her husband

Экс-супруга Ивана Краско рассказала, почему ушла от мужа

Natalia Shevel shared his own version of the causes of divorce from 88-year-old husbandIn an exclusive interview "7дней.ги" the young actress Natalia Shevel (for the husband Krasko) said that the cause of the rupture was not 60-year age difference, and a bad character wife and the unbearable conditions of family life."Three years ago thought that the only obstacle between us is age

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