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Alsu: find the differences in appearance

Алсу: найдите отличия во внешности

The singer showed archive photosAlsu for many years remains young and beautiful. How does she do it? Haters suspect the singer in numerous plastic surgeries: rhinoplasty, face-lift of the oval face, the beauty shots, and even her lips they seem unnatural. They say, "continuous tuning". Artist could not stand their accusations and published in his Instagram a photo archive, so critics were able to compare its current appearance and how she looked nearly 20 years ago

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Niece has undermined the health of Nina Doroshina

Who gets the property of a lonely actressNina Doroshina have not had time to bury them, and already began sharing her a wealthy inheritance. The actress was married twice. The first marriage with great Oleg dal was not long, to have children they do not have time. Second husband of the star of the picture "Love and pigeons" became her colleague in the theater "Contemporary", master of light Vladimir Ishkov. They lived happily ever after, but their marriage was childless

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Klimova and Meskhi are not strict parents

In a large family of descendants has provided the freedomEkaterina Klimova and Gela Meskhi were married in June 2015 and a couple months later they had a daughter Bella. In addition, the actress has two older sons Matthew and Roots, born from Igor Petrenko and daughter Lisa from Ilya Khoroshilov. In this family children are considered full members and respect their opinion. They decide what they need, including baby Bella. So she chose that will be to dance

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Olga Buzova got the dress from someone else's shoulder

Ольге Бузовой досталось платье с чужого плеча

Outfit for 5 million from Valentin Yudashkin was not exclusiveAt the presentation one of the music awards Olga Buzova appeared in a gorgeous sparkling dress by Valentin Yudashkin. According to her, the dress was created in a single copy and it "was first brought into the light." It would not be surprising, because the new thing was worth 5 million.Olga Buzova April, as it turned out, such a luxury can afford not only a singing presenter

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Halle berry prepared for the beach season

In 51 years she has kept her girlish figureHalle berry in ' 51 maintained girlish figure, which she gladly demonstrates in the Network. By personal example she motivates the podeschi your "Instagram" to quickly prepare for the beach season. The actress shared her thoughts about respect for their own body."For me, the perfect body is much more than just a good figure in a bikini. It's more about feelings," writes the star. — "No matter what form is your body

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Joseph Kobzon is accusing the U.S. government of "obscurantism"

Stars of the Bolshoi theatre was left without a visaThe first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on culture, singer Iosif Kobzon called the refusal of us authorities to grant visas to the prima ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre Olga Smirnova, first soloist of Jacopo Tissi "obscurantism". The artists were scheduled to speak April 19 in the theater David H. Koch at new York's Lincoln center."They don't know what to do next. Rushing around like a cornered animal", — said the artist to the RT

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Angelina Jolie had a fit of jealousy

The actress lost control after learning about a new novel by brad pittFinal and irreversible breakup of brad pitt and Angelina Jolie the fact is already clear to everyone, it seems, except the actress. She continues insanely jealous ex-wife and falls into tantrums, learning about his Hobbies. Another aggravation in angelina Jolie's happened after the news that pitt fell in love with a Professor of architecture at mit Neri Oxman."She's so enraged that she fainted

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Intimate photos of Ksenia Sobchak leaked online

Интимные снимки Ксении Собчак просочились в Сеть

The presidential candidate was fond of sessions in the style of BDSMRenowned photographer Aslan Ahmadov has made many public personalities. Artistic photos he willingly shares in his microblog. On the next series sealed Ksenia Sobchak. Photoshoot in the style of BDSM was made in 2005.Xenia was a tumultuous молодость"Another photo shoot from my archives. Learn?", — signed photo of Akhmadov and said Sobchak

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84 year of life has died the star of the film "Love and doves" Nina Doroshina

The actress before her death, refused hospitalizationIn Moscow at the age of 83 years has died the national actress of RSFSR, the star of the film "Love and doves" Nina Doroshina. In recent days, she complained of chest pains, shortly before his death called for an ambulance, but the hospital refused. Apparently in vain, as the doctors could save her life — the actress died of a heart attack

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Vera Sotnikova in the center of the scandal

Airport officials ruined expensive personal belongings of the actressVera Sotnikova often travels to Russia and beyond. The actress is originally from Volgograd, where once again went to visit relatives. Returning to Moscow popular carrier, she was faced with the boorish treatment of employees of the airport

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