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Brezhnev published a "speaking" photo by Konstantin Meladze

Брежнева опубликовала «говорящее» фото с Константином Меладзе‍

In the Network appeared rumors about the breakup of a coupleRecently Vera Brezhnev went on holiday to Italy. The star got in touch with his fans by posting fresh images on the personal page "Instagram".Brezhnev published a "speaking" photo by Konstantin Меладзе users, however, suspected her of parting with Konstantin Meladze: many people began to find out in kommentariyah, where is now her husband

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In Colombia, has died an aspiring Russian actor

His body was found in a hotel roomRecently revealed that in may of this year in one of the Columbia hotels were found dead a young showman Andrey Borodin. Representatives of the Russian Embassy in Bogota confirmed the sad news.The first about his death publicly said the stylist Sergey Zverev. On his personal page's Instagram he published a photo of the presenter in mourning frame, but some time later the post was deleted without any explanation

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Beloved Ronaldo flashed an engagement ring

The Network talked about the forthcoming wedding of footballerAttentive users of the social network "Instagram" has noticed that recently the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, the Spanish dancer Georgina Rodriguez, demonstrates on the ring finger of the left hand ring with an impressive diamond.CAMPEONES In the comments to posts of a pair of fans are already discussing their impending wedding. But note that the official confirmation of their plans lovers has not yet been given

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Anna Tsukanova-Cott became twice a mother

The actress announced it on social networksStar of TV series "Betrayal", "the other side of the moon" and "Eighties" Anna Tsukanova-Cott, recently again became a mother. Good news she shared with her subscribers. The evening of 20 June, she was dedicated to the event post on the personal page "Instagram".Publication of Anna Tsukanova-Cott (@anna_tsukanova_kott)19 Jun 2018 9:54 PDT"Hurrah! I the happiest on Light!!! My baby was born!!! A name not yet invented," — said in the message

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Iglesias kournikova believes a superhero

The singer is overjoyed at their loved onesIn the first month of the past winter have Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova were born two children, twins — a son Nicholas and a daughter Lucy. In a recent interview, the artist admitted that he learned a lot about himself, becoming a father. To date, he can imagine himself a bachelor

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When will the christening of the son of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Kensington Palace has shared details of the upcoming ordinancesA few hours ago, the official "Twitter" Kensington Palace has information about the christening of the newly born Prince Louis is the third child of Duke William and Kate Middleton. The ceremony in honor of the christening of the little Prince Louis will be held July 9. It will be held in the chapel Royal St. James's Palace in London

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Alla Pugacheva recorded a video as Lisa and Harry congratulated Maxim Galkin

Алла Пугачева записала видео, как Лиза и Гарри поздравляли Максима Галкина

Star twins handed the showman the gifts made by your own handsMaxim Galkin 18 Jun turned 42. The showman was not there with the family on this day due to work. Later, however, Galkin shared on his Instagram a touching video in which he was congratulated by children. Alla Pugacheva was removed, Lisa and Harry give dad a gift made with your own hands, read poetry. A couple of days this video received over a million views

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Candice Swanepoel again became a mother

Кэндис Свейнпол снова стала мамой

In his microblog model announced the birth of her second child29-year-old model candice Swanepoel and her boyfriend Hermann Nicoli became parents for the second time — the couple had a son. The Victoria's Secret star was eager to share this wonderful news with your fans in your Instagram. Under a picture of Candace says that the birth took place at home.Candice Swanepoel gave birth to a second, rebenito: Instagram

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Ivan Zhidkov broke up with the mother of his son

The bride of the actor shared their experiences with followersToday it became known that Ivan Zhidkov, and Soloviev Lily broke up. This was reported in his Instagram itself of the beloved actor. A young mother admitted that he did not want to announce the split with Ivan, but his post yesterday on Instagram was very touched the girl Zhidkov has published a picture together with his ex-wife Tatiana Arntgolts and their General daughter

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Kirkorov spoke about the feud Pugacheva and Buzova

And the leader admitted that he is afraid to start a new relationshipRecently Phillip Kirkorov asked what he thinks about the looming conflict between his ex-wife Alla Pugacheva and the star of social networks Olga Buzova. In response, the artist waved and called the story that pushed the audience to the idea, by accident.We will remind that in the beginning of the month the Network discussed like prima donnas to sarcastic comments about the singing leading into Instagram

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