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Aglaia Tarasova and Igor Vernik went out together into the light

Аглая Тарасова и Игорь Верник вместе вышли в свет

Stars on the red carpet flashed luxurious outfitsIn Moscow took place the opening of the 40th Moscow International film festival. attended the ceremony and praised the outfits of celebrities.Anastasia Avramenko ReceivereadyAnastasia Reshetova shone in a dress with a huge neckline, which somewhat resembled the outfit of Maleficent movie with Angelina Jolie, Valeria Lanskaya posed in a flying a red chiffon dress

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Zavorotnyuk settled with multimillion-dollar debts

The actress got into a mortgage bondage for krizisaIn 2012, the star of the series "My fair nanny" Anastasia Zavorotnyuk decided to buy chatanoga house worth 2 million dollars. Missing to purchase the amount of 500 thousand dollars she took credit in one of the Russian banks under a pledge of more expensive land.Because of the crisis a year later she had already had to pay a much larger sum. The payment could not be paid on time, which provoked the trial, which lasted more than one year

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Pregnancy Pugacheva Galkin puzzled

Showman warily accepted this giftOn the days of the famous Russian painter Nikas Safronov presented to the audience his new work in the Dutch style. The painting, inspired by the work of Jan van Eyck's "Portrait of Arnolfini couple" 1435 depicted Alla Pugacheva and her young husband Maxim Galkin.This work he wrote specifically for the interior of their castle in the village of Mud

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Buzova brought to tears with questions about ex-husband

The artist is hard to comment on his personal happinessRecently, the star of Russian TV and social networks Olga Buzova became the guest of the YouTube show of Vasily Vakulenko, better known as rap artist Basta. When talking about her personal life, in particular, high-profile parting with Dmitry Tarasov, Buzova could not hold back tears.Recall that the official divorce of Olga and Dmitry took place in the winter of 2016, after which leading into his work, and reached unprecedented success

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Edita is going to please fans after hospitalization

The singer commented on his statusIn early April, the media reported on the hospitalization of people's artist of the USSR Edita Piekha. The reason for this was the aggravation of the bronchitis. Then it became known that her performances on 7 and 9 April in Ekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk was moved to other days.Recently, the actress was discharged home. "Raging cough, temperature is normal. Now I'm fine. Still try to please all who care about my work

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Pregnant Loboda boasted a luxury home on the ocean

Беременная Лобода похвалилась роскошным домом на берегу океана

Singer enjoys vacation and good weatherIn anticipation of the birth of their second child Svetlana Loboda went to the United States. In storys it's Instagram fans were able to consider part of her house in Los Angeles on the ocean, views of the coastline and shape changed in the second pregnancy shapes her mistress.Pregnant Loboda boasted a luxurious home on the shore океана in Beverly hills is a nice Sunny weather

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Plastic surgeon: boyar shortened his nose

Пластический хирург: Боярская укоротила себе нос

Specialist assessed changes in appearance of the actressRecently a plastic surgeon Valery Stasov commented on rumors about plastic surgery Elizabeth Boyar. In social networks it is often praised for natural beauty and light makeup

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The son of Vodianova introduced the girl with mom

The model has posted a new family photo16-year-old son of Natalia Vodianova Lucas Portman meets up with a mysterious dark-haired girl named Mila. About the fans of the famous fashion models learned through her "Instagram".Publication from Natalia Vodianova (@natasupernova)17 APR 2018 8:34 PDTThe guy invited his beloved to a family dinner, where they presented the mother, younger brothers and sister

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Alsu commented on the news about her pregnancy

The singer believes that in such matters it is difficult to plan somethingOver the past few weeks in the secular parties do not cease talking about the fourth pregnancy Alsou. In a recent interview, the artist decided to dispel the rumors, noting that one of her vyskazany on this subject have been misunderstood and paraphrased. In fact, she once said that wondered about the fourth child, but while such plans are not

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