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Buzova on bed rest

The doctors did not allow the singer to even talk"Good evening, my good. For three days I'm home, my bed and a voice mode (can not speak), and morning to evening I am under medical supervision, ongoing treatments and medications. The doctors strictly forbade me to leave the house... and no "but"! They already know that I can get to work. But now is not the time for jokes, this is serious, my body is now very weak..." (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. WomanHit

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Karpovich showed bold photo

Карпович показала смелое фото

The artist took a picture Topless during sportsStar of the TV series "Daddy's daughters" Miroslava Karpovich three years, doing yoga and doing great progress. The actress participated in a photo shoot during yoga, after removing the top part of the clothes, but not forgetting to cover the subject hand. "And you where the top was lost," joked the fan.Most noticed that Miroslav very thin — ribs out

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Alexei Vorobyov tried on a superhero costume

Алексей Воробьев примерил костюм супергероя

The singer amused his friends and fansIn Instagram Alexey Vorobyov posted a video from the filming of the video for his friend that they do at home musician. The role of a superhero got him, and he with pleasure tried on the famous suit, complete with who was red stretchy pants. The singer is brought to a hysterics of his friends, unable to resist the temptation to fool around with these cowards

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Pugachev's crazy grandson Yudashkin

Пугачева без ума от внука Юдашкина

Diva spent hours nursing a small replica of a designerFans notice that the younger grandson of Valentin Yudashkin Arkady, who recently turned six months — a replica of the star's grandfather. This is the second son of the daughter of the designer Galina Yudashkina and descendant of the artistic dynasty Peter Maksakova, who got married in 2014, and now together support the family business and promote the famous brand

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People saw the real trump

Люди увидели настоящего Трампа

The Twitter user revealed that behind the image of the President of the United StatesIn the network appeared the photo of Donald trump, where a photo editor, a Twitter user with the nickname Stone Cold out of the President's head wig and give the skin natural colour, without a touch of artificial tanning. For this, he took the skin tone around the eyes of the American leader and painted over them all the face

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Richard Gere was born the son

У Ричарда Гира родился сын

The child was born in a clinic in new York69-year-old actor Richard Gere and his wife became the parents of Alexander. While it is known that the star couple had a son. Other details the actor said. Couple more than three years, leaving audiences of millions of fans Richard Gere hope to explore the charismatic bachelor of Hollywood. But the lovers had to officially get married long before was announced the news about star of the wedding

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A man took a selfie in the Elevator

Киркоров сделал селфи в лифте

The artist has published liftruck in a new coatPhilip going on tour in Tyumen and got dressed for the winter. Long Italian sheepskin coat with natural fur, shaggy fur, hides famous hair and black glasses made Philippe almost unrecognizable, and noted fans. Some confused running shoes that look quite winter and not suitable for walking in the snow. "To the North pole together? asked the followers of the artist. — Why shoes?"Lifelook at Sheremetyevo. Philip Kirkoroff: Instagram

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There is information about pregnancy Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya

The alleged father Prokhor Chaliapin deniesStylist Irina Krivko, which made a star photo shoot for Prokhor Chaliapin and Vitalina, revealed the secret that the ex-wife Dzhigarkhanyan pregnant. The photo shoot took place in December, and even then the pianist let slip that she was pregnant.Their relationship with Prokhor Chaliapin develop gradually, and the singer has traveled with his chosen in Volgograd, and to present her to his mother

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Arthur Smolyaninovu will have to spend on surgery for your wife

The star of "father's daughter" Daria Melnikova decided on plasticDarya Melnikova 14 Dec gave birth to her second child. She enjoys sharing in his microblog stories about motherhood and a happy family gives advice. Overshadows the joy of the actress, only one — she can not still achieve the ideal body shapes, and her work, it is important to look good. It is through sports, tightened figure, but after pregnancy left stretch marks on the skin

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Nyusha touched by subscribers care about her daughter

Video hygiene procedures gaining thousands of likesNyusha in early November, gave his wife of Igor Sivova daughter. No one thought she'd make the perfect mother. And although it is still the singer hides the girl's face and calls her name, sometimes she happy followers photos and videos with my daughter. This time the artist showed how caring for a baby makes her a massage legs."I am the mother... That's happiness, and every day something new", — has signed a video performer

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