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Buzova was back in the arms of Kirkorov

The king of pop has the media personality unambiguous signs of attentionYesterday, the star of social networks Olga Buzova made at a social event dedicated to the contemporary Russian pop music. During the execution of one of the hits to keep the singer was approached by another famous guest is Philip, who suddenly raised her to the shoulder and whirled

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Sedokova presented to the subscribers of the elect

Седокова представила подписчикам своего избранника

The singer has admitted that he is very happyA few hours ago the ex-participant of group "VIA Gra" Anna Sedokova fans confirmed rumors about her new romance with celebrity photographer Daniel Velichko.Photographer Daniel Величко"If I still half a year ago asked me will I believe what is happening now, I would say: no!" — recognized artist on the personal page "Instagram"

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Dayneko caught on a date with a stranger

Дайнеко подловили на свидании с незнакомцем‍

The singer chastised the fans for unwanted attentionOn the eve of the storys of his "Instagrama" Victoria Daineko complained about the annoying paparazzi. It turned out that one of the users of the social network sent her a photo, which she sealed on a date with a guy, whose identity is not yet known.Dayneko caught on a date with незнакомцем"That's straight with a guy to dinner without photos in stories

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Serebrennikov extended house arrest

The Director turned to the widowed fatherOn the eve of the Basmanny district court held a hearing on the matter, "the Seventh Studio". In the end, it was decided that its main figures, led by artistic Director of "Gogol-center" Kirill Serebrennikov will remain under arrest until July 19 of this year.Into account the statement of the injured party, in which representatives of the Ministry of culture is asked to extend the measure "Serebrennikov, Itino, Malopolska and others," reports "MK"

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Neighbors fear for the health Pugacheva

And the singer continues to post a selfie without makeupOn 15 April, the Russian pop star Alla Pugacheva has celebrated the 69th anniversary. In honor of this event, some neighbours actress on the village Dirt commented on the latest rumors about her.Publication of ALLA PUGACHEVA (@alla_orfey)APR 18, 2018 at 12:52 PDT"She has everything, and forces — seen that already enough! Recently Alla very passed, I lost a lot of weight

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Rustam Solntsev warned Kostenko from becoming Buzova

Showman recalled the recent transgressions of a modelLast weekend, Dmitry Tarasov has declassified the sex of their unborn child — very soon his wife Anastasia Kostenko got him a girl. But in social networks, many fans of his ex-wife, leading the singing of Olga Buzova, continue to speak on this subject, calling their Union "stray".Recently the situation said colleague teledive on the project "House-2" Rustam Solntsev

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"Dirty mouths": Borodin urges to punish users for rudeness on the Network

Presenter lamented the women, criticized her childrenDay ago on the personal page of Ksenia Borodina in Instagram appeared a series of photographs of the birthday of the daughter's friend Natalia Pushkina. The photographs were also captured and the elder heir of the leading Marussia.Publication from Ksenia Borodina (@borodylia)17 APR 2018 11:05 PDTHowever, in the comments under the post was a lot of criticism and negativity that greatly hurt and angered telediva

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Former mother-in-law posted a photo Shishkova "without filters"

Бывшая свекровь опубликовала фото Шишковой «без фильтров»

Users appreciated the natural beauty of girlsThe personal page of Timothy's mother Simon Yakovlevna in Instagram appeared a curious uninhibited frame. The picture shows her four year old granddaughter Alice in the arms of her mother, model Alena Shishkova.Former mother-in-law posted a photo Shishkova "without filters" the signature mother of rapper assured subscribers that the photo has not been edited: "Girls without filters!"

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Pink recognized the most beautiful woman of the year

The singer believes humour as its main advantageThe heroine of the new issue of People was a 38-year-old alisha Moore, known worldwide as the pop singer Pink. Pictures of her children — a son Jameson moon and daughter willow sage appeared on the cover of the publication. Thus the actress recognized the most beautiful woman of the year.Note that in this year she was also nominated for a Grammy award for best pop solo performance with the song "What About Us"

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The Leps have a bald suspect a serious illness

The state of health of the singer discussing on the social networkRussian pop star Grigory Leps before appeared before his followers in an unexpected way. The photo from Munich artist posing with a new hairstyle.Publishing from John legend (@gvleps)17 APR 2018 9:03 PDTThe reasons for the parting with a hair artist is not named, but judging by the facial expression, the mood, and that he is clearly not spoiled

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