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"Under this pressure for almost 20 years": Zemfira bullied bonkers fans

The singer turned to her audience on the social networkRecently, the personification of the "women of rock" on the national scene, Zemfira Ramazanova, rarely produces new songs and gives concerts. The artist also tries not to attract too much attention to his personal life. Sometimes this position provokes fans to go to desperate measures to make contact with his idol

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Keti Topuria no longer hide your relationship with your Body

Кети Топурия больше не скрывает свои отношения с Гуфом

Divorced the singer first posted a photo with the rapperSinger of the group A'studio Katie Topuria in his Instagram he shared his first joint photo with rapper Body. To comment that the singer did not, however, without a smiley sweetheart has not been. And the rapper, in turn, at this photo was left "in love" Emoji with hearts for eyes

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Kudryavtseva showed subscribers the changed figure

Кудрявцева продемонстрировала подписчикам изменившуюся фигуру

Leading came to the clinic in a maternity dressAt the end of August, Lera Kudryavtseva needs to have a second child. She recently went on maternity leave, and ceased to appear at social events. A few hours ago on your personal page's Instagram she shared a fresh photo from the clinic of laser cosmetology.Publication of LERA KUDRYAVTSEVA (@leratv)18 Jun 2018 at 9:00am PDTIn the picture Kudryavtseva captured in a blue dress with a high waist and sneakers

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Kalashnikov criticized the gift from the beloved for half a million

The model was fascinated by the design of the apartmentIn the middle of last week Anna Kalashnikov celebrated his 34th birthday with family and friends. However, not everyone is able to please a star in this momentous day. Her partner Gregory Avetov gave her a ring with a large diamond from the famous jewelry house, estimated cost of which, according to some, is almost 20 thousand dollars

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Dzhanabaeva posing in the pool for "Instagram"

Discussing figure 39-year-old singerRecently the ex-soloist of "VIA gra" Albina dzhanabaeva went to rest abroad, but where exactly is still unknown. Barely getting used to the new place, the actress got in touch with his fans on the social network.Publication of Albina dzhanabaeva (@albinadzhanabaeva)18 Jun 2018 11:17 PDTFor published few hours ago a photo of the wife of Valery Meladze appeared in fusion red swimsuit in the pool. Note that in the last month she was 39 years old

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The ex-wife of. looking for a new love

Экс-супруга Джигарханяна ищет новую любовь

Pianist seriously yourselfAfter a loud parting with the 82-year-old husband Armen Dzhigarkhanyan former Director of its Metropolitan theatre Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya told reporters about a new stage of his life. Now, the artist decided to engage seriously with themselves and ready for a new relationship. She hoped that soon her life will be husband and children.The ex-wife of. looking for new любовьFACEBOOK.COM/VITALINA

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Lionel Messi: win the football and love the fronts

Лионель Месси: победы на футбольном и любовном фронтах

On the eve of the 2018 world Cup, the striker of Argentina said that he could finish football career after the tournament. And it will depend on the team's performance in Russia. followed the career of the famous sportsman and achievements beyond the edge of the fieldOne of the best players of our time was born in the Argentine town of Rosario, where I was born on another world-famous Hispanic — Che Guevara

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Kristina Asmus was surprised by the racy photos of the bathroom

Subscribers criticized the actressA few hours ago the star of the series "Interns", 30-year-old Christina Asmus, published racy photos on the personal page "Instagram". In the picture the artist posing in his bathroom filled with foam.Publication from Kristina Craig (@asmuskristina)18 Jun 2018 12:10 PDT"Foam night", signed it frame. However, judging by the comments, users did not appreciate the frankness of the wife of Garik Kharlamov. Many of them advised her to be more modest

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Valeria Gai Germanika, sooner addicted to alcohol

The Director shared personal memoriesRecently the heroine of the program "Parsuna" became scandalously famous Russian filmmaker, 34-year-old Valeria Gai Germanika. In the broadcast she talked about the difficult period of growing up. The Director of the TV series "School" noted that its formation was not in the most prosperous of the company. The artist admitted that he began drinking alcohol at age 14. Today, however, she seems wild

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Purulent harshly condemned for his divorce from Matilda

The rapper has predicted that showman a miserable endRecently 28-year-old Vyacheslav Machnow, also known as Slava and Purulent, released his new song. In it, the musician spoke sharply about the personal life of the leader of group "Leningrad", 45-year-old Sergei Shnurov.Famous party rap battles has accused his counterpart in the betrayal of his wife Mathilde. In his lay, he called Sergei a "man of easy behaviour" and sarcastically predicted his sad and pitiful end

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