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Ksenia Alferova has offended fans of the daughter

Fans accused the actress of disrespect44-year-old Ksenia Alferova is trying to hide his personal life. The actress refuses to put pictures of my daughter in the Network. However, recently, after many requests from fans, Alferov gave up and promised the daughter. In a short time frame indeed appeared, but not exactly what was expected by the subscribers

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Fyodor Bondarchuk bought an apartment near the Kremlin

The purchase cost of the Director is 90 million rubles51-year-old Fedor Bondarchuk after the divorce with 49-year-old model Svetlana Bondarchuk decided to buy expensive apartments in the heart of Moscow, writes "Interlocutor". Unlike star colleagues, the Director has no plans to go on holiday. He is busy with real estate and talk with realtors.According to some, Bondarchuk bought the apartment in 5 minutes walk from the Kremlin

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Pugacheva dropped 20 pounds in two months

Popular producer shared the advice of her nutritionistRapid weight loss Alla Pugacheva is not the first year is a byword among fans and detractors. Some believe that the star refused to bad habits and began to carefully monitor themselves for the sake of the young husband and little heirs. Others believe that the artist resorted to liposuction. Some even blame it on a severe illness

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Rudkovskaya and Casanova jealous of the figure recently born model Victoria's Secret

Рудковская и Казанова завидуют фигуре недавно родившей модели Victoria’s Secret

The producer recommends to the singer special dietRecently, 29-year-old South African supermodel Candice Swapol, who became famous thanks to the collaboration with Victoria's Secret, I became twice a mother — she had a son, Ariel. And after 40 days after birth she appeared on the beach in one piece bathing suit with a deep neckline, showing taut belly and leg.Rudkovskaya and Casanova discussed the figure of a model, Victoria's Secretwww.instagram

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Petrosyan and Stepanenko began the division of property

Parting comedians discuss in the NetworkIn Hamovnichesky court of Moscow received a claim from Elena Stepanenko, was the 4th of July. 65-year-old actress addressed the judges with the purpose of division of joint property with her husband, 72-year-old Yevgeny Petrosyan, reports "RIA Novosti".According to some sources, the first hearing will be held on 6 August. And today, the Network rapidly discuss the unexpected decision to disband one of the strongest couples of the Russian show-business

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On the new photo again confusing Brezhnev with his daughter

The singer brought a young heiress in the lightThe ex-soloist of group "VIA Gra" Vera Brezhnev and her oldest daughter, Sonia Kiperman out on vacation in Monte Carlo. We attended a prestigious social event, where he met with Russian designer Uliana Sergienko.Publication of Vera Brezhneva (@ververa)2 Aug 2018 10:52 PDT"Ready for dinner", signed singer fresh photos from the successor, which both pose in similar costumes: elegant black dresses with a sweetheart neckline and a slit at the leg

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Died actor of the film "Cruel romance" and "the Elusive Avengers" Yury Martynov

Colleagues put it in an example to a new generation of artistsToday on 85-m to year of life this world has left an honoured artist of Russia Yury Martynov. Sad news on his official website said his colleagues from the State theater actor, where he served for over 50 years."Natural data and artisticheskii temperament, coupled with the strength of character helped Yuri Fedorovich to create stunning images in the movies

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Ex-darling Timothy suspected pregnancy

Model asked followers an unexpected questionParting with the famous rap artist and businessman Timothy had no effect on the content of "Instagram", Anastasiia Reshetovaa. There she continued to publish candid shots from photo shoots and seductive selfie.Publication of Anastasia Reshetova (@volkonskaya.reshetova)1 August 2018 9:06 PDT"Why now, even in a swimsuit filming a bit uncomfortable?" — she signed her new pictures in which the poses in white underwear popular brand

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"Was Martha": Sadalsky surprised archival photo of a young Maksakova

Actor grieve the change in appearance of the singerA few hours ago on your personal page "Instagram" star blogger Stanislav Sadalsky has another post dedicated to Maria Maksakova. Published collage is divided into two parts: top — face of the artist in this period, bottom — archival photo where she was captured along with his parents, obviously, at the dawn of his career

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Dana Borisova accused the singer Danko in the beating

The results of the polygraph, passed to the presenter, shocked everyone42-year-old TV host Dana Borisova publicly admitted that ex-boyfriend, singer Danko (real name — Alexander Fadeev), raised her hand. Borisov reunited with Fadeev after treatment of dependence in 2017, but the couple soon broke up. Now, the star said that at the time relations Danko twice struck her in the face.Borisov even issued a video, which showed red marks from beatings on the face

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