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Who kisses Anna Semenovich?

С кем целуется Анна Семенович?

Photo of a man who may be the boyfriend of the actress, appeared on the NetworkAnna Semenovich rarely comment on my personal life. It is not published with your chosen one does not show his photos on the social network and almost nothing about him says. Today, however, according to many fans, Anna finally made an exception. S

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Svetlana Bondarchuk told about the former husband and Paulina Andreeva

Светлана Бондарчук рассказала о бывшем муже и Паулине Андреевой

The former wife of Director has shown his loveFyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva has long been the most discussed figures in secular parties. And exit at the close of the film festival "Kinotavr" made a splash. The lovers, almost six months of hiding their relationship, took to the red carpet holding hands. In the meantime, the ex-wife Svetlana Bondarchuk, also present at the festival, flew to Georgia, not waiting for narazenia winners

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Olga Romanovskaya shared his views on life

The presenter told us, it refers to betrayal, dishonesty and hypocrisyThe former soloist of group "VIA Gra", and now TV presenter Olga Romanov, replacing Lena Volatile, said which values of life wants to convey to his son and told her the master teacher.Romanovskaolga: "There are many moments in my life that I beat, a lot of traits in my character that I would change and habits, without which I would be easier to live

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Lera Kudryavtseva told about the secret of family happiness

Лера Кудрявцева рассказала о секрете семейного счастья

The presenter noted the third anniversary of her marriage to Igor MakarovThe eighth of June 2013, the TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva married hockey player Igor Makarov. In honor of the leather wedding star told about their family secret of happiness.Lera Kudryavtseva and Igor Makarov noted leather salbufera: "wedding Anniversary! 4 years ago I met the man of her dreams! 3 years ago we got married! Igor Makarov, I am grateful to God for this meeting! Love you

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Pregnant Sobchak in the Vatican allowed only for the money

Беременную Собчак в Ватикан пустили только за деньги

Ksenia is travelling to Italy, where at this time of year a lot of touristsI remember five years ago, in November 2011, in Moscow brought the great relic – the belt of the virgin. Then to the Temple of Christ the Savior, where 10 days was the Shrine, lined up many kilometers of queue. The hype was strong, especially many of the faithful worried that you don't have time to touch the Waist, after standing in the cold for 20 hours

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Michael Jackson was a collector of porn

Police have released new details of the life of the late pop kingIn 2003, after the second allegations against Michael Jackson of charges of child molestation, the police held in the house of the king of pop searched. To present the results of their search were kept secret. But recently the police decided to publish them.Turned on ranch Neverland only in the bathroom and the bedroom of the singer was discovered seven different polnosbornyh

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Vaenga blew up a Network of self in mini

Ваенга взорвала Сеть селфи в мини

Elena decided to experiment with their imageAs you know, the singer Elena Vaenga loves long skirts and voluminous dresses, mostly hiding and not flattering. Yesterday 39-year-old Helen decided to ask the subscribers a long time moving her question: "Explain to me..... WHY ???? they are on socks???? with the lips I've already figured out.... with socks then what?" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved - approx.

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Learned the name of her husband Kandelaki

Стало известно имя мужа Канделаки

The presenter is married to businessman Vasily BrovkoThroughout the year, round the person of Tina Kandelaki were rumors about she went to be married or not, and who is a chosen star, if the wedding did take place.On the twentieth of December last year in his microblog Tina published black-and-white photo, which shows how she laid her head on the shoulder of the man sitting to relieve back. Photo she signed simply: "Intrigue"

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Leonardo DiCaprio bad in bed?

The actor was accused that he is rude and lazy loverAccording to new reports tabloids, one of the main sex symbols of Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio is a very bad lover. Shocking details revealed girlfriend some girl once had the good fortune to be in bed movie stars.According to this lady, Leo lay back, put my ear buds in, closed her eyes, and gestured for her friend to take action. "He's selfish, lazy and rude

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Daughter Masha Rasputina lied star mother

Дочь Маши Распутиной оболгала звездную мать

Became known the horrible details of the conflict of the singer and her childAlmost 12 years have lasted a difficult history of relations between the singer Masha Rasputina and her adult daughter Lida. On the sidelines and then information surfaced that between relatives there was a strong conflict, after which they ceased to communicate. So the daughter told Masha that she was deprived of her apartment and was sent to a psychiatric hospital. Myself Rasputin, of course, denied everything

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