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54-year-old Lolita posing for social networks in swimsuit

Husband took a candid video with the singerRussian pop star Lolita never afraid to seem ridiculous and, unlike many of his colleagues, without hesitation can show a face without makeup, and figure — without photoshop.Publication of Lolita (@lolitamilyavskaya)Aug 27, 2018 at 6:20 PDT"River toad at your service" — ironically signed she posted the video today, where wife posing in the pool. However, in the comments fans have noted that the artist does not worry about the figures

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Betrayal Gritsenko Buzova brought to hysterics

Presenter broke down in tears on "Calvary"After returning from a tour Olga Buzova got a nasty surprise: 23-year-old Roman Gritsenko, a few months to achieve its location, twisted affair with a member of "House-2" Irina Pinchuk, which is under performer for 9 years.Publication of DOM2 ANNOUNCEMENTS VIDEO NEWS (@dom2_present)26 August 2018 at 9:09 PDTThe artist hesitated to answer the guy back, as he doubted the sincerity of his feelings

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Oleg Menshikov came to light with the changed wife

Олег Меньшиков вышел в свет с изменившейся женой

Even in the hot bustle of big events sometimes there is a place for romance. At a recent Metropolitan premiere of many stars came in the second halvesOleg Menshikov rarely goes to social events and even less frequently seen them in company with his wife Anastasia Chernova. But this time they were together. But first a Anastasia did not recognize her: she was without the usual points and also changed my hair. Himself Oleg was, as always, energetic and has once again proved the title of the mod

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Pelage criticized for "too much" with the beauty shots

A colleague published a recent photo with the singerOn the personal page "Instagram" Natalia Podolsky appeared in a selfie with the star of "the Voice" Pelageya. Artist met by chance in the children's restaurant and decided to take a picture.Publication of ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Natalia Podolskaya (@nataliapodolskaya)25 Aug 2018 10:02 PDTHowever, in comments to the post, many have lamented the fact that, apparently, the wife of Ivan Telegin's too busy Hiking to the beautician

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Assumption threatens to deprive the daughter of the inheritance

The singer really wants grandchildrenFamous Russian singer Lyubov Uspenskaya put his one and only heir from the fourth marriage with a businessman named Alexander, a 29-year-old Tatyana Plaksina, ultimatum. 64-year-old Queen of chanson has long been dreaming about grandchildren.In a recent live edition of the program "You wouldn't believe," she said, that would deprive the girl of inheritance in the case that the 2020 will not become a mother. The actress gave birth to 35 years

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Kudryavtseva back to work three weeks after giving birth

Leading preparing for separation from babyIn early August the star of the show "million dollar Secret" and "the Stars aligned" Lera Kudryavtseva gave birth to a daughter Mary from a young husband, hockey player Igor Makarov. It is known that from the past Barca have teledive 28-year-old son Jean Lenyk, whose family, according to some, also scheduled completion

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The daughter revealed the family secret of the assumption

Woman shared candid memoriesThe heiress of the recently deceased Eduard Uspensky Tatiana revealed to spectators of the program "You would not believe" the secrets of his family. She admitted that at the age of four her parents sent her for treatment in certain sect.There were terrible conditions, and children were often beaten. However, the assumption continued to financially support the organization

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Doctors commented on the status of Rotaru

The singer took the wrong medicationIn the Network before there were disturbing reports of hospitalization of the people's artist of the USSR Sofia Rotaru. It was reported that after recent corporate performances in Ufa artist raised blood pressure.Publication of Sofia Rotaru / Sofia Rotaru (@sofiarotaru.official)Aug 26, 2018 at 3:41 PDTFor aggregate features experts suspected a stroke, but CT scan revealed foci of stroke. The morning after the MRI the doctors found multiple foci of old strokes

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Russian doctors save Nikolai Karachentsov

The actor can not withstand the operationWife stars of the Soviet cinema, Nikolai Karachentsov, honoured artist of Russia Lyudmila Porgina, admitted to reporters that after radiation treatments in tel Aviv, the tumor in the lung of the actor two months have not decreased.Upon returning to Russia, the pair turned to the experts from Krasnogorsk. As a result, the chemotherapy began to have a positive effect — the tumor began to decrease

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29-year-old Polina Dibrova is preparing to change diapers

Adult husband gave a sweetheart surpriseFamily of Dmitry and Polina Dibrova called the most organic and strong in our show business. This is despite the substantial age difference, although in the beginning the audience is told that the pair are more like father-daughter. However, the unequal marriage could not be reflected on the family. Recently Pauline has learned that at age 29 she has to try on the role of the older generation."I had the prospect..

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