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Divorcee Dakota for like comparison with Buzova

The girl made his claim in a TV showRita Dakota some time came to himself, after learning about the infidelities of Vlad Sokolovsky. Divorced, and now, finally ready for the interview. She became a guest of the TV show "Gentle editor". The conversation was about divorce, infidelity, care in work from their experiences... And then Rita made a surprise announcement that she doesn't like her compared to the divorcee Buzova, which also makes a musical career

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Shakira owes Spain €14.5 million

Star accused of tax evasionTax service of Spain suspects the singer Shakira Colombian origin in the failure to pay property taxes in the amount of €14.5 million this writes the Spanish newspaper El Pais. The Prosecutor's office of the state going to go to court to get the artist with the money. The fact is that under Spanish law, all who are in the country for more than six months automatically become taxpayers and Shakira lives in the Kingdom since 2011

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Maxim Fadeev stood in the way Linda

The singer told, what a black cat ran between her and her first producerLinda said in an interview with YouTube channel "And talk?" and shared his feelings to Maxim Fadeev — her former producer and Creator of hits."My father started having problems with money, but before that he gave money for the Studio clips. And when the source of funding disappeared, began to fade and prodyuse," recalled the artist. — "One day Max just came to my band and said that they moved to the new project Total

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The tragedy ended with the concert by the Italian rapper Sfera Ebbasta

In the crush 6 people were killed, many woundedLast night in the Italian city of Ancona was the concert of a popular rapper Sfera Ebbasta. When the performance was in full swing, the unknown sprayed pepper spray. The musician was interrupted by the event, people started to leave the room, in the doors there was a stampede as the main exit from the club was very narrow.Six of the girls died — they just got crushed in the crowd

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Nikolai Bandurin left without a home

The star of the Russian humorous TV show "full House" shared a video of a terrible fireNikolai Bandurin and his wife suffered as a result of a fire in the village of Kostino near Moscow in the Pushkin district of Moscow region. Their sturdy brick house burned to the ground."Burning my house. All life. Cheers," — he commented on the shocking footage.Nikolai Bandurin the cause of the fire is called "short circuit"

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Rosenbaum has provided medical assistance

The contractor is involuntarily remembered an old professionDuring the flight Moscow — Simferopol Alexander Rosenbaum heard the announcement on the loudspeaker that the passenger requires medical assistance, the woman lost consciousness. The actor immediately responded, came out of the cabin, business class and used their professional skills of a physician. Alexander Yakovlevich did CPR and brought the victim from passing out. On arrival took her by ambulance

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Anna Semenovich married not ready

The artist did neosmaslenne hintBefore the onset of the year of the Pig Anna Semenovich is actively involved in the shooting of musical, culinary and other entertainment programmes and continues to actively pursue his career. However, fans are concerned that in the 38 years she did not even think about starting a family and have children

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Anastasia Kostenko and Dmitry Tarasov want a big family

The couple is already planning a second child10 July 2018 Anastasia Kostenko gave Dmitry Tarasov daughter. Despite 24 years young mother copes with its responsibilities, and even without a nanny. The happy parents named the baby Milan. Anastasia in the microblogging describes in detail how her daughter is developing, what challenges they face.However, the model of childhood diseases and whims do not worry — she plans to become a mother of many children

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Clairvoyant: "ISA Anokhina need to pick up charm"

Galina Janko talked about how can a star give birth to her third childISA Anokhin, ex-wife of rapper Guf, recently told its subscribers about the problems with women's health. "My progesterone level dropped to a critical point, thereby subjecting its women's health in danger. My condition is called as the syndrome of wartime, when the war in women due to stress disappeared menstruation and ovulation, the body refused to get pregnant", — said Anokhin. "I am now so scared..

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Bezrukov and Matheson went for a walk with the little Stepan

Безруков и Матисон вышли на прогулку с маленьким Степаном

In the microblog actor appeared the frame with a newborn son24 Nov fans congratulated Sergei Bezrukov and Anna matison with the birth of her second child. And today, the actor shared on his page on "Instagram" photo, which wrapped the baby sleeps in the stroller.Boy weighing 3360 grams and growth of 53 centimetres Sergei and Anna was named after his great-grandfather of the actor Stepan

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