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Vlad Topalov is preparing for the challenges of fatherhood

The performer remembered his own childhood5 Dec Vlad Topalov and Regina Todorenko became parents. Long in silence they experienced this event, not talking about the boy. The contractor even pulled his subscribers that he will decide when and what to write about the baby. His first impressions of parentage he shared with "Around the TV". According to Topalov, he is not waiting for his fatherhood would be ideal."Remembering what a complicated relationship I had with my dad, guess what..

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Sadalsky gave an assessment of the art Safronov

Садальский дал оценку искусству Сафронова

Well-known artist criticized a charity event with the paintings of the artistStanislav Sadalsky did not keep the sharp comments received about the wide range of napkins with decorated with paintings by famous artist Nikas Safronov. This event has a charitable purpose. The description says that with each purchase of one ruble will be levied in favor of the "native school artists"

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Grigory Gladkov admitted that he doesn't eat meat

Григорий Гладков признался, что давно не ест мясо found out why the legendary composer became vicegerentsThe author of the best-loved songs Grigory Gladkov is not only characterized by love for animals, but for several years now not to eat the meat. In this the actor admitted at a recent award ceremony at the Banquet where there was only vegetarian food and no alcohol."Well, what have we here vegetarian table. The fact that I have several years not eating meat. I became a vegetarian thanks to his songs

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"Hands-Bazooka" was a disservice to the owner

«Руки-базуки» сослужили плохую службу хозяину

Cyril Tereshina amputate limbsThe musician Sultan Uragan began shooting a new video, which aims to show that the experiments with the health threat, and not always aesthetic. One of the heroes of the video was Cyril Tereshin with hands-bazookas, but suddenly he became ill. At the time Tereshin pumped their hands on illegal drug synthol, which was the reason for the sharp rise in temperature, in men, an inflammation

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Galkin lie in the snow with the kids

Maxim posted a video with my winter walking with Harry and Lisa in the courtyardStar dad Maxim Galkin in communicating with their children, it seems, he becomes a child. At least, children do not make the difference between him and themselves. This convinced the followers "Instagram" artist, where he posted a video of the winter games with Harry and Lisa

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A psychic told me who gets the inheritance Oleg Yakovlev

Saona believes that Alexandra Kutsevol there are good reasons to fight for the funds of the deceased soloist "ivanushek"Oleg Yakovlev died in 2017, but before leaving the soloist of group "Ivanushki International" managed to prepare a will in which he mentioned his friend at the University Romana Radova and niece Tatiana — but not civil wife Alexander Kutsevol. This development is a woman considered to be unfair and began to fight for their rights

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Russian Kardashian accused of retouching

Русскую Кардашьян заподозрили в ретуши

Fans of 24-year-old model Anastasia Kvitko noticed that it's not perfectThe owner of luxurious forms, the model of size "plus" Anastasiya Kvitko, often called the "Russian Kardashian" enjoys immense popularity among users "Instagram". Her page has more than 9 million subscribers. Obviously, all these people admire the impressive lines of the figure models the front and back

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Ksenia Borodina chosen method of protection

Ксения Бородина выбрала способ защиты

The mistress of the "House-2" again parried all the attacks on her styleNolavconsole to engage in sharp exchanges over the many years of practice leading project "Dom-2" Ksenia Borodina did not wait for criticism from readers of her blog. She chose the best of the defensive tactics — attack

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Vera Brezhnev showed the true face

A great impression on fans of the singer made a photo of her without makeupThere was no doubt that Vera Brezhneva beautiful, which is not enough. But in order not to disappoint fans, the singer periodically allows himself something that does not run the risk of making her colleagues: she posts in the "Instagram" photo with absolutely no signs of makeup on my face. For example, her recent black and white portrait caused a wave of admiring comments from women and men

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"Daddy's girl" again became a mother

Darya Melnikova gave birth to her second childActress Daria Melnikova, which, despite many successful films, including the prize of the festival "Kinotavr", all continue to call "daddy's girl" or Eugene Vasnetsova from the show, had a baby tonight.What came to light boy, fans guessed, seeing in Instagram actress hashtag #matego. Other details are unknown. Daria, who took in marriage the surname of her husband, famous actor Arthur Smolyaninov, not keen on glamorous images of star of life

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