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Director Laima Vaikule explain her harsh words about Russia

The singer said that never going to speak to the CrimeaDirector Laima Vaikule Alexei Yakovlev commented on the statement of the singer on the Crimea. During performances in Odessa Laima Vaikule told Ukrainian press that would not go to speak to the Crimea under any circumstances. The fee for her it does not matter. She has no nostalgia for the USSR, and warm feelings to the brotherly republics, she is pleased that the Union disintegrated. Her words caused an unpleasant surprise to Russian fans

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Kate Gordon firmly took hold of Vlad Sokolovskiy

The lawyer protects the interests of defrauded Rita DakotaNo sooner had the Rita Dakota to announce his divorce with Vlad Sokolovsky, as there was plenty of sympathetic commentators, ready to appear on someone else's grief. It turns out that the interests of the deceived wives will represent Katya Gordon."Needless to say that all legal issues Rita decides my Team, "Gordon and sons". Truth is on the side Rita's at 100 %, and I can assure you that if she wrote it, then it is patience..

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Merilina Manson managed to avoid rape charges

The Prosecutor's office of California refused to prosecuteControversial musician Marilyn Manson was suspected of raping a woman, according to TMZ. The charges against him nominated actress Charlene Yi. Russian audience has a good understanding on the role of Pak Chi in the series "Dr. house". Along with a rock-star in October 2011 she participated in the filming of the TV show, and then the incident occurred

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Kristina Asmus boasted daughter

Кристина Асмус похвасталась дочкой

"Copy mom", — write fansGarik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus long concealed the face of his daughter Nastya from fans. But the girl grew up, and star parents began to demonstrate it to the public. This gave rise to controversy: who is more like the girl dad or mom? Before the balance is tilting in favor of the comedian.Copy мама the family has a rest in Italy, and Christine publishes a lot of pictures in his microblog

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Svetlana Loboda was subjected to criticism of the Church

The priest-blogger, calls to ban the clip of the singerThe priest from Blagoveshchensk Svyatoslav Shevchenko demanded to ban the video of Svetlana Loboda SuperSTAR. The clergyman has a blog on YouTube, where it tells subscribers about modern culture. In his opinion, the video absolutely does not represent any aesthetic value because it is ordinary text, music and visuals. However, Shevchenko's demands to ban it for display in Russia

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Agata muceniece: "Change is always for the better..."

Агата Муцениеце: «Перемены всегда к лучшему…»

The actress prepared to move out of the house PriluchnogoNo sooner had the fans to calm down after a quarrel before the divorce, Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchnogo, celebrate their reconciliation, as the actress gave a new reason for the rumors. On his page in Instagram she posted a picture in the car full of boxes."Everything! My bags are Packed!", — reads the caption to the picture. "Hello new life! Changes always for the better...".Agata collected вещиinstagram

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Irina Saltykova in a red bikini

Ирина Салтыкова в красном бикини

In 52 years, the singer looks 20 yearsIrina Saltykova slew of fans on the spot, laying on his page in the social network beach photo. The singer posing on the beach in a red bikini. One can only wonder how at 52 years old, she managed to maintain such a figure. Lush Breasts, slender legs and a flat stomach can boast not every 20-year-old girl.Her figure envious молодые showered compliments Saltykov

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Petrosyan and Stepanenko earned good money in the divorce

The fees of the comedians took off twiceDivorce Elena Stepanenko and Evgeny Petrosyan has caused an unprecedented interest among the public. Someone sympathetic to the abandoned wife, while others maintain humorist, and the result is one — mad demand for their concerts. This wave of artists raised the price of their performances twice. Now, each spouse is worth from half a million to 700 thousand rubles, according to KP with reference to the promoter Petrosian, Sergey Lavrov

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The mother of Timothy insulted Reshetova in the social network

The woman agreed Hayter modelsThe personal life of the popular rap artist and businessman Timothy always piqued the interest of the public. Partly because the actor always tried not to advertise it. Until recently, fans could only guess, in what ways is his fiancee Anastasia Reshetova with a musician mother Simona Yunusova

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"Like a woman": the assumption dismayed by the behavior of Kirkorov

The conflict star is gaining momentumIn the capital's secular parties say, that Philip ignored the invitation to perform at the recital Lyubov Uspenskaya. And when they met at a recent press conference he not greeted him, deliberately turned away from colleagues and hurried off.About the conflict between the performers was known last year. Then Kirkorov has a grudge against the assumption — that almost simultaneously with it has opened in Moscow a private karaoke

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