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"Red Sonja" Brigitte Nielsen broke all records of Hollywood

Ex-wife of Sylvester Stallone became a mother at age 54Ex-wife of Sylvester Stallone, actress and model Brigitte Nielsen has become the most grown-up mom in Hollywood. Despite her age she is in the middle of July will be 55 years old, Bridgit decided to give birth to fifth child. The girl was born in a clinic in Los Angeles, called her Frieda. In 2006, Nielsen was the fifth time she married Italian producer Mattia Dessi. This is their first joint child and eldest son of the actress for 34 years

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Kristina Orbakaite with violence

The singer wished the viewers not to feel aggressionKristina Orbakaite became the guest of the transfer of Yuri Nikolaev "I swear." Among the talk of husbands, children, family, the actress made an unexpected confession. It turns out that the star faced in his life with violence. The host asked the singer, whether raised on it ever hand, and she nodded."I know what aggression. I wish you not to experience", — said Cristina. — "I wish you to be more tolerant"

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Olga Buzova told that ties her with Philip Kirkorov

Ольга Бузова рассказала, что связывает ее с Филиппом Киркоровым

Grandma leading "House-2" against their marriageThe theme of the next program Malakhov "hi, Andrew!" was the song Philip Kirkorov "Color moods — blue". Came to the Studio the artist's fans, as well as members of the clip, filmed for this song. Among them Olga Buzova, which got the role of the cashier in the video. Answering the questions of Andrei Malakhov, TV presenter singing made an unexpected confession. According to her, their with the king of pop already have close relations

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Anna Ardova has recorded a video message

The comedienne told about your healthRumors that the beloved actress Anna Ardova was urgently hospitalized and operated on, caused a lot of experiences from her fans. In the Mayakovsky theater, where she works, too, to say anything intelligible could not. There only said that the actress now is not the performances and rehearsals, so she decided to deal with health and medical treatment, which has long been planned. The public speculated.Ardova was moved by this attention

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Brad pitt has revealed promotional stunts Angelina Jolie

The actor suspects the ex-wife of hypocrisyBrad pitt and Angelina Jolie for two years as separated, but cannot divorce officially. Spouses are not able to solve the issue of guardianship of his six children. Soon the new court and each of the actors tries to create the most favorable image to the heirs stayed with him.Jolie, for example, actively involved in charity work. Recently, she defiantly called for the refugee camp in Iraq, being a goodwill Ambassador for the UN

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Daughter Pugacheva talks about the benefits of sea bathing

Maxim Galkin showed subscribers a videoMaxim Galkin often takes his children to live. The subscribers of his "Instagrama" follow the growing and developing Lisa and Harry. In the next video daughter explained to the mother Alla Pugacheva favor of swimming in the sea. The prima Donna complained, that he could not come to the beach and for this she received a serious reprimand from the missus

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They are together: Jon snow and "wild"

Они вместе: Джон Сноу и «одичалая»

Got married stars of "Game of thrones" rose Leslie and kit HaringtonPartners Saga "Game of thrones" actors rose Leslie and kit Harington went to the altar, according to Time magazine. The wedding took place in the old Church of Rayne in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, near the ancestral castle Leslie. The father led the bride to the altar in traditional clothing — the kilt.The father led the bride to the altar in килтеtwitter

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Arkady Ukupnik and started crying, talking about family

The singer admitted Lera Kudryavtseva in the innermostArkady Ukupnik was a guest of Lera Kudryavtseva "the Secret to a million." The singer shared with the lead's personal problems that he cause tears. It turns out that for years he blames himself for the death of his father, considering that I didn't do enough to save him.Arcadia's parents were teachers. They not enough time was given to the son because of work, however, he is very grateful for the education

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Agatha muceniece and Dmitry Nagiyev — fans found a rival in love

The actress responded to the accusations of treasonFans of Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchnogo experiencing acute difficulties in the family of the couple. Network lovers is almost dissolved. Although they say that they are all OK, but don't believe them. Initially, the followers accused Paul of treason, because on his page in Instagram there were pictures of Lukeria Ilyashenko — together they are working on a new project

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Albina dzhanabaeva gently congratulated her husband with a 53-anniversary

Альбина Джанабаева нежно поздравила мужа с 53-летием

The singer was criticized for marital happinessAlbina dzhanabaeva in day 53 anniversary of Valery Meladze decided to share touching moments of family happiness. At a joint photo, the singer gently buried in the neck of the wife. It is clear that they love each other and are quite happy. It's not like haters, they began to accuse her in the destruction of the first family of the artist

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