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Natalia Revival: "the Police in Bali I was overcharged as sticky"

Наталья Лесниковская: «Полицейские на Бали меня ободрали как липку»

The actress has time for movies to be filmed, and two children to raise. Together with his sons Natalia spends the summer on lake Seliger, where creative builds and family plans. Some of them actress shared with WomanHit. Natalia Revival. Photo: materials of press-services. Natalie, why Seliger? Learn Patriotic holiday, which is rapidly coming into fashion?- Rather, it is a holiday with my parents - my father at Seliger house. From time to time I go to the shooting. Dangle back and forth

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Yulia Beretta: "I finally found my musical image"

Юля Беретта: «Я наконец нашла свой музыкальный образ»

Recently the artist has released the long awaited album "No drop", which included her best songs over the last ten years. WomanHit talked to Julia about music, videos and miracles. Yulia Beretta. Photo: - Julia, fans have long been waiting for your news. What were the reasons for such a long work record?- By 2008, I had more than enough songs for an album. But, as it turned out, this was not the point. I was looking for a musical way..

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Irina Dubtsova: "the adventures of failed hard on the coconut is not over..."

Ирина Дубцова: «Приключения на упавшем кокосе не закончились...»

Recently singer all scared stating that during a holiday in the Seychelles almost died. WomanHit found out the details of the incident. Irina Dubtsova. Photo: materials of press-services. - If you read your "Instagram", it will be interesting any novel...- This is a real reflection of the events that happen to me. I do not understand why suck the finger information, to invent something. Our life events, and those that I want to convey to the world, I post

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Dominik Joker: "I'm not a strict father, I can build the ropes"

Доминик Джокер: «Я не строгий отец, из меня можно вить веревки»

Once a graduate of the acclaimed project "Factory of stars" Dominik Joker refers to the number of representatives of show business, which, as they say, "made themselves". Now Dominic is not only the performer and the author of numerous songs of his colleagues, but also a producer, a caring husband and a wonderful father. Dominik Joker. photo: Lily Karlowska - Dominic, now the last month of summer

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Julia Plaksina: "the Winner is the one whose songs will start singing!"

Юлия Плаксина: «Победитель — тот, чьи песни начнут петь!»

WomanHit met with the artist, who returned after the "New wave" and was finally able to hug her daughter. Julia Plaksina. photo: Lily Karlowska - Julia, how are you feeling after the contest?Pleasant, devastated. As if the burden fell. (Laughs.)- Upset eighth place? No, I'm not upset. The winner is the one who will listen, whose songs will start singing! I was very happy for Stas Shurins - my friend who deservedly received the award from Alla

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Irakli Pirtskhalava: "On the beach I met Patrick Kluivert!"

Ираклий Пирцхалава: «На пляже я встретил Патрика Клюйверта!»

In the midst of the holiday season, the stars brought from his travels, interesting pictures and entertaining stories. Here the singer told WomanHit about his adventures in Brazil. Irakli Pirtskhalava in Brazil. Photo: personal archive of the singer. - Irakli, we can say that the journey to Brazil - your old dream?This year has fulfilled my long-cherished dream, even two: to visit Brazil and visit the world Cup

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Evgeny Gerchakov: "I have never been so ready to any role, as Salvador Dali!"

Евгений Герчаков: «Я никогда не был так готов ни к одной роли, как к Сальвадору Дали!»

Today, people's artist of Russia, actor Evgeny Gerchakov celebrates 65th anniversary. And yesterday, on the eve of this event, the actor was spotted at the opening of the exhibition "Dali - living web". After Eugene A. played a genius of surrealism in the new play Sergey Prokhanov "Dali and Spanish Queen of Kazan", it became known as "the Russian Salvador Dali". Therefore, the appearance of the actor on the exhibition turned out to be quite appropriate and expected

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Car Mitya Fomin spoiled vandals

Автомобиль Мити Фомина испортили вандалы

In an exclusive interview WomanHit angered by the artist told about what really happened to his car. The singer noted that is not the first time becomes the victim of bullies. Despite all the trouble, Mitya Fomin continues to smile. Photo: Yesterday can be called one of the most unsuccessful for Mitya Fomin. On Tuesday on his page in Instagram singer complained about the unfortunate incident that happened to his car known German concern in his own yard

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