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Nyusha: "Sometimes you need to be alone"

Нюша: «Иногда нужно побыть наедине с собой»

The singer told about participation in a new project, about why you changed your hair color— How was shooting the video for the song "Try... feel"? Was it easy to sing on a mobile platform? Have you had experience of such performances?Coca — Cola made me quite original and interesting proposal — participation in the video with the technology of 360 degrees

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Dina Garipova: "I'm not trying to lose weight, I just want to feel in good shape"

Дина Гарипова: «Я не стремлюсь худеть, просто хочу чувствовать себя в тонусе»

The singer spoke about life after marriage, harmony and shooting a new videoDina Garipova finished working on the music video "You to me." This composition was written especially for the Day of family, love and fidelity. Singer, celebrated in early August, the first anniversary of the date of the wedding, decided to remind her fans about such feelings as love, family, kindness and care. find out the details

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Sergey Babayev: "Tie is a very ancient thing"

Сергей Бабаев: «Галстук — это очень древняя вещь»

In the collection of the broadcaster had about one hundred and fifty of these accessories, and he showed them"The man is the same as his tie. He covers its essence, it is his spirit," said Honore de Balzac. Stylish accessory to be able not only to wear but also to buy. Broadcaster channel Sergey Babayev has mastered this art to perfection. In his collection of about one hundred and fifty ties

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Love Aksenov: "I only Flirt with my husband"

Любовь Аксенова: «Флиртую я исключительно с мужем»

The actress is not afraid of filming sex scenes, but warns that her body belongs only to her and her husband"Beauty will save the world," claimed a classic and, it seems, was right. The young actress Lyubov Aksenova confident wins the hearts of filmmakers and film critics, and spectators

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Alexander Nosik: "I go first to his wife on concessions"

Александр Носик: «Я первым иду жене на уступки»

The actor spoke about the love of the sport, personal stylist and relationship with his wifeLike many popular and sought-after actors Alexander Nosik in Moscow to find difficultly. It is not surprising that during his stay in the capital, Alexander tries to catch a lot. For example, pick the clothes himself and his wife. Therefore, the meeting with the actor and his wife Olga took place in the store

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Anzhelika Agurbash: "Next to of Arame I felt Thumberlina"

Анжелика Агурбаш: «Рядом с Арамэ я чувствовала себя Дюймовочкой»

The singer told about feelings that have not yet been, but will never be reborn visited the shooting of the video for the new song Angelica Agurbash "Been and gone". The singer filmed clips for two years. But recently sent her a song that I liked Angelica. The song was performed by famous Armenian singer Arame. When she heard his voice, I realized that we need to work in a duet with this unusual artist

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Blake lively: "I had four men, but I don't believe"

Блейк Лайвли: «У меня было четыре мужчины, но мне не верят»

The actress spoke about her second pregnancy, love for food and his relationship with Ryan ReynoldsIf there is among many Hollywood Actresses the one that embodies the real American dream, it's Blake lively. Literally everything could blond twenty-eight year old Blake and work with well-known Directors, and a successful marriage with the handsome Ryan Reynolds, and the perfect daughter, the second pregnancy, which became known quite recently..

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Natalia Bochkareva: "the common house so far"

Наталья Бочкарева: «Об общем доме говорить пока рано»

Actress and Alexander Kononenko was first told about his novel"Natalia Bochkareva new fan" — such headlines were filled the Internet after the last Cannes film festival. The actress was shooting "Free day", and accompanied her a nice young man learned resident program "SHKOLA remonta", architect-designer Alexander Kononenko. The pair gave a joint interview.Alexander, Natasha, to the Cannes film festival you not advertise their relationship

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Natalia Gulkina: "I'm blushing from the compliments"

In our blitz-poll star admitted that never deceives, wants to play the violin and intolerant of vices— What color do you associate yourself?— Bright blue.— Did you say you had read Schopenhauer, although you didn't read?— No, I never did, I didn't read it.Someday in a fit of rage you hit the dishes, tore Newspapers, throwing objects?In a fit of rage, something a couple of times threw..

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