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Why Anna Dvorzhetskaya become an actress?

Почему Анна Дворжецкая стала актрисой?

A beautiful, lively, curious, Anna Dvorzhetskaya - daughter of actor Eugene Dvorzhetsky - never dreamed of becoming an actress. Conversely, strongly showed his dislike of this profession. And then walked away from the life of her father, on the launch careers... And in the press started to cry: the famous dynasty Дворжецких ceased to exist. It was then Anya recovered after the death of his father, firmly decided to continue the work begun its talented relatives

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Liza Arzamasova: «I never wanted to grow up»

Лиза Арзамасова: «Мне никогда не хотелось скорее повзрослеть»

Eighteen years is a wonderful age. Already an adult, but still with the rights of the child. An interesting study, dizzying novels, exciting discoveries... What could be better? WomanHit learned it Liza Arzamasova, that on March 17 met his восемнадцатилетие

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Alexander Arkhangelsky: «I am not from intellectual families»

Александр Архангельский: «Я не из интеллектуальной семьи»

Alexander Arkhangelsky calls himself a professional writer. He not only writes their own works, but is a jury of well-known literary contests. However, those who are far from literature, Arkhangelsk known primarily as a journalist and host of the analytical program «in The meantime». Analyzing the life of the country, he prefers to leave his own behind the scenes. However, for WomanHit made an exception

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Bari Alibasov Jr: «I managed to cope with their systems»

Бари Алибасов-младший: «Мне удалось справиться со своими комплексами»

All his life he tried to get out of the shadow of the famous father. «It's terrible when you are loved, hated and interested in you, only because you are the son of Bari Alibasov». In the biography of Bari Alibasov Jr. were runaways and studying in the school of Scientologists, and treatment from a psychotherapist. Path was long and thorny, but now Bari is a successful marketer, author of interesting methods of personnel management, and a recently married model

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Anzhelika Agurbash: "I like to be the bride"

Анжелике Агурбаш: "Мне нравится быть невестой"

Last Week, the fashion was, as always, festive and crowded. Metropolitan celebrities showed, we watched the others and to exchange the latest news. Naturally, fаshion-marathon could not have happened without the peppercorns: on the show Eleanor Шауловой in the white wedding dress appeared recently divorced Angelica Agurbash. The rumors, which were many around the name of the singer, beginning with the speed of light. And proved prophetic

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Gerard Butler: «I'm ready to fight, if danger threatens my family»

Джерард Батлер: «Я готов драться, если опасность грозит моим близким»

He produces the impression of a man laconic, reserved, sometimes even harsh. But this impression is wrong. Jerry (as an actor himself asks to be called) was a very funny and positive. Even starting to talk about something with a serious look, he quickly gets out of the contagious laughter and continues to yammer, that sometimes even asks forgiveness. This WomanHit convinced personally, after talking with a movie star during his visit to Moscow

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Denis Клявер: «Solo projects is a crisis of middle age»

Денис Клявер: «Сольные проекты — это кризис среднего возраста»

Soloist of «Tea Together» recently celebrated his 38th birthday. On the occasion of his birthday, the birthday rolled his big party, where noted, many of his friends and colleagues. We congratulated Denis and asked to comment on the rumors about the breakup of the group and quarrel with another member of the band Stas Костюшкиным

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