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Lubava Greshnova and Michael Wheat: "We were in silent conflict"

Любава Грешнова и Михаил Пшеничный: «Мы находились в негласном конфликте»

Acting couple told about how he learned to look for compromises and shortcomings to love one anotherFor such as they, say, made for each other. Young, beautiful, talented actors Lubava Greshnova Wheat and Michael have been together for five years. Our hectic time and people in this profession – sufficient rarity. How saw each other, searched for compromises, and learned not only to admire the virtues, but to love the flaws, in an interview

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Galina Volchek: "I only believe in mutual love, therefore I live alone"

Rules of life of the woman who for more than 40 years disproves the stereotype that the Director is a male professionAlmost forty-five years, Galina Volchek directs one of the best Moscow theater "Contemporary". They say the Director – male profession, but she absolutely refutes this stereotype. She managed to stand and not to compromise in the years of stagnation – with the government, today with the commercialization of theatre. It needs to have toughness, male character

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Egor Druzhinin: "nick – Director of our family"

Егор Дружинин: «Ника – директор нашей семьи»

The famous choreographer and his wife Veronika Itskovich share the secrets of a happy marriageLong known: that the man took place beside him should be the right woman. It is the future wife, actress Veronika Itskovich helped Egor Druzhinin to determine their vocation and become the unique master, whom we know now. Together, they have nearly twenty-five years. They hold not only on the feeling and trust for each other, but also on the atmosphere the good humor that prevails in their family

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Alena Apina: "the children can learn endlessly"

Алена Апина: «У детей можно учиться бесконечно»

The star became the Director of the play "the night before the exam", all starring HH studentsSinger Alena Apina now Director. Recently held premiere of this production with the intriguing title "the night before the exam". The main characters of the play Aleksandr Pushkin, Nikolai Gogol, Anton Chekhov and Michael Jackson. All the roles are performed by children from Odintsovo school, where for four years he teaches the artist.— Alena, the diversity of your role makes an impression

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Elizaveta Arzamasova: "My heart is busy — hopefully for a long time"

Елизавета Арзамасова: «Мое сердце занято — надеюсь, надолго»

The actress rarely speaks about his personal life, but in this interview he placed all points over "i"Lisa Arzamasova the audience know for many years. She debuted in film in four years, and the popularity has brought the series "Father's daughter", where the actress played a clever Galina. Now Lisa bloom, turned into a charming girl – it's nice not only to look but also to talk to her

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Sergey Pisarenko: "Friends consider it their duty to call April 1 and order party"

Сергей Писаренко: «Друзья считают своим долгом позвонить 1 апреля и заказать корпоратив»

The captain of the legendary team of KVN "County town" believes that April fool's Day should be renamed to Day humorist— Sergey, as of April first play each other comedians?— I am often teasing friends. Among them there are some figures who consider it their duty to call and book the party: "Hello! Tell me, Sergey, and on April 17 the your team free?". And I, like a fool I open the calendar, watch free the day. Then he asked how much it would cost performance, knocks down the price

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Marius Weisberg: "I will make a good Jewish dad"

Марюс Вайсберг: «Из меня получится хороший еврейский папа»

On the eve of his 45th birthday, the Director met the first love and gonna be a fatherThe first thing that draws in Maryse Weisberg, is his charm and cheerfulness. For a long time the Director had lived in Hollywood, and the Russian audience gave such Comedy movies as "love in the city" franchise about "Dating" and "Hitler kaput!". In addition to his work in secular circles, known as Marius, the conqueror of female hearts. But the actress Natalia Bardo has become much more than just a hobby

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Eugene Stychkin: ""In our family, don't say unnecessary compliments"

Евгений Стычкин: ««В нашей семье не говорят ненужных комплиментов»

Actor — an Alliance with Olga Sutulova, parenting and fightsEugene Stychkin is convinced: "our Whole life is a game". Because both to himself and to what he's doing, refers with light irony. Not chasing popularity, with already twenty years does not disappear from the stage, TV and cinema. His name has become a brand, a guarantee of quality and what you can see is always different, unlike yesterday. It seems that he himself is composed of contrasts, contradictions

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Anna Shulgin: "Journalists love to find friends scared"

The artist told about the alleged suitors, the new video and the respect of the mediaSinger Anna Shulgina from an early age knows what it means to live under the scrutiny of journalists. She decided to answer all at once the paparazzi in our country and shot a video to "Hang out". find out the details.— Anna, you must be very tired of yellow journalism, if you decide to dedicate a video for her...— To the press, including yellow, I am positive

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