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Ekaterina Volkova: "my husband and I spent a vacation in an adult"

Екатерина Волкова: «Мы с мужем провели отпуск по-взрослому»

Star of the TV series "Voronin" and her husband for the first time after the birth of her daughter rested togetherA family vacation is not always conducive to romance. Adults are forced to live according to children's schedule and often bring their own interests to sacrifice the offspring. The stars is no exception. But sometimes they still throwing an adult occasion

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Andrey Kaykov: "I Once bought a red caviar and began to feed her the passers-by in the subway"

20 unexpected actorWhat color do you associate yourself?Red.Did you say you had read Schopenhauer, although you didn't read?Schopenhauer I have read in the Institute. But, unfortunately, no one except the teachers of philosophy, I was not asked, I read it or not. I would ask — Oh I would have flashed!Ever in a fit of rage you hit the dishes, tore Newspapers, throwing objects?Well, for me this is not unusual. This happens, I am somewhat explosive in nature

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Katya LEL, "In the human life blossoms when he falls"

Катя Лель: «В человеке расцветает жизнь, когда он влюбляется»

The singer told about love, treason and the changes in lifeSinger Katya LEL in the video for the song "Gamma-beta" is trying to compare human passions and natural phenomena and plays an affair with a real macho, which is the star of the TV series "Traffic light" Dmitry Miller.In September last year, released the video for your song "Let them talk" with Alexander Ovechkin in the male lead. Perhaps fans would like to often receive your products

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Ilana St. George: "on the Eve of the first birthday of his daughter I was worried more than before his wedding"

Илана Юрьева: «Накануне первого дня рождения дочери я волновалась больше, чем перед своей свадьбой»

The star of the show "Ural dumplings" — podracer for a child and a career after giving birthA year ago the participant of the show "Ural dumplings" Ilana St. George first became a mother. Recently, the actress celebrated the first birthday of her daughter Diana. congratulated the artist with an important date.Ilana, your daughter was a year old. How did you celebrate this holiday?Noted in the close family circle, only relatives and close friends. My parents came specially from St

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Igor jijikin: "On the sets we have with Jennifer garner was a novel"

Игорь Жижикин: «На сьемках у нас с Дженнифер Гарнер случился роман»

The actor spoke about the love cate Blanchett, working with Steven Spielberg and four marriagesBrave, brutal, fanned by an aura of Hollywood fame, Igor jijikin like the ladies. Even Steven Spielberg, with whom our hero was fortunate to work, called it "the best bad guy. His background is four marriage, and, as recognized by the actor, the more successful you are, the harder it is to find a sincere, real relationship

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Valentina Pimanova: "the Role Pogodina in our breakup, my husband is greatly exaggerated"

Валентина Пиманова: «Роль Погодиной в нашем разрыве с мужем сильно преувеличена»

In a candid interview with the actress first told about the divorceAbout four years ago after twenty years of marriage was destroyed long brand of the First channel — collapsed couple Valentina and Alexei Pimenovich, on which many looked with admiration and envy. We parted without scandal, quietly and civilized. But, as always happens when talking about famous people, the stream of gossip and speculation was endless. Alex any questions from journalists about his personal life declined

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Yegor Konchalovsky: "Sometimes our grandfather did not recognize grandchildren and say, you whose?"

Егор Кончаловский: «Порой наш дед не узнавал внуков и спрашивал: вы чьи?»

The Director spoke in an interview about family and independenceIn January, Yegor Konchalovsky noted the fiftieth anniversary. Once again I have to make sure of idlers in the past then grow up to be real men. Yegor was not a model neither in school nor at home. He recalled in an interview how he and cousin Stepa Mikhalkov stole from grandmother Natalya Petrovna her famous homemade vodka "konchalovku and drinking secretly

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Agrippina Steklov and Vladimir Bolshov: "the Closest person is always the "whipping boy"

Агриппина Стеклова и Владимир Большов: «Близкий человек — всегда «мальчик для битья»

The actors spoke in an interview about what nourishes their creative familyAgrippina Steklov and Vladimir Bolshov together for almost twenty years. And the same serve in the theatre "Satyricon", where he met, when Agrippina came to play, and Vladimir sat in it. By the time travelers from the Verge already had a son Daniel, and Volodya — a daughter, Mary. They grew up together and consider each other the closest people. And chose one. Daniel serves in the Moscow art theatre

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Inna Malikova: "When the son enrolled in the French culinary Institute, I have like a second life began"

Инна Маликова: «Когда сын поступил во французский кулинарный институт, у меня будто вторая жизнь началась»

Dmitry Malikov, Jr. to study at the prestigious Institute. Paul BocuseFor singer Inna Malikova, this September was special. Her son Dmitry Malikov Jr. began training at the prestigious culinary Institute. Paul Bocuse. learn more at happy mothers.Inna, congratulations are in order?I'm so happy! A new breath has opened, if a second life has begun. As relieved — in the best sense of the word. I exhaled. And now I look forward to when my son come home for the holidays

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Vladimir Epifantsev: "Sex for me is an aesthetic ritual

Владимир Епифанцев: «Секс для меня — это эстетический ритуал»

In an interview with the actor proved that not in vain has earned the reputation of a man with a rebelliousAbout Vladimir Epifantsev say: it is incomprehensible, complex, unpredictable. Intellectual. Rebel. Rebellious but gentle and sensual. He loves not only movies but also poignant stories about love. In the words of praises freedom in everything, in fact, values family

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