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Under the chiming clock

Под бой курантов

New year's eve, which stars will never forget Olga Makovetsky. Photo: materials of press-services. New year's eve artists usually work already take it as a pleasant necessity. But each of them when it happened the first time. Womanhit learned in our stars as they passed the first working night in the New year.Olga Makovetsky: "We were offered an hour-long speech $ 500 for three"- In the second year of music school, I sang in a girl's jazz trio. Mostly concerts for our friends

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Margarita Shankin: "One day in the New year we played a concert for one person"

Маргарита Суханкина: «Однажды в Новый год мы отыграли концерт для одного человека»

The soloist of the group "Mirage" singer Margarita Shankin will celebrate the New year in the status of a free woman. But she has someone to please Christmas gifts. The singer older two children: Serge and Lera. WomanHit learned how to knit family is preparing for the holiday. Margarita Shankin. Photo: materials of press-services. - Margaret, now to sum up the year, I remember how you spent those twelve months. Share your experiences of the passing year..

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Participant of the "House-2" Elina Kamiren: "The baby Alexandra daddy's eyes"

Участница «Дома-2» Элина Камирен: «У малышки Александры папины глаза»

The star of the reality show, recently for the first time became a mom, told WomanHit that her daughter is very similar to Alexander Zagainova. Elina Kamiren on discharge from hospital. Photo: personal archive. December 18, participant of the project "Dom-2" Elina Kamiren gave birth to a daughter. The girl called Sasha in honour of Pope Alexander Zagainova. New mother told as it is now doing the happy family

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Natalia Podolskaya: "new year's table, we have not had for many years"

Наталья Подольская: «Новогоднего стола у нас не было много лет»

In an interview WomanHit singer Natalia Podolskaya explained why this year's holiday for her will be the most unusual in the last decade. Natalia Podolskaya. Photo: materials of press-services. Natalie, what do you remember about 2014?- Many... Project "Exactly" is a very interesting experience for me. I was able to perform great songs, and some of them I sing in the new year's eve. Still, this year was marked by the purchase of a house. Although this was before the time passes quickly

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Star told how to celebrate New year

Звезды рассказали, как встретят Новый год

The actress shows "Ural dumplings" Julia Mikhalkov New year will be celebrated in the tradition on the stage, singer Olga Makovetsky - with his little daughter, and Mikhail anybody - family... 17 people. In anticipation of the coming feast of the artist told WomanHit about how to celebrate new year's eve. Julia Mikhalkov. Photo: materials of press-services. Julia Mikhalkov, actress:- I like to make useful gifts. So always try to know in advance in their home that they want to receive

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Nadezhda Babkina: "I still believe in Santa Claus"

Надежда Бабкина: «Я до сих пор верю в Деда Мороза»

The singer told Womanhit like she's going to celebrate the New year that she necessarily on the festive table and why she needs to believe in Santa Claus Nadezhda Babkina still writes letters to Santa Claus. Photo: materials of press-services. Nadezhda G., what is your New year?One of my favorite holidays! In our family prepared for. Mom even sewed suits us snowflakes or rabbits, and myself with my dad dressed up so that was not to know who is who

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Gela, Ruralia: "I Hope that happiness will come and in my personal life"

Гела Гуралиа: «Надеюсь, что счастье придет и в мою личную жизнь»

A year ago he reached the final of the show "the Voice" and took the third place. Womanhit met with the artist and found out what happened with the artist during this time Gela believe the only good. Photo: press service Probably, someone would call the third place loser. But not Gela, Ruralia. He became one of the most beloved singers in Russia and at home.- Gela, soon the New year

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Diana Arbenina: "Once I met the New year in the train"

Диана Арбенина: «Однажды я встречала Новый год в поезде»

The singer presented his own Christmas tree and told Womanhit about how she is preparing for the coming holiday For Diana Arbenina New year is a special holiday. Six-foot Christmas tree "Night Snipers" decorated miniature guitars, vinyl records and paper airplanes, without which no cost, no "sniper" concert. New year's festival "the History of Christmas toys", in which took part the artist is of a charitable nature and organized by the Fund ORBY involved in supporting people with stroke

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Martin Freeman: "In the last day, our eyes were full of tears""

Мартин Фриман: «В последний день работы у нас в глазах были слезы»»

Womanhit talked to the actor who played the hobbit Bilbo and found out what he thinks about the final trilogy the movie "the Hobbit: the Battle of five armies" People on the streets often refer to the actor as to Bilbo. Photo: press service Martin, your life has somehow changed recently in connection with your role in the TV series "Sherlock" and "Fargo" and the movie "the Hobbit", all of which are very successful?All these projects, of course, influenced my life

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Irina Slutskaya: "I Hope that the son and daughter know my voice"

Ирина Слуцкая: «Надеюсь, что сын и дочка узнают меня по голосу»

All parents dream to give your child a fairy tale. Irina Slutskaya, mother of two children, has prepared a magical surprise to the kids, becoming a fairy. Irina gave her voice a real fairy. Photo: press-service The famous figure skater voiced one of the main characters of the cartoon "the Fairies: the Legend of the Beast", which will premiere on December 18. Womanhit asked Irina about her new role.Irina, this is your first experience dubbing cartoon?- Yes, the first

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