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Lopyreva showed the first photo of son

Лопырева показала первое фото с сыном

The model told that the delivery was very easyVictoria Lopyreva is not going to surround your motherhood secret and since first days has started to show its happiness, by promising that all of her son's success she will share with fans.The model posted a photo from a room with a view of the ocean, where you can see numerous bouquets and shapes of the balloons that greeted her at the exit of the hospital friends and the baby's father, Igor Bulatov

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Lolita started a new life

The singer took up the sport and give up bad habitsLolita admitted that she continues to "ride" the pressure, and she is forced to pay serious attention to their health. The first warning signals came in late November of last year, while touring in Belarus, where the Palladium had an attack — sharply jumped pressure. Then from the hospital the singer was and the tour is not interrupted. But the joke with hypertension do not lead to good

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Buzova could not cope with the flu

Бузова не может справиться с гриппом

To support the singer came to her motherOlga Buzova admitted that so hard and long she still never got sick. The first outbreak happened in December, but then on strong drugs managed a few days to get to his feet. Concerts to cancel was not necessary.But in February, the virus has returned with new force, and Buzova had to be on bed rest. Olga the drip and injections at home. The virus struck the vocal chords of the star, so the doctors now forbid the singer to talk and get out of the house

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"Alive!": the star of the show "the Bachelor" found

«Живая!»: звезда шоу «Холостяк» нашлась

Appeared the first information about what happened to the missing Rose HertzToday in Instagram appeared hashtag #nigerose devoted to the search of Anastasia Matrenina (stage name — rose Hertz), which participated in the show "the Bachelor" Egor Creed.Girl 30 Jan flew in from Dubai, the plane was shot storis for your microblog, and then suddenly disappeared. Social media beauties were closed and the message in the messengers remained unread

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Lost contestant on "the Bachelor"

Rose Hertz posted a selfie from the plane Dubai — Moscow, and since then disappeared from view friends"Attention! Missing our friend," friends reported a complete disappearance of the singer and model Anastasia Matrenina (creative pseudonym — rose Hertz)". 24-year-old girl was in the show "the Bachelor" on TNT, already making the first steps in show business. Well-known producer Maxim Fadeev recorded her song

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Daughter Jasmine is tired of secular life

The singer revealed how seven-year-old fell asleep on the go"Margarita after the show," commented Jasmine video with sleeping daughter. The girl fell asleep right on the steps of the Grand staircase in his house, like a Palace. It is known that Jasmine she is preparing her daughter to a stellar career, is it at social events, and the birthday of Marguerite shore on the occasion brought together the cream of the capital's Beau Monde

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Died actor Carmen Argenziano

The star of the movies "Stargate" and "the Godfather," died on 76-m to year of lifeAmerican actor Carmen Antimo Argenziano died on February 10 in Los Angeles at the age of 75 years. This was reported by Fox News, citing a representative of the artist

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Petrosyan told a joke Sparrow

Петросян ответил на шутку Воробей

The comedian saw that became the hero of another scandal, and decided to react immediatelyYevgeny vaganovich Petrosyan is not missed that his old friend and constant participant of the show "distorted mirror", the artist Elena Sparrow stuffed his wife. The day before she posted a photo with mater and announced that don't mind if Petrosian would choose her for the role following his wife

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Loboda showed a photo in the bathroom

Published in "Instagram" was a real successSvetlana Loboda published his photo in the Nude in the bathroom. However, thanks to a good angle and a lush foam, nothing too explicit in this photo there. Apparently, the actress is tired and needs to relax. Followers commented that this is a portrait of a woman of ideal beauty.Recall that Loboda has recently performed concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg

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Gomez was surprised by the completeness

American pop diva posted a photo in a swimsuitSinger and movie star Selena Gomez in Instagram posted photos from the bachelorette party that she and her friends celebrated on the beach in Mexico. All the bridesmaids sporting white bikinis. White is the color of the wedding ceremony. But subscribers have noticed that compared to my friends Selena was fuller in the hips and with obvious signs of cellulite, unpardonable in 26 years of age when its material capabilities and status of the star

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