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The mother of Timothy insulted Reshetova in the social network

The woman agreed Hayter modelsThe personal life of the popular rap artist and businessman Timothy always piqued the interest of the public. Partly because the actor always tried not to advertise it. Until recently, fans could only guess, in what ways is his fiancee Anastasia Reshetova with a musician mother Simona Yunusova

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"Like a woman": the assumption dismayed by the behavior of Kirkorov

The conflict star is gaining momentumIn the capital's secular parties say, that Philip ignored the invitation to perform at the recital Lyubov Uspenskaya. And when they met at a recent press conference he not greeted him, deliberately turned away from colleagues and hurried off.About the conflict between the performers was known last year. Then Kirkorov has a grudge against the assumption — that almost simultaneously with it has opened in Moscow a private karaoke

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The big query Olga Buzova: hookah and cognac

Became known to the rider of the singerThroughout the year, from an aspiring singer Olga Buzova became a star, which plays to full houses. The media leaked out the requirements that the singing TV shows to concert organizers. Some queries can just be shocking. So, in the Ryder Buzova is an elite cognac, the average cost of which is estimated at 4.5 thousand rubles, a few bottles of energy drink and hookah with grapefruit flavor — all this had to be in makeup artist

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Sergey Shnurov and Oksana Akinshina — old love does not rust

Сергей Шнуров и Оксана Акиньшина — старая любовь не ржавеет

Dancing, kissing, and explicit feelingsSergei Shnurov seems to have completely forgotten about Matilda, but remembered the old love Oksana Akinshina. Recall, once they were a couple for three years. It seems that the old love does not rust. Despite three children, the actress had a ball. First, the artists danced together on stage during a concert of "Leningrad", and now "Stories" Cord appeared the with a kiss. The ex-beloved is clearly having fun in each other's company, drinking

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Daughter Tarasov and Kostenko month old

Дочке Тарасова и Костенко исполнился месяц

The model complained about the suffering of the child in the hospitalDaughter of footballer Dmitry Tarasov and model Anastasia Kostenko month old. This first important date a young mother said the photo shoot with the baby on her arms and a visit to the doctors. Impressions of the hospital visit she shared in his microblog

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The husband of Ani Lorak's tired of the accusations and began to make excuses

Муж Ани Лорак устал от обвинений и начал оправдываться

The man said that he did not understandThe scandal around the family, Ani Lorak, continued. Murat Nalchajian have long remained silent and did not comment on accusations of treason. Finally, he responded, placing a post on Instagram."Don't evaluate my actions, thoughts and feelings from his point of view. You don't even know half of what's going on inside me," wrote Murat to Stories. His words, he accompanied a photo looking into the ocean man.Strange excuse Муратаinstagram

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Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga played lovers

In the same role as the pair posed for glossThe flamboyant star of the world pop scene, Lady Gaga and a four-time nominee for "Oscar" Bradley Cooper played the main role in the film "a Star is born". In the story they are a couple in love. Celebrities recently took part in a joint photo shoot in support of the project.Publication from Lady Gaga (@ladygaga)9 August 2018 11:38 PDTOne of those pictures became the cover of the edition of Entertainment Weekly

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Safronov sent Buzova in the crazy house

The artist harshly criticized the singerIn a recent interview with the Fifth channel of the famous Russian painter Nikas Safronov spoke on the topic of the increasingly popular creativity leading project "Dom-2" Olga Buzova.The artist believes that she builds a career on the outrageous and sometimes completely unfounded — is behaving very provocatively, "is permissible only for geniuses"

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Megan Markle showed up the second sister

The girl has problems with the law and prohibited substancesLately, stories about family members, the newly minted Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle cause public in different countries of great interest. The sources of one of the foreign publications reported that she turned up another sister on my father's side, the summary named Samantha.38-year-old Lori Davis previously was called the friend of Pope Megan, but recently revealed that she is his illegitimate daughter

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