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Anastasia Makeeva has revealed all the secrets of beauty

The actress in her Instagram honestly showed how caring for body, hair and faceAnastasia Makeeva, among other merits, has recently become a successful beauty blogger. She openly shares with readers of your page's secrets of youth and beauty.Today the actress made a splash, put the video session setting the Golden strands that support the shape of the chin and cheeks

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Yulia Menshova has congratulated the son with the birthday

Юлия Меньшова поздравила сына с днем рождения

TV presenter published a portrait of Andrew Gordin in honor of his 21st birthdayTV star Julia Menshova has again earned the approval of Internet users, inviting all subscribers of your blog to congratulate her on her birthday of the eldest son. Without further ADO, and pathos, she just signed the "21" and the people that were positive, and noted that the appearance of the guy is the spitting image of dad.Andrew Gordin now quite vzroslye: Instagram

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Bari Alibasov is preparing for the replenishment of the family

Бари Алибасов готовится к пополнению в семье

This news made an impression on anyone interested in the relationship of the producer and his wife Fedoseeva-ShukshinaWedding 71-year-old Bari Alibasov and 80-year-old Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina was held on November 20. Producer and actress he met on one of the "Kinotavr", and the relations between them began in 1995, and, as said Bari Karimovich, they Lydia Nikolaevna "frolicked" twenty years, and now decided to legitimize the relationship"

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Angelina Jolie has destroyed the myth of the perfect father

It turns out that brad pitt was against the adoption of one of the sonsHorror fans worldwide are watching as the fire divorce war killed the myth of the perfect Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and brad pitt. This stellar Union collapsed two years ago, but the passions between the parties does not subside. Recently the American magazine US Weekly reported that at the time, the actor was not eager to adopt a boy from Vietnam, who said Paxon

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Friend Oleg Yakovlev from "Simons" will get his debts

Alexander Kutsevol fought for their share of the inheritance of the musician, but it will have a nasty surpriseThe civil wife of the former soloist of group "Ivanushki int" Oleg Yakovlev, Alexander Kutsevol, entered into a dispute with the heirs of the deceased musician. The singer passed away in 2017, but managed to prepare a will, where he mentioned his friend at the University Romana Radova and niece Tatiana, however, ignored his civil wife

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Polina Gagarina hit her beloved husband

The husband of the singer Dmitry Iskhakov posted incriminating footage, which his wife uses against him of assault and batteryDmitry Iskhakov, star photographer who in 2014 still married to singer Polina Gagarina, created in Instagram special page with the promising title "muzh_zvezdy", which promised to share the artifacts of family life.While the blog only two videofact, but each provoked a strong reaction from the audience

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Andrei Cherkasov and Christina Donkey went to the registry office

"Just passing by", — joked in his "Instagrame" former participant "Houses-2"TV presenter and former participant of the project "Dom-2" Andrei Cherkasov finally pleased fans. He and his bride Christina Donkey filed in the registry office and in the new year sign. About the wedding date.It is known that the couple lives together for almost two years. The girl spotted Andrew, when she came on the "House-2" as pretenders

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Daughter Kirkorov went to school early

Дочь Киркорова пошла в школу раньше сверстников

Alla-Victoria in this year was admitted to the preparatory class, but did not finish my studiesStar dad Philip sent his daughter in preparatory class of the school, reports and myself in early September, went to the festival "New wave". When the artist returned home, he was summoned to the school and said, "Your daughter's going all the development and our recommendation from October put it in first class"

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Djigan presented to his wife a surprise on the cast-iron wedding

Джиган преподнес жене сюрприз на чугунную свадьбу

The wife of rapper Oksana Samoilov recalled that their family life began in "a rented odnushke"Fashion model, the Creator of Atelier cocktail and evening dresses Oksana Samoylova podelilsa in your Instagram photo with a bouquet of roses in its product growth. It is a miracle gifted to her husband, musician djigan (Denis Volodya), in honor of the anniversary of their wedding. 9 years the couple lives in the married and has three daughters

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The family of Jeanne Friske will not forgive debts

Lawyers "Rusfond" denied previously received informationIn the press ahead of the got data, supposedly from the words of the representatives of the defendant that the issue of compensation to the charitable Fund the amount for which the relatives of Jeanne Friske and not have to report the death of the singer, resolved peacefully. "Now we are still in the negotiation stage, but the understanding achieved, the source said

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