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"You're our everything!": stars congratulate Igor Nikolaev's birthday

In social networks remember the merits of the composerJanuary 17, honored artist of Russia Igor Nikolaev celebrates his 58 anniversary. One of the first Instagram artist congratulated Alla Pugacheva, with which his long-term friendship and cooperation. "Happy birthday, Igarashi. Be happy!!!" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved — approx., signed the singer to their joint photo in the company of Maxim Galkin and Yulia Proskuryakova

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Where did Larisa Guzeeva

Leading got nervous and decided to leaveThe star of Russian cinema and television, 58-year-old Larisa Guzeeva, disappeared "off the radar" 2 Jan. Almost a fortnight of it was not news. Pritomivshiysya waiting for new publications, the followers have already started to worry about leading. And here's eve in her microblog there was a recent selfie in a bright red jacket

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Married Sati Kazanova refuses to pose Topless

Hot photos of the singer discuss in the NetworkRecently the ex-soloist of "Factory" 35-year-old Sati Casanova, has surprised its subscribers by posting on the personal page on social network "Instagram" shot of the new photoshoot. In the photo she appears completely naked in the red water, covering the chest with the rose.Publication of Sati Kazanova (@satikazanova)Jan 16, 2018 at 7:39 am PST"I always, before drinking, pronounced the prayer over the water

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Widow Maranova went head first into the work

The woman decided to live for their loved onesThe widow died last fall, the actor of theatre "Lenkom" Dmitry Marjanova, psychologist Ksenia BIK for a long time was silent and did not succumb to provocations trenirovatsya its journalists. Three months after her husband's death, she agreed to give an interview

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The chair was removed from life older children

His memories shared bisa mother-in-law of the artistThe flamboyant showman, 56-year-old Nikita Dzhigurda, was married three times. From the second unregistered marriage with poet Jana Pavelkovskaya he has two children: sons Artemy-Dobrogled, who was born in 2002 year, and Ilya-Maximilian, born in 2008

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"To me a miracle happened": the Cord quit Smoking

Holiday by the sea has a positive impact on the musicianThe notorious leader of group "Leningrad", 44-year-old Sergei Shnurov, recently made in Indonesia. A week ago, basking in the sun on a local beach, the artist decided to spend on an experiment — to give up cigarettes for a few days.He said this on the personal page "Instagram". There's also a few hours ago there was a selfie of the artist with the smoldering butt. "Here, in Bali, to me a miracle happened, I quit Smoking

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Daughter Kafelnikov admitted daddy issues, boyfriend and illegal substances

Family business models turned into a public scandalThe only heir of the most titled Russian tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov, a 19-year-old model Alesya finally explained his absence for several months. In a candid interview with reporters Tatler she publicly announced his addiction to illegal drugs and attempting suicide.According to the girl, this pushed her betrayal of loved ones — friends and boyfriend, hip-hop artist Gleb Golubina, acting under the pseudonym Pharaoh

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Buzova shamed for dirty tights

The singer managed to interest the audience with a new songThe budding star of the Russian pop scene, who became famous thanks to the project "Dom-2" Olga Buzova has released the hit "One night". About the imminent premiere of the composition it stated on the personal page's Instagram, where he posted a short video

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Kournikova and Iglesias have shown monthly twins

The pair first shared with the kidsThe newly minted star parents, 36-year-old Anna Kournikova and 42-year-old Enrique Iglesias, pleased its subscribers, published on the personal pages "Instagram" pictures where captured with born a month ago twins Nicholas and Lucy.Publication from Enrique Iglesias (@enriqueiglesias)Jan 16, 2018 at 9:39 am PSTTo disassemble, who from them posing mom and who is dad difficult, as under both frames have the same signature: "My sunshine"

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From Kardashian and West's third child was born

About this happy mother said in his blogNow the family of 40-year-old rapper Kanye West and 36-year-old model Kim Kardashian officially acquired the status of a large. Thanks to the services of a surrogate mother and help of qualified professionals January 15, the light appeared "healthy and beautiful girl," shared the reality star with your followers by posting on Twitter a link to your official website.She's here. https://t

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