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Zhanna Epple rejuvenated with fillers

The actress showed the result to social networksThe star of the series "Balzac age, or All men are bast...", a 53-year-old Zhanna Epple, not one of those who hides their beauty secrets from fans. The artist is interested in and sometimes trying on new cosmetics.Publication of Zhanna Epple (@epple.ymnaya)21 Jun 2018 at 9:50 am PDTThe day before she showed the result of the new procedure on the personal page "Instagram"

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Timothy asks creed to clarify the situation with Lukinoj

And she decided on a change of styleUpon completion of the project "the Bachelor" viewers were hoping for a quick wedding Yegor creed and the winner of the show Daria Lukinoj or at least a continuation of their romance. But since then, the couple has not seen together, and at social events, by appears without companions

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Tolkalina posing "dressed in sunlight"

A new photo of the actress excited users of the social networkToday the star of the Russian theater and film Lyubov Tolkalina has surprised its subscribers by posting on the personal page "Instagram" a series of very revealing photos. To them she is depicted outdoors in the company of a friend. It is worth noting that the two ladies posed completely naked.Publication of Tolkalinaliuba (@tolkalinaliuba)21 Jun 2018 at 6:39 PDT"Solstice... Solstice... dress in sunlight..

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Aguilera undressed for PR in social networks

Fans discuss new photo of the singerRecently, the star of the American pop scene Christina Aguilera took part in a revealing photo shoot in support of his new compilation — album called "Liberation" that can be translated as "Liberation."Publication from Christina Aguilera (@xtina)Jun 15, 2018 at 3:56 PDTPublished in the social network frames the 37-year-old actress posing in a red translucent dress, no underwear, sitting on the sandy beach

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2018 world Cup: the stars celebrated the victory of the Russian team

ЧМ-2018: звезды с размахом отметили победу российской сборной

Celebrity rooting for the players on the highest viewing platform of EuropeAnastasia, Andrey Malakhov, Evelina Bledans, Nikita Presnyakov, Anastasia Denisova, Jasmine, Ekaterina Bobrova, Irina Bully, Masha Tsigal, Hope Angarsk, Vladimir Hryunov, Natalia Bochkareva and many other celebrities gathered in one of the towers of Moscow city complex, to a record height to watch the world Cup match on football between national teams of Russia and Egypt and to cheer for our team

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Topalov made fun of the full British social network

The post singer caused outrage among usersLast week eks-the soloist of group "Smash!!" Vlad Topalov went to rest in London, where he met with Regina Todorenko. However, recently the attention of the users was attracted by the photo in the company of other women, published in his microblog

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Sergey "Spider" Troitsky was invited Buzova out

Rocker does not exclude novel with a leadingThe leader of group "Metal Corrosion" Sergei "Spider" Troitsky commented on the deplorable situation on the personal front, Olga Buzova. Almost two years after her divorce from footballer Dmitry Tarasov, the girl doesn't do serious relationships, and all the free time povyshaet work.The artist said he was ready to marry the singer, if she will "drink with him in the Crimean port", and then, as we know, can happen anything

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Lolita will not be able to maintain their "special" daughter to the prom

The singer was denied entry to Ukraine17-year-old heir to the Russian pop stars Lolita the site named Eva now lives in Kiev with her grandmother and grandfather. Due to the fact that her mother forbade entrance on the territory of Ukraine, they are seen rarely.Publication of Lolita (@lolitamilyavskaya)21 Jun 2018 12:15 PDT"Today, my beloved daughter was rehearsal for graduation!.. I can only get photos and videos like this will happen.. How I wish!!! My beloved, I'm still Around!.

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Rapper Face goes into the army

He said this to fans in the social networkA few hours ago, 21-year-old Ivan Dremin, who plays under the stage name Face, made an important statement on his personal page on Twitter. In it he said that going into the army.Go to army, I'll see you next year— FACE (@faceislove) 21 Jun 2018"I'll see you in a year," writes the musician under the meeting of the drafting Commission in the military

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Timothy and Egor Krid staged in Moscow traffic jams

Rappers spoke on the streetRecently, the graduate of "factory of stars" Timothy has decided to expand its business. Now, in addition to food and clothing, under his own name he will promote and novelties of the beauty industry. In honor of opening your own beauty salon in the heart of the capital, the showman, threw a bright party

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