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Ex-driver Anastasia Volochkova revealed the details of her personal life

A man accuses a ballerina alcoholism and promiscuous relationshipsOver a year ago, Anastasia has won a lawsuit against his former driver Alexander Skirtach. The man was convicted of fraud and sentenced to three years probation and a fine in the amount of 376 thousand rubles. He recently released from prison and went to expose the dancers in the program Andrei Malakhov "live". According to Skirtach, Volochkova has fabricated a criminal case against him because he refused her sex

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Benedict Cumberbatch will soon become a dad for the third time

The actor's wife came out with a rounded bellyOn Wednesday the star of the British TV series "Sherlock" Benedict Cumberbatch appeared at the opening ceremony of the 75th Venice film festival with his wife, Director Sophie hunter. For this release, the companion of the artist chose the long dress scarlet hue.Publication from Roberto Giacomelli (@darksidecinema)30 August 2018 at 3:51 am PDTThe loose fit of this garment does not helped to hide her rounded belly

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The star of "House-2" has accused Serov, fraud and assault.

The girl shared candid memoriesGlorified by numerous scandals and fights during the filming of the reality show "House-2" Daria Druziak recently had an affair with a Russian pop star Alexander Serov. According to the girl, at first, the artist promised to help her with the work and to take under his wing. But, in the end, a striking blonde became his mistress and spent a month under the supervision of the protection of the musician

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Tarasov released video lactating wife

Тарасов обнародовал видео с кормящей женой

The act of a player discuss in the NetworkA few hours ago in storis "Instagram" Dmitry Tarasov got a short video with wife Anastasia Kostenko, daughter Milana and a pet dog named Tara. In the frame of a young mother feeds her little heiress chest.Tarasov has published a video of nursing женой subscribers reacted strongly to the publication

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6 hot spots Iosif Kobzon

6 горячих точек Иосифа Кобзона

Afghanistan, Chernobyl, Dubrovka, Donbass, Syria — this man was never indifferentAfghanistanFrom his youth Joseph was Kosonsoniy active citizenship: attending concerts Komsomol construction, fought for world peace on the border with China, during the conflict between the two countries, was part of the international delegations. And in the 80s one of the first played for the Soviet troops in Afghanistan. This was not a tourist trip, he was able to kill

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Forbes has published the data about incomes of Philip Kirkorov

The singer willingly parted with the earned millionsFor nearly thirty years of stage career, Philip has acquired the nickname "the king of pop" and made a considerable fortune. According to Forbes, the income of the artist over the past year is 596 million rubles. The contractor is also famous for its expenses: he loves to travel, to eat and to dress stylishly. For example, one of his jackets from Dolce&Gabbana worth 1.9 million rubles

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Olga Sutulova and Evgeny Stychkin: contract on love

Ольга Сутулова и Евгений Стычкин: контракт на любовь

As they developed professional and personal life of the actress?In the acting circles Olga Sutulova reputation of a girl with a difficult character, although she considers herself, on the contrary, too soft. decided to look at her to understand what she really is, to remember the brightest moments of her biography, tell about the marriage to Eugene Stychkin and frustrated love triangle

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Star of TV series "Police with the ruble" for the first time will soon become a mother

Sofya Kashtanova dreams of a big familyThe role of Sophia Loren in a TV movie "the Thaw", and call girl in the TV series "Police with the ruble" Sofya Kashtanova is preparing for the most important event in his life — the birth of the first child.Publication from Sofia Kashtanova (@sofiacastanova)9 August 2018, 9:10 PDTUnder published in early August, photos of Rhodes attentive members expressed suspicions that the 31-year-old media personality is in a "situation"

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Vakhtang Kikabidze was in the hospital

The actor will not be able to attend the funeral of colleaguesHonored artist of Ukraine, people's artist of the Georgian SSR Vakhtang Kikabidze has said it will not be able to attend the funeral of the deceased on the eve, Russian pop artist, and Deputy Joseph Kobzon.According to the actor, he has from anyone not invited to the funeral event. Also Vakhtang Konstantinovich said that at this point in time, is in hospital, reports "MK"

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Declared a place of farewell to Iosif Kobzon

The specialist pointed out the exact cause of deathAugust 30 at the age of 80 years died the famous pop singer, winner of the title of Hero of Russia Joseph Kobzon. The ceremony of farewell with the artist will be held on September 2 at 10 am Moscow time in the Concert hall named after Tchaikovsky, reports After the body of the performer, according to the will, will be buried on the territory of the Vostryakovskoye cemetery, near her mother and mother-in-law

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