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Buzova made Batrutdinova offer

Бузова сделала Батрутдинову предложение

The singer congratulated with the birthday of longtime friend and announced that it is ready to become his wifeShowman Timur Batrutdinov celebrated their 41 anniversary. The actor admitted that the whole day didn't even look at "Instagram", as he never answered calls. When he was able to read all the congratulations in the social network, convinced that his life is already more friends than money, is real wealth

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The mother of Timothy her memoirs

Simon remembered how she lacked maternal warmthThe mother of Timothy Simone appears more and more admirers of her talent publicist and writer. In addition to the touching photo with her granddaughter Alice, which a grandmother helps educate a woman shares memories of family history. Your notes she writes in the form of literary miniatures, illustrating with photos from the personal archive. Recently Simon has written a new Chapter in the history of the family and dedicated it to his mother

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Bari Alibasov was the grandfather

Бари Алибасов стал дедом

He was born granddaughter AmeliaSpouse of Bari Alibasov Jr., journalist Violetta Grishina, said in his Instagram that came to light Amelia Barieva Grishina-Alibasov, 3350 kg, 52 cm, which is called Caramel. However, while Violetta and Bari Jr. share shared a happy photo and not satisfied with a photo session with little Amelia.Violetta Grishina, daughter-in-law Bari Alibasova: Alibasova chose not to make a show of the birth of the successor

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Radzinsky told about the family tragedy

19-year-old son of the writer became a political prisoner82-year-old playwright Edvard Radzinsky became the hero of the show, Boris Korchevnikov "the Destiny of man" and told about the tragic fate of his only son Oleg. It was in the USSR when the playwright Edvard Radzinsky and actor Oleg Efremov received permission to travel to the United States

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Volochkova prepares for the wedding

The ballerina warned that for the sake of their security closes comments on Instagram"There are so many irredeemably flawed moral cripples. While I prepare for the wedding, the comments are all closed" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — wrote Anastasia and apologized to his "good followers" that mentally she's always around and that they along with the Hayter sentenced to complete silence

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Urgant decided to help the utilities

The presenter was armed with a crowbar to remove the ice from the sidewalk in front of his ceremonialIvan Urgant has shared the video as he chips the build-up of ice in front of the door and promised to take the famous "sosuli". Your video ingenious master added a poetic remake of the famous song Maxim Leonidov. "It was a normal gray Petersburg evening.I started to wander around St. Petersburg. And is on the ice at a meeting My grandmother, the actress N. Urgant..

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Father decl shared pain

Отец Децла поделился болью

Alexander Tolmatsky could not restrain his sorrow and regretNine days since the death of his son, 35-year-old rapper decl, Alexander Tolmatsky met at the Pyatnitskoye cemetery. This geolocation inconsolable father outlined in the publication, full of despair and regret: "Thanks to all who these days was next to me, all who remembered Cyril good word to all who came to say goodbye, thanks to my wife for support, my children Anfisa and Theodore, the grandson of Anton for what I have..

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Zhidkova asked to be careful

Artist Dating new girlfriend model appearance, but fans fear another scandalThe star of the movie "Black lightning" and "Storm the gates" Ivan Zhidkov hinted that he changes in his personal life showed a romantic photo in the restaurant where you see only the fingers with a nice manicure to the girl that Ivan holds her hand. Fans immediately decided that this is the model Anastasia Yurchenko, known in Instagram under the pseudonym Diva

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Bilan disappointed "Grammy"

The artist did not see in the ceremony anything interesting for yourselfDima Bilan has expressed his impressions after watching the 61-th ceremony of "Grammy" in Los Angeles. This prestigious prize is awarded for achievements in music."Hmm. Where these pivotal people? Where are the pillars? People carrying culture, massive huge artists? Oh, and all some stamp, some sort of parody... Well at least Diana Ross popped up, something sang. Thank you for alisha Keys! But by and large..

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