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Anna Sedokova won a court

But investigation of the inheritance of the deceased ex-wife of singer Valentin Belkevich can continueAnna Sedokova recently reported that nervous waiting for the decision of the court of appeal in the case of the inheritance of her late husband Valentin Belkevich in favor of their common daughter Alina. After the trial the singer shared his joy: "Friends! Today the court of appeal upheld the decision of the court of first instance. Now Alina has a real hope

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Daughter of the Dormition was surprised by their creativity

Дочь Успенской удивила своим творчеством

28-year-old Tatyana Plaksina painted themselves with paint and posted a photo of the author's body art on the social networkTatyana Plaksina, whom everyone referred to as "the daughter of the assumption," even on a night out with canvas bag decorated with the famous portrait of mom. Reporters the girl said that this "style" she recommended some stylists. However, others only see that the character of Tatiana is not easy, but things extravagant

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Clairvoyant: "I would not recommend Yana Rudkovskaya to give birth"

While Caretta Akhmetzhanova saw that karma Yevgeny Plushenko should have another childYana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko have been happily married for 9 years and have a teenage son Alexander. In addition, the couple are raising children producer from a previous marriage — mother of Nicholas and Andrew foster. But today Plushenko wrote on her microblog that she dreams about her daughter. Whether to regard these words as an allusion to the ambulance pregnancy Rudkovskaya, WomanHit

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Elena Vaenga faced with rudeness at the concert

Елена Ваенга столкнулась с хамством на концерте

The fan apologized to the singer for the audience from BryanskFan of Elena Vaenga from Bryansk, blogger Elena Potselueva, on his page in the social network personally apologized to the singer for his countrymen:"I want about our 'amazing" people! The audience yesterday was in shock. Some hit before the concert, apparently. Stand in the middle of the hall and say, "can I order a song?" — generally in order

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Fan surprised Alexander Balykova gift

Поклонница удивила Александра Балыкова подарком

The lead singer of ViVA told that now will keep him warm during the tourAlexander balukov, world-lead singer of ViVA, boasted an unexpected gift, which was received during the Metropolitan concert during the tour in support of their new album "Live for you". One of the fans presented the singer blanket with a picture of keys and guitar

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Elena Miro reported pregnant Daria Glushkova

Елена Миро сообщила о беременности Дарьи Глушаковой

Popular blogersha commented on the scandalous divorce of Denis Glushakov and shared sensationalDetails of the scandal in the family of the captain of the football team "Spartak" Denis Glushakov ahead of news from the football fields. First, in the Internet appeared the video, as the player is comforted in the bath with a hot brunette. It turned out that Glushakova wife, mother of two of his daughters, she took this video caught husband cheating, then she filed for divorce

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The widow of Nikolai Karachentsov decided to travel

Not everyone shares the optimism Ludmilla ParginosThe participants of the funeral of Nikolay Karachentsov still reeling from strange experiences over the coffin of a beloved husband Lyudmila Porgina offered to all to clink champagne to maintain her cry: "hip-Hip, Hooray!"Famous artist Nikas Sofronov openly denounced Lyudmila Porgina: "In Russia for centuries, there are Orthodox tradition, and they must be observed, especially when at the funeral came the Patriarch himself

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Elena Malysheva does not hide, making the "beauty shots"

The presenter shared the secret of youth and admitted that her main audience is not retired at TV screens, and the user's Instagram"When I walk the streets, I'm terribly popular among young people because they know me as meme. I do not know about it, I showed my meme, my son," admitted Elena Malysheva in an interview on "Empathy Manouche" on YouTube. By the way, the plot of circumcision, which gained millions of views online, Obraztsova also suggested the son

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Joe, and the Basques have a surprise for IDA

The first persons of the Russian platform has come to congratulate the spouse of Alexander DustmanAfter the feast in honor of the anniversary of the wife of Igor Krutoy Olga hosted a party in honor of the wife of a friend of the composer, producer, President and owner of the charity-cultural Fund "Artes" Alexander IDA Dustman Dustman.To congratulate the first lady of show business came all the stars, who supported her husband ever held concerts in Moscow

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Tatiana Navka got a pie in the face

Olympic champion, wife of the press Secretary of the Russian President remembered anecdote from your lifeTatiana Navka told journalists a story about how during the preparation for the Olympic games partner brutally schooled her. After training the figure skater decided to secretly enjoy a piece of cake, violating the regime of healthy eating. Unable to cope with temptation, she hurried to take a bite of the cake directly in public transport "Suddenly someone on my shoulder so — beep-beep..

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