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Klimova delighted subscribers selfie without makeup

Fresh photos 40-year-old actress to discuss in the NetworkThe star of the band's "We from the future" Ekaterina Klimova has always been honest with his Internet audience. Unlike many representatives of the fields of cinema and show-business, she could never be accused of addiction to plastic surgery or abuse of photoshop.Publication of Ekaterina Klimova (@klimovagram)30 August 2018 at 8:17 PDTA few hours ago the actress shared a fresh selfie without make-up on the personal page "Instagram"

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"Where does the love": Bledans can not forget ex-wife

Leading has published a series of archive picturesAbout two years ago, Evelina Bledans divorced with her third husband, producer Alexander Semin, which educates 6-year-old son Seeds with down syndrome. For almost a year she's been hiding from the public the fact of the rupture of these relations.Publication of Evelina Bledans (@bledans)30 August 2018 10:14 PDTApparently, the media personality and today it is hard to remember

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Pugacheva and Galkin responded to the death of the Director General a statement

All star collection expresses its condolences to the relatives of the legendary artistThe news of the death of Joseph Kobzon shocked the domestic show-business. Responded to the death of singer and his colleagues — Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin. Star couple decided to publish the words of sorrow from his family in the microblog showman."Gone from the life of Joseph Davydovich Kobzon

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44-year-old Maria Poroshina decided on a fifth genera

The news was confirmed by the entourage of the actressSoon the family of Maria Poroshina happens addition. Despite his "situation", the artist continues to work, in particular, is now removed in the new episodes of one television series.Publication of Maria Poroshina (@poroshinamariyamikhaylovna)9 August 2018 at 3:01 PDTA photograph taken during the filming, she recently shared with subscribers of his "Instagrama"

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"He left a great artist": stars say goodbye to.

In social networks began to receive condolences on the death of Joseph DavidovichCelebrities mourn Joseph Kobzon, who died today from cancer. Legendary Soviet and Russian singer since 2005, was fighting cancer in the last days Joseph Davidovich was in intensive care, his life is supported with the help of machines. On Monday, the contractor went into a coma from which never came

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Iglesias was surprised subscribers game with the twins

43-year-old singer is enjoying fatherhoodLast year, 16 December, Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias were born two children: a son Nicholas and a daughter Lucy. Couple delighted with their babies and a new experience of the status of the parents. Unlike many colleagues in show business, the couple showed the heirs of its audience of millions of fans in social networks in just a few days after their birth

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Diana Gurtskaya: "Joseph Davydovich was there: on stage and in life, and at the wedding"

The singer does not hold back her tears, remembering people's artistDiana Gurtskaya knew Joseph Kobzon, who died today, for many years, he was happy to help her with advice and real support. The artist cannot hold back the tears, speaking about his great friend and teacher."He was not just an Artist with a capital letter and a great man. Responsive, kind and caring. To him for help and support was everything: fellow artists, and ordinary people. A unique example of service to the country

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The doctors identified the cause of the terrible diagnosis of.

The artist traveled to speak at "hot spots"Today, my colleagues, and journalists remember the departed on 81 th year of life of the pop artist and Deputy Joseph Kobzon. During his lifetime he did not spare himself — gig in the "hot spots". Why are only nine trips to Afghanistan, where it was limited contingent of Soviet forces, negotiations with the terrorists in "Nord-OST" and exit the stage in Chernobyl after the terrible accident at the local nuclear power plant

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It became known place of burial and date of farewell to Iosif Kobzon

An irreparable loss commented on Lev LeshchenkoAccording to the will, people's artist of Russia Iosif Kobzon will be buried September 2 at Vostryakovskoye cemetery, which is located in the South-West part of Moscow in Troparevo-Nikulino. A few years ago in conversation with the correspondent "MK" singer admitted that he bought a place there, near the grave of her mother. It is known that buried nearby and his mother-in-law, with whom the singer was in a great relationship

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