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Sharon stone almost died from a stroke

For a moment, the actress has left my bodyIn a recent interview with American TV channel CBS star of the cult erotic Thriller "Basic instinct," the 59-year-old Sharon stone, explained the long break in her film career. She admitted she suffered a stroke in 2001. Then her chance of staying alive was only five percent. The disease was not without consequences — the actress has changed it and gait, which certainly complicated the job search

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Policy separated Sobchak with his son

The education of the kid doing her familyBecause of the participation in the presidential race newly-politician, the candidate in presidents of Russia Ksenia Sobchak, rarely has the opportunity to see a little of Plato. Now most of the time he spends with the grandmother, the mother of the leading Ludmila Narusova, who was waiting for the appearance of a grandson born

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Ex-lover Leonardo DiCaprio refused to cooperate because of the size

The model considered insufficiently thinOn the personal page's Instagram, recently broken relationship with Oscar-winning Leonardo DiCaprio, 25-year-old Danish model Nina Agdal with regret, I described the experience to a certain journal, whose representatives refused to publish her photo on the cover, saying about the mismatch of its parameters to their standards

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American comedian Aziz Ansari has been a bad date

The actor was accused of sexual harassmentThe star of the TV series "scrubs" and the movie "I Love you, man," the 34-year-old Aziz Ansari, denied compromising his story. Predpochitaya to remain anonymous person recently claimed in the media that a year ago, they date almost ended in rape

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How you treat each other Varum and Agutin

The anniversary couple exchanged their confessions, blogsPopular performers Angelica Varum and Leonid Agutin today mark the 20th anniversary of their relationship. In honor of this event on the personal pages of the spouses in a social network "Instagram" appeared touching posts.Publication of Leonid Agutin (@agutinleonid)Jan 14, 2018 at 6:40 PST"Do not be scared to carry with him into the distance Only our world, unique

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Farewell to Mikhail Derzhavin: how it was

Прощание с Михаилом Державиным: как это было

Alexander Shirvindt said unrecognized best actorOn the morning of 15 January in the centre of Moscow, on Triumfalnaya square, where the building of the theater of Satire, began to gather people with bouquets. Inside, in one of the halls of the institution, to the open coffin who died last week, Mikhail Derzhavin came his relatives, friends and colleagues

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Catherine Deneuve criticized for supporting men

The artist appeals to common sense74-year-old French film star Catherine Deneuve explained the recent publication of his open letter on the topic has engulfed the Network of scandal about the harassment. She was very angry, having learned that many considered her words as the concealment of the rapists.The actress apologized to the victims from the illegal actions of women

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After the divorce Dogileva was in a mental hospital

The actress does not deny that he is suffering from alcoholismIn a recent interview with people's artist of Russia Tatyana Dogileva has told, what difficulties she had to endure after rasstavaniya with her husband Mikhail Mishin, the marriage with whom the actress lived for 18 years. Trying to revive the taste for life, the woman decided to have plastic surgery on her face. This gave impetus to her career — Dogileva was approved for the main role in the series "Luba, children and factory"

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Elizaveta Boyarskaya and other stars on a winter vacation

Елизавета Боярская и другие звезды о зимних каникулах

January the rest of the celebrities have long ceased to be a secret. First and foremost, thanks to social networks. followed the movements of popular favoritesLiza Boyarskaya went for snowWinter holidays the actress, along with her son Andrew had played in Austria. But if the actress had, apparently, got up on skis, that her son had been tobogganing on wooden sledges. "My life! You eh, you dreamed of me?" — did the caption Elizabeth

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