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Natalia Sturm puts herself

Наталью Штурм выставляет себя напоказ

The singer provokes the interest of fetishists to his personNatalia Shturm plans to start life anew, in a new apartment. And while there ends the repair, the singer is selling her belongings, in order not to drag with itself the burden of the past.fetishists are interested in распродажей"I have so many things that they simply nowhere to go. Many of them brand new, brand that I never wore," shared the artist with the edition

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Dmitriy Nagiev doesn't understand jokes in his address

Svetlana Zeynalov spoke about the conflict with a colleagueBefore the anniversary show "the Voice.Children" Svetlana Zeynalov made an unexpected confession: it was hard for her to work with Dmitry nagievym. The actor with pleasure, and sometimes very insulting jokes over their colleagues, but absolutely no sense of humor when it comes to it. According to Zeynalova, Nagiyev not talking to her due to the fact that she was named co-host of "the old horse"

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The star of "strange Affairs" is recognized as the youngest influential person according to Time

14-year-old actress is also a producer and the winner of "Emmy"Recently, the American Time magazine published its list of the 100 most influential people in the world. The youngest person ever to fall in this rating was Millie Bobby brown, which is February 19, just turned 14 years old. The girl became famous thanks to the filming of the TV series "Very strange case", in which she played a child with supernatural powers named Eleven

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Rachel Weisz is expecting a child with Daniel Craig

The actress has confirmed recent rumorsThe winner of the award "Oscar", 48-year-old Rachel Weisz, told reporters the good news. Spouse star of the adventures of James bond, 50-year-old Daniel Craig, announced that she was pregnant.For couples this will be the first joint experience of parenthood. It is known that both already have children from a previous relationship

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Isinbayeva was struck by the harmony after the second birth

Sportswoman posted a photo in a dressLast February, famous Russian high jumper vault Yelena Isinbayeva became a mother for the second time — she had a son named Dobrynya.Publication from Yelena Isinbaeva (@isinbaevayelena)20 APR 2018 12:24 PDTAfter almost three months after the athlete was released at the annual exhibition of cars in Monaco. For this event she chose a black dress with large colored print

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Proskuryakova lamented the magnificent bust

Because of this, the singer is hard to pick up a stylish wardrobeThe wife of Igor Nikolaev, 35-year-old Yulia Proskuryakova, has published a candid post on his personal page "Instagram". In it the artist complained to the followers to their curvy shape, because of which it sometimes very difficult to find suitable clothes

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Grachevskiy fears of cancer recurrence

The Director has been through surgery and radiationThe hero of one of the last editions of the "Destiny of man" was the author of the Comedy TV show "Yeralash" Boris Grachevsky. For a long time, he hid from the public that is suffering from cancer.But in an interview with Boris Korchevnikov 69-year-old Director admitted that long struggled with skin cancer. He had to endure several serious surgeries, to radiation, and reception "chemistry

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Kamenskih naked pics hit the net

The singer herself announced the frameThis morning 30-year-old pop singer Nastya Kamensky surprised its users candid post on Instagram. On the published photo, the actress appeared completely naked on the steps of the pool.Publication from Nastya Kamensky (@kamenskux)19 APR 2018 11:23 PDTIn the comments fans have responded very contradictory

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Philip showed the children the Petersburg

The singer is planning to walk to places of "fighting youth"Russian pop star Philip Kirkorov arrived this morning by train to the Northern capital. Company artist in this trip was his young heirs: 5-year-old son Martin and 6-year-old daughter Alla-Victoria.It is known that the guys have already seen St Petersburg

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Kate Susan got rid of the double chin

TV star decided on the liftingRecently the former leading scandalous TV project "Dom-2", and now Insta-blogger Kate Susan continues on her path to beauty and perfection. In his microblog she admitted to followers that has long been dissatisfied with their chin.Publication of K A T Y. W W From A. (@katyajuja555)April 19, 2018 at 2:09 PDT"Make the procedure "lifting". The effect you see immediately after the first procedure only need 3 treatments, once a month )))) the effect of missing a year

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