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Evelina Bledans has criticized fans

Эвелину Бледанс раскритиковали поклонники

The actress is upset that a photo of her in the bathroom surrounded by exotic plants gathered enough "likes"As if following the lead of Anastasia Volochkova, a 49-year-old Evelina Bledans published on the page of candid photos from vacation in Bali. However, unlike the ballerina, the artist has kept the intrigue and cover of different exotic plants and fruits

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Amber heard kept the respect to the former

Эмбер Херд сохранила уважение к бывшему

The Hollywood actress spoke about the breakup with 47-year-old Elon MuskAmber heard confessed that after breaking up with Elon Musk, they remained friends. The actress says that respects ex-boyfriend and shares his love of science. This statement as it would be screened from the accusation in intolerable nature and flighty reputation, which was earned thanks to a scandalous divorce from the 55-year-old johnny Depp, which was released in 2015 and in 2016 divorced

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Lopyreva spoke for the first time about her pregnancy

Special Ambassador FIFA has confirmed that it is expecting first childModel and public figure Viktoria Lopyreva many times confirmed that details of his personal life to share not ready. "I do not comment on his personal life, and it is personal. I can only say that very happy, and happiness loves silence. Unfortunately, secrecy has its downside — there are rumors one more absurd than another, and they grow like a snowball", she said in an interview

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Julia Menshov in awe of their neighbors

The TV presenter told how a girl Katya selflessly made her dream come trueIt turns out that due to the tight schedule in the work of the Yulia Menshova for many months could not choose the time to go to a popular store outside Moscow and buy yourself two boxes for storage of stuff. December is the time of sales and the busy traffic in the capital, so a trip to the store and back for such a small change can take all day.And suddenly, in Facebook, in group "Neighbours", i.e

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Clairvoyant: "Pavlo Tabakov will be a few marriages"

Ясновидящая: «У Павла Табакова будет несколько браков»

Galina Janko believes that the son of the legendary actor in some of the same fate as his fatherPavel Tabakov, the son of Oleg Tabakov and Marina Suginoi, in a recent interview spoke about the setbacks in his personal life. The young man admitted that the girl not just insulted him and used. However, clairvoyant and tarragon Galina Janko sure alone Paul will not."Tobacco itself is a very interesting character. His life as if divided into two stages. Life before his father's death and after

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Svetlana Bondarchuk no longer hides favorite

After the premiere of the performance by Konstantin Bogomolov, who was believed her fiancé, socialite admits that her love with another manAs predicted by the media, a former model, is an expert in the field of fashion and chief editor of a secular newspaper Svetlana Bondarchuk long remain without a pair. Therefore, the publication of a romantic portrait with Director Konstantin Bogomolov caused a lot of gossip. But it turned out it was a good PR move

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Widow of Leonid Gaidai went to the hospital

Actress Nina Grebeshkova celebrated the 88th birthday with family, but the celebration almost ended in tragedyNina Grebeshkova was in a hospital bed with a suspected stroke. The trouble happened when the family of an elderly woman was celebrating his birthday, felt dizzy and suddenly fell unconscious. Doctor "ambulance" has put the preliminary diagnosis "a stroke", but in a hospital it is not confirmed, reported, the actress hurt her foot

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Alexander Kerzhakov is not subject to the law

Александр Кержаков не подчиняется закону

Milan group recently celebrated the victory in court, where stood the former husband's right to raise his own son. But she never got to hug their childSpouses Alexander and Milan Kerzhakov (nee Tulpanov) for several months, arguing over who will be guardian of son Artemy. In October the Petrograd district court of St. Petersburg issued a ruling according to which the child has to live with his mother at the time of the divorce the division of property

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Alex Vorobyov and Victoria Dayneko not hiding my feelings

Алексей Воробьев и Вика Дайнеко не скрывают своих чувств

The news that the artists have removed the clip joint, the fans definitely took it as the resurrection of a long relationship between themThe video begins with a frame that supposedly was taken in 2008 on one of the bridges in Moscow, where two lovers (Vick and Alex) promise each other that regardless of circumstances exactly 10 years meet at the same place. The video was very romantic, and the feelings the actors portray so sincerely that I want to believe — between them broke out again love

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Tata Responsibility leaving home and taking his daughter

Тата Блюменкранц покидает родину и забирает дочь

After the divorce with Valery Blumenkrantz star "House-2" found solace in the arms of a mysterious inhabitant of MonacoThe audience watched with interest the fate of Tata Abramson, which appeared in the project "Dom-2" in 2016. After the girl came to the shooting of the retired member Valery Responsibility to meet with one who has long lived in his heart — the guy and the girl were in correspondence on the Internet. Sympathy was mutual

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