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A man took a selfie in the Elevator

Киркоров сделал селфи в лифте

The artist has published liftruck in a new coatPhilip going on tour in Tyumen and got dressed for the winter. Long Italian sheepskin coat with natural fur, shaggy fur, hides famous hair and black glasses made Philippe almost unrecognizable, and noted fans. Some confused running shoes that look quite winter and not suitable for walking in the snow. "To the North pole together? asked the followers of the artist. — Why shoes?"Lifelook at Sheremetyevo. Philip Kirkoroff: Instagram

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There is information about pregnancy Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya

The alleged father Prokhor Chaliapin deniesStylist Irina Krivko, which made a star photo shoot for Prokhor Chaliapin and Vitalina, revealed the secret that the ex-wife Dzhigarkhanyan pregnant. The photo shoot took place in December, and even then the pianist let slip that she was pregnant.Their relationship with Prokhor Chaliapin develop gradually, and the singer has traveled with his chosen in Volgograd, and to present her to his mother

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Arthur Smolyaninovu will have to spend on surgery for your wife

The star of "father's daughter" Daria Melnikova decided on plasticDarya Melnikova 14 Dec gave birth to her second child. She enjoys sharing in his microblog stories about motherhood and a happy family gives advice. Overshadows the joy of the actress, only one — she can not still achieve the ideal body shapes, and her work, it is important to look good. It is through sports, tightened figure, but after pregnancy left stretch marks on the skin

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Nyusha touched by subscribers care about her daughter

Video hygiene procedures gaining thousands of likesNyusha in early November, gave his wife of Igor Sivova daughter. No one thought she'd make the perfect mother. And although it is still the singer hides the girl's face and calls her name, sometimes she happy followers photos and videos with my daughter. This time the artist showed how caring for a baby makes her a massage legs."I am the mother... That's happiness, and every day something new", — has signed a video performer

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Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum touching congratulated the daughter on the 20th anniversary

Леонид Агутин и Анжелика Варум трогательно поздравили дочь с 20-летием

The contractor admitted that he is very worried about the girlRecently, Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum noted the "coming of age" your family is 21 years together. The singer admitted that in their life there are different, but they all were able to survive because of the love, including my daughter. Today she turned 20 years old. The girl followed in the footsteps of her parents, she engaged in music and even formed his own group Liz Varum

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Rose Sabitova adapting to a new home

The main matchmaker of the country needed a watchdog to guard the possessionsAt the end of last year rose Sabitova moved into their new vacation home, construction of which was engaged in a few months. Details of the process, conducting all external and internal works, arrangement of buildings, Sabitova wrote in his microblog, not forgetting to advertise a company, which help to create comfort

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Vlad Topalov named his son in honor of his father

Влад Топалов назвал сына в честь своего отца

The contractor reported that Regina todorenko turned out to be a wonderful motherYesterday's live program "Hello, Andrew!" was dedicated to the upcoming "Eurovision", on which Russia will be represented by Sergey Lazarev. In the Studio of Andrey Malakhov gathered friends of the contractor, including Vlad Topalov. Recall that on 5 December 2018 Regina todorenko gave him a son, the presenter asked how Vlad feels as a father."A couple of days ago we celebrated two months, and already the buzz

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Anastasia doesn't want to read criticism

The ballerina stripped haters to write her shitAny publication in the microblog Anastasia Volochkova is just a storm of emotions among its subscribers. Under each post remains hundreds of entries, most often, negative. In the end, a dancer tired of reading about various things, and she decided to radically fight with the haters. The artist has disabled comments in her Instagram, that she was advised to do this and other public people, and spiteful critics to vent their bile on their own pages

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Ex-husband almost brought Tatyana Vasilyeva to suicide

From the terrible act of the actress saved sisterTatiana Vasilieva became the guest of the program "million dollar Secret", in which she shared her most intimate thoughts. Successful actress was very unhappy in his personal life. She told Lera Kudryavtseva, why it broke up both marriages. With the first spouse Anatoly Vasiliev family relationships did not develop, from it, she left herself madly in love with Georgy Martirosyan. He became her second husband. But this marriage was not happy

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In the family of Svetlana Druzhinina there was a scandal over money

The grandson of the founder of the "Cadets" stopped to chat with grandmaMarriage with Anatoly Mukasei Svetlana Druzhinin had two children, but in 1978, her oldest son died, and after some time died, and his wife. All work and grandson Dan helped the actress to cope with depression. Druzhinin was knitting over the arrangements for education and support of the boy himself.Family harmony has stopped unexpectedly

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