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Alena Kravets is going to file a lawsuit at Dan Borisov

TV presenter accused of insulting the honor and dignityModel and actress Alena Kravets recently received from Dana Borisova SMS offensive content. It did not hesitate in expressions, the presenter calls the socialite woman of easy virtue. Correspondence Kravets posted on his Instagram.After this exchange Kravets regretted that defended This on TV. She even had to close your account, as it was bombarded with negativity, which provoked Borisov. However, this case is not over

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Maxim Galkin has replaced the image

Максим Галкин сменил имидж

Fans appreciated the appearance of the artist and the interiors of the castleNew year Maxim Galkin decided to start a new look. The artist started with the fact that he kept his promise to himself and went to the gym to pump body. And then took and hair. If viewers are accustomed to "shaggy" master, now they will be disappointed — the actor got a haircut. Now on the head rest stylish "torn" haircut."Tired hair", — he signed your photo with an updated image.Maxim Галкинinstagram

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Irina Bezrukova has given a decisive rebuff to the harassment

The actress slapped the Director across the faceRecently in Hollywood, a scandal associated with harassment of the Director and Harvey Weinstein to young Actresses. This fact has caused a lot of talk in the network and the press. Krnechno, on the topic of harassment and expressed our Russian artist, among them the beautiful Irina Bezrukova.According to the actress, despite its attractive appearance it only once faced with impermissible attitude

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Yana Troyanova has brought Evelina Bledans to tears

A series of tragedies pursued the star of the series "Olga"Yana Troyanova has become the guest of the show "the invisible Man" on channel "TV3". The actress received the national love becoming the main heroine of the series "Olga". Her character effortlessly cope with everyday difficulties, but most of Jana's life has long been joyless. After hearing her story, leading Evelina Bledans even cried.The mother gave birth early Jan and upbringing would not be engaged, so gave it to my grandmother

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And again Volochkova naked

И снова голая Волочкова

The ballerina does not change its habitsAnastasia regularly in January, resting in the Maldives. In her "Instagrame" traditionally, photographs have split that a ballerina to sit down in the most unsuitable sets: the railing of the yacht, water scooter and so on, and also naked photos.Ballerina is not shy about his тела time the dancer in the costume of eve hiding in the bushes. Her body chastely cover the leaves of the plant

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Boris korchevnikov promised to "cleave" to his wife

The presenter explained why still singleBoris korchevnikov, a host of "the Destiny of man" on TV channel "Russia 1", shared details about his personal life. He answered the main question, exciting his fans: why for 35 years the handsome man still single? It turns out that several years ago he survived the betrayal of his beloved, then began to look at girls more critically."I have a life before I got to know God, and then" — shared the star of "Cadets" with the publication of "Sobesednik"

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Olga Buzova made a greeting with a hint of Anastasia Kostenko

Leading "House-2" is advised not to pick up someone else, no oneIt's been a little over a year after the official divorce of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov. The footballer has managed to remarry, and the presenter is still suffering. Fans are sure that the congratulations, which she recorded during the filming of "House-2" is a current lover, ex-spouse."The spirits want, and dress, and lipstick./Kidding, kidding, don't run away

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Microblog Victoria Lopyreva again hacked

Hackers placed on the page of stars indecent pictures"Instagram" famous model, TV presenter and Ambassador of the world championship on football of Victoria Lopyreva has undergone to hacker attack on 9 January, again the page was hacked today, the 13th. As before, the attackers are placed on behalf of the star Nude photos of famous people.Among the injured football player "Krasnodar" Pavel Mamaev

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Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko is fighting with his son at the rink

The young figure skater Sasha "bad" heredityTimes producer Yana Rudkovskaya and her husband, Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko was criticized in the wrong upbringing of his son Alexander, who was born in 2013. Supposedly a Dwarf of Genomica, affectionately called the boy in the family, the parents are forced to spend hours practicing, to participate in their ice shows, working as a model, and all this for the sake of profit

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Maxim Galkin: "I came..."

The comedian spoke about his love for the sportMaxim Galkin in the microblog has posted a new video from the gym. He titled it: "I came to...". Video artist added the hashtags: "Oh, sport, damn you" and "five minutes of shame and you press". The comedian explained how he prepared for training."Six months after I renewed the subscription, three months after I decided to go to the gym, after five cancellations I finally decided to work out!", — said Galkin

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