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Anastasia Stotskaya shared a family snapshot

Анастасия Стоцкая поделилась семейным снимком

The singer revealed to subscribers of her husband and grown childrenAs you know, Anastasia Stotskaya not only stands on stage and plays in films, and has two children married to a businessman named Sergei. Husband of Anastasia avoids social life, and photos, which he captured, together with his family, the press gets not so much. Recently Stotsky posted the picture where all her family — she, her husband and children Alexander and Faith.Anastasia Stotskaya, semaforo: Instagram

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Fedoseeva-Shukshina shared their grief

The actress can't hide her deceiving the people closestLidiya Fedoseeva Shukshina, recently became the lawful wife of Bari Alibasov, the program "Russian sensations" on NTV told that it betrayed the people closest — the granddaughter and daughter, whom she trusted as itself.Recognition of 80-year-old actress shocked the audience — for the first time relatives start to sell off an inheritance, while the grandmother is alive. This history of the family scandals was not

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Vera Brezhnev took with the red carpet

Веру Брежневу унесли с красной дорожки

Communicative singer, mustache Pavel Derevyanko, weird costume Nikita Tarasov and playful Alina Nasibullina, in a secular review WomanHit.ruThe mood in the secular parties starts the new year sparkle, which is at hand photographers and secular chroniclers. Looking forward to more fun.Music awards, "Crocus city Hall", November 30,It was not easy to divert from the red carpet Vera Brezhnev

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Maxim Galkin keeps children in severity

Lisa and Harry can do without the servantsOnce again Maxim Galkin pleased followers of his "Instagrama" family video. And, as usual, the main characters of the movie — Lisa and Harry. Five-year cope well with basic responsibilities in the kitchen. They help parents to collect the Breakfast dishes.It seems that to clean up the dishes in the dishwasher for them to play. Harry, as responsible men,and charged and turned on the device, and then the children thanked the parents for Breakfast

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Discussing joint photo buzovoy and Petrosian

В Сети обсуждают совместное фото Бузовой и Петросяна

The comedian admitted that he was tired of the rumorsYevgeny Petrosyan posted a picture from the filming of the Christmas lights, where he will be leading together with Olga Buzova, and admitted, "Tired of rumors". But this comedian just created another wave of rumors. His followers believe that once better Buzova Petrosyan partner is not found, then from new year's concerts to expect surprises not worth it

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Tatiana Navka became a "large" mom

Skater decided to be the godmotherTatiana Navka two of their daughters, plus under her responsibility are the three offspring of Dmitry Peskov from a previous relationship. She was used to engage with young athletes, so another child is not a problem for her. In April of this year, the younger sister of famous athletes — Natalia gave birth to a daughter. Having rich experience of training young talents, Tatiana happily agreed to become the godmother of her niece

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Alan Mamaev wants to keep the family together

Wife taken into custody for a football player again made a statementAmid the scandal with rowdy football Pavel Mamaev and Alexander Kokorin, who are still in custody, reveals all new details of their personal lives. The wife of Pavel Mamaev, Alan, Victoria Bonya which is publicly called "a psychopath", recently demanded a divorce, but now changed my mind

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Alla Pugacheva: "Grandma is an angel in my life"

Алла Пугачева: «Бабушка — это ангел моей жизни»

Diva showed ancestorsIn the current large family of Alla Pugacheva is difficult to understand, but it is possible, but about her ancestors little is known. Diva decided to correct this injustice and put in his microblog the grandparents. The actress said that she liked the old photos."My grandmother Alexander kondratyevna Odegova /nee Bukharin/ and grandfather Arkhip Odegov. Grandfather I don't remember, died young, and Grandma is the angel of my life" — shared the actress

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Alexey Panin got in an accident

The actor refused hospitalizationOn the night of December 10 in Moscow, about 0.30 on the street podvoyskogo accident involving four cars. Driving one of the cars turned out to be scandalously famous actor Alexey Panin. According to "360", originally took place between two taxi, then drove two cars, including Mercedes, which was the artist. As a result of sudden braking Panin strongly hit the head and complained of nausea the arrived physicians

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Elena Berkova again bride

5th marriage actress Frank genre lasted little more than a year33-year-old actress adult movies Elena Berkova again bride. The lady is divorced for the fifth time — spouses fail to withstand competition from its partners in the frame. Only at the end of last October she was married to actor Andrei Stoyanov, but he already got fired. Although Stoyanov was trying to be the perfect husband and even made friends with a nine year old son Berkova Eugene

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