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49-year-old Evelina Bledans became pregnant for the fourth time

The media personality is preparing to go on maternity leaveToday it has become a well-known result of the IVF procedure, which a week ago just under the cameras of reporters show "Andrey Malakhov. Live" held a star of Russian TV, Evelina Bledans. Broadcast presenter admitted that recently went through a breakup with a lover Aristarchus Venison, and that she dreams about her daughter

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Subsky subscribers showed newborn son

Шубская показала подписчикам новорожденного сына

Model thanked the sister for the helpIn August Alexander Ovechkin and Anastasia Subsky first child was born. The boy was given the name Sergei in honor of the late brother of a hockey player. In a recent interview, the young mother said that will not be published in Instagram photo of the newborn heir to the rite of baptism.Subsky showed subscribers of the newborn сынаWWW.INSTAGRAM

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Stepanenko deliberately delaying divorce process

The lawyer husband of umoristi explained her tacticsAccording to some, the procedure of divorce Yevgeny Petrosyan and Elena Stepanenko may take three to four months. Recall that in the court with the question of the division of joint property the couple appealed at the end of this summer.According to the lawyer Sergei Zhorin, the wife of the satirist deliberately delaying divorce proceedings to force him to agree to her terms — the woman is planning to get the most of ownership, reports ren

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Varum responded to the rumors of divorce with Agutin

The singer has decided to change the format of presenting his thoughtsOn the eve of the popular pop singer Anzhelika Varum commented on scattered around the Network rumors about the imminent divorce with Leonid Agutin because of his intrigue with a young contestant of "the Voice". Many fans have sounded the alarm because of the recent publications in the microblog artist

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Pregnancy mistress Petrosian faked in photoshop

Lawyer satirist commented on the recent rumorsIn one of the last esters "Let them talk" was released a video in which 72-year-old Yevgeny Petrosyan captured in the company of his 29-year-old assistant Tatyana Brownboy — with it he is not the first week is credited with a novel. It was reported that shots were taken last spring and the girl is in a "position"

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Natalia Shturm hospitalized with nervous exhaustion

The singer is experiencing due to the ships with the ex-spouseStar 90 Natalia Shturm highly stressed because of the conflict with her ex-husband — the man suddenly began to demand her child support for 14-year-old son Arseny in the amount of 100 thousand rubles. Because of this, the artist lost his appetite and was in a very depressed state. In the end, the advice of a friend Dana Borisova, who called an ambulance. Doctors diagnosed her with nervous exhaustion

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Rita Dakota confessed in a difficult relationship with his father

The singer connects with the collapse of his marriageIn a recent interview after her concert in St. Petersburg, the graduate of "factory of stars-7" Rita Dakota said that one of the songs dedicated to her dad, reports "StarHit". Previously, she never touched the subject publicly."While I can't bear this pain until subliminal her creativity, yet renounces the consciousness of the victim and little 12-year-old girl, then me, all men betray," — said the girl

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New darling Shepelev replaced the mother of his young son

The couple enjoys holidays abroadSurrounded by the stars of the First channel, 35-year-old Dmitry Shepelev, rumor has it that lately he often spends his free time with a charming blonde Catherine Tulupova, which organizes creative Breakfast for businesswoman.Publication of Ekaterina Tulupova (@tulupova)7 Jun 2018 at 3:31 PDTTheir romance became known in the beginning of last February. But, according to some, they have been together for almost a year

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To discredit her husband Lorak spent the weekend with 7-year-old daughter

Оскандалившийся муж Лорак провел выходные с 7-летней дочкой

The couple discuss in the NetworkIn storis personal page "Instagram" Murat Nalchajian appeared fresh images, which he captured with his heiress Sofia. The father drove the girl to a Museum, cafés and a zoo. However, none of the photos was not the spouse of the businessman, the stars of Russian and Ukrainian pop-singers Ani Lorak.To discredit her husband Lorak spent the weekend with 7-year-old дочкойwww.instagram

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Fresh photos Kate Middleton wowed the audience

The Duchess flashed a spectacular tan and a stylish outfitAfter the christening of the younger son of Louis wife of Prince William, 36-year-old Kate Middleton, has ceased to go out into the world and became a real recluse. In recent time, the main newsmaker of Kensington Palace became the wife of Prince Harry, former actress from California Megan Markle.Kate joins the Queen in her Bentley as the Royal Family attend church in Balmoral— Daily Mail U.K

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