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"Was Martha": Sadalsky surprised archival photo of a young Maksakova

Actor grieve the change in appearance of the singerA few hours ago on your personal page "Instagram" star blogger Stanislav Sadalsky has another post dedicated to Maria Maksakova. Published collage is divided into two parts: top — face of the artist in this period, bottom — archival photo where she was captured along with his parents, obviously, at the dawn of his career

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Dana Borisova accused the singer Danko in the beating

The results of the polygraph, passed to the presenter, shocked everyone42-year-old TV host Dana Borisova publicly admitted that ex-boyfriend, singer Danko (real name — Alexander Fadeev), raised her hand. Borisov reunited with Fadeev after treatment of dependence in 2017, but the couple soon broke up. Now, the star said that at the time relations Danko twice struck her in the face.Borisov even issued a video, which showed red marks from beatings on the face

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Daughter Kafelnikov admitted to your new addiction

The model showed the contents of her bagA few months ago, after a bad breakup with Gleb Pigeon, known as rapper Pharaoh, Ales Kafelnikov has said publicly about his addiction to prohibited drugs and attempted suicide. After that, she tried to stabilize their emotional state. Listen father, she spent two months in the mental hospital. Then he was engaged in education: a study in Financial Academy and the School of television "Ostankino"

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Justin Bieber secretly married

The singer has legitimized his relationship with Hailey Baldwin in three weeks after the engagementIn early July it became known that 24-year-old Justin Bieber has made an offer of marriage to 22-year-old Hailey Baldwin, the niece of the famous Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin. Star pair has decided not to wait long and, according to insiders, got married in Church a couple of days ago

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Meghan Markle will dominate the relationship with Prince Harry

Experts "read" her character structure of the footOn the official portal of one of the most popular foreign news media published an interesting article. In it, the journalists decided to learn the identity of the newly minted Duchess of Sussex, a former actress Meghan Markle.Publication of Meghan Markle (@meghan_markle)Mar 27, 2018 at 5:57 PDTSome careful netizens have drawn attention to an unusual form of fingers on the girl's feet, the second toes on her feet longer than all the others

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Sasha Savelyev was hospitalized due to starvation

The singer shared the secret of his harmonyThroughout stage career of Sasha Savelyeva journalists and fans do not give the girl peace, asking about the secrets of her slender figure. The actress admits that first and foremost grateful to my parents for good genes."I believe that proper nutrition is not the prohibitions, restrictions and hunger, and balanced and varied menu", — said the singer. However, she has named only one product, which literally is my life — dark chocolate with salt

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The son of Natasha Koroleva went to live with another family

Сын Наташи Королевой уезжал жить в другую семью

Why Arkhip and his star parents speak different languages?Natasha Koroleva and her husband Sergei Glushko arrived yesterday to a party where they made a lot of noise, because with them was their 16 year old son. The boy at social events not seen for many years, so the public began to actively discuss how increased Arkhip and to whom he is like. Especially since the child is on growth almost caught up with dad. Well, the singer told WomanHit

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The young singer Buckwheat refused to sing with Zemfira

The conflict between colleagues is gaining momentumIn late July, the Network has been published quote Zemfira, where the artist has criticized the increasingly popular youth performers Elisabeth Kardymovo — Minutochku, and Buckwheat — Anastasia Ivanova.Both girls decided not to show violent reaction to it publicly. However, recently Ivanov refused to speak with ramazanovoj on the same stage, reports "MK"

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Husband Lorak having fun with concubines and ignoring the child

The singer forgives his partying for the sake of the familyTurkish businessman Murat Nalchajian photographed in the arms of a young Kyiv girl Yana Belyaeva he owns a nightclub. Since then, the Network is not terminated heated debates about family well-being of Ani Lorak.According to some, before the wedding with the performer, the man worked at home with a staff member

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He shared his way of reconciliation with wife

Меладзе поделился своим способом примирения с женой

The singer takes a cue from their ancestorsIn a recent interview with Valery Meladze for the first time touched on his personal life. The last four years, he is happy in marriage with the former soloist of pop group "VIA Gra" Albina Dzhanabaeva. She gave him two children — Constantine and Luca.Meladze and dzhanabaeva in a secular вечеринкеINSTAGRAM.COM/ALBINADZHANABAEVAAccording to the artist, the standard happy family relations are parents, R. K. and Nellie Akakievna

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