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Buzova and Batrutdinov: "staging" or hint

Бузова и Батрутдинов: «постановка» или намек

Artists together are floating on the Indian oceanTV presenter Olga Buzova went to Thailand. She generously shares with subscribers his microblog photos and videos from guests. One of them singing the anchor resting on the yacht in the company of Timur Batrutdinova."Dear friends, girls, don't worry. Well, what Olga Buzova, this is all, of course, rumors. We just took a picture," says on-camera comedian. — "I was with this girl nothing binds"

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Hospital room hanky filled up with flowers

Больничную палату Шуры завалили цветами

The singer is already trying to stand on crutchesAlexander Medvedev, better known as a singer Shura, continues to recover after surgery arthroplasty — hip replacement. It was made by the surgeons of the center for restorative traumatology and orthopedics named after A. Ilizarov in Kurgan. The artist feels good, and regularly shares with subscribers his microblog with news of his condition. Fans worried about him and try every possible way to cheer the star

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Followers of Alexandra Bortech evil joke on her granddaughter Mikhalkov

Подписчики Александры Бортич зло шутят над внучкой Михалкова

The actress posted a photo with the pregnant girlfriendGranddaughter of Nikita Mikhalkov Alexander refuses while from active social life. Despite the fact that the representative of the famous clan soon to give birth, she visited the restaurant in the company of Actresses Alexandra Bartnik and Anna Wellmaking.The star of "the Viking" posted on his Instagram a photo of their "get-togethers". In the picture Bortech touching pressed against the belly of a friend

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Victoria Beaune is credited with an affair with a famous football player

In the Internet appeared the video with Dating couplesVictoria Bonia company said that with the team midfielder "Manchester United" Marouane Fellaini. They had dinner in an expensive restaurant and looked into each other. Social media users suspect that this is the mysterious beloved model, which she calls "husband".It is known that the man should be younger than 32-year-old Alex Smerfit, a foreigner, a well-known personality and generous with gifts and favors

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The US is judged a hacker stole intimate photos of Hollywood stars

Among the victims Selena Gomez, Avril Lavigne and othersIn Los Angeles has indicted George Garofano, the fourth attacker who participated in the cyber attack on Hollywood in 2014, according to the edition of the Hartford Courant. Then hackers stole and posted intimate pictures of celebrities.Among the injured stars whose pictures were posted on an anonymous forum 4chan

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Olga Buzova is a symbol of perseverance

A resident of Blagoveshchensk got a tattoo with a portrait of an aspiring singerThe inhabitant of the Amur capital, "Nabil" an unusual tattoo. Now on his left forearm there is a portrait of Olga Buzova. Interestingly, the man is not a fan of the leading "House-2". But her life and career for him an example of great perseverance and diligence, proof that people without great talent can get to the "top" if need be, even to become a famous singer.The idea of tattoo among men arose spontaneously

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Olga Seryabkina is doing in underwear

The soloist of the group Serebro recorded videoOlga Seryabkina is a recognized sex symbol of our platform. And the girl once again showed his body and confirmed it's title. In her Instagram she posted a video in which talks about the release of his new collection of poems.However, fans were drawn to the work of Olga and her languid look and appearance as she poses in white lace lingerie. Later, she published one of the poems, but fans liked the announcement

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Volochkova save on beach shoes

Ballerina again criticized the NetworkInfamous Russian actress Anastasia Volochkova often shares with followers personal page "Instagram" the details of his pastime. Especially if we are talking about a vacation.Publication from Anastasia (@volochkova_art)Jan 10, 2018 at 12:20 PSTOn the day she flew to the Maldives. Now her profile is decorated with Sunny images of the star posing against the background of local landscapes

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Oleg Tabakov hospitalized again became worse

Forecasts of doctors are unfavourableAfter a brief improvement last month, the state of health of 82-year-old Oleg Tabakov again became heavy. Recently, the artist underwent emergency surgery, after which pretty soon came to mind — then it came to her ward family, colleagues and probably planned extract.But after the winter holidays, doctors told reporters, "REN TV" about the high probability of the forecast in the negative direction

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Pregnant wife Tarasov goes to the us under a false name

Why girl's the conspiracy?Paparazzi managed to capture the newly made wife of the second Vice-captain of the Moscow "Locomotive" Dmitry Tarasov Anastasia in one of the elite urban clinics, where she came for the procedure "ultra-sound study," according to representatives also found out that the model I got registered at the hospital under his own name. It is curious that, by registering, she decided to call her, that caused a stir among fans of the ex-wife of the athlete

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